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Friday 7 August 2015

Has The Staff, or Rod of Moses been discovered?

Has The Staff, or Rod of Moses been discovered?

And thou shalt take this rod in thine hand, wherewith thou shalt do signs. Exodus 4:17.

At The Birmingham Museum of Art, is said to be the actual Staff, or Rod of Moses.

The staff is 53 inches long, painted black with Egyptian hieroglyphics, and it reads it belonged to tuthmosis.

A historical detective.
Graham Phillips.

Graham Phillips who has written a book: The Moses Legacy, about his research on this staff has no doubt it is the biblical rod as told in the Book of Exodus in the Bible.

Is this the staff used by Moses to perform the great miracles, that was transformed into a snake, split the rock of horeb and parted of the Red Sea for the great and famous Exodus.

I am going to do my own research and see this Rod/Staff myself to find out what I can make of this discovery.

In the mean time I would love to hear what you believe.
Do you believe this Is the staff of Moses?

I look forward to your comments.
Simon Brown.

UP DATE ON 29/11/2019.
I am very sorry to say that hundreds of great comments where removed from this blog and article by Googles new polices.

Secrets of the Bible - The Staff of Moses.

For more info please click here to read Staff of Moses ‘found’ in Birmingham by the BBC.


  1. It is possible. What did the carbon 14 test reveal??
    Kind regards I-L Rothenborg

    1. I have been trying to find the answer myself, a google search reveals 2 websites with redirects to whore dating, not carbon dating.

  2. Naturligvis er denne historie med Moses stav sand. Men det er ikke det største fund fra Bibelens tid, det er Fundet af Noas Ark som blev fundet i 2008 på Ararats bjerg i Tyrkiet og Noas Ark ligger under tonsvis af sten og is på Ararats bjerg i Tyrkiet og i 4200 meters højde. Ét hold af kinesere og en tyrkisk mand ved navn Ahmet Erdugul har filmet Noas Ark indvendig. Se

  3. Had the same problem with redirecting inquiries to explicit and inappropriate sites that had nothing to do with the Carbon 14 dating results.

  4. It is authentic. And very powerful in the right hands. There is written record of its transport and the involvement of the Titanic.

  5. Is it blue like the one in the bible where he took it from the ground just like Excalibur

  6. The brother hood of st john hold power over the staff .
    It will only be revealed in all its power to the chosen .

  7. Watched the doc with Phillips that ends without giving the results of the carbon dating. Just googled and saw it's dated as 3500 years old. This gives it more credibility and has made me want to explore the possibility more. Your finding would be most welcome. Thanks

  8. Staff of moses if you investigate this you will be denyed access no carbon dating nothing why you may ask becouse to continue a mith or point of religion built on lies and writings of men of an omnipotent being anything that threatens its validity will be denyed truth will never see the light to protect its faulshood and maintain control of those who want to believe