Simon Brown.

In the Beginning always was, and nothing but, Yahweh The One True GOD, and because of Him, there is now Every Wonder, and Splendid Thing. Isaiah 44:24: Thus says Yahweh, your Redeemer, and he who formed you from the womb: "I am Yahweh, who makes all things; who ALONE stretches out the heavens; who spreads out the earth BY MYSELF.

Isaiah 48:12 "Listen to me, O Jacob, and Israel my called: I am he; I am the first, I also am the last. 13 Yes, my hand has laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand has spread out the heavens: when I call to them, they stand up together.

Yahweh's, Intelligence, Brilliance, Understanding, Patience, Love, Forgiveness, Mercy, and Grace, is not fully capable of being comprehended or understood, to the average mind, or non believer, unless we come to know the One True GOD, revealed to us by His One True Christ, then we have discovered the hidden Treasure, that last's forever. Simon Brown.

It is not my purpose to force you to agree or believe with what’s here on my blog but rather to share my research. As the record goes: I'm Just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood. I do not write to share my research because I desire to be rich, famous, or powerful, but because investigating, studying, enquiring exploring, analysing and scrutinising, helps me learn what I don’t know. I simply love seeking, searching and researching, to discover the truth that is so rare, and become full of joy, uncovering the truth of our great GOD, and His Son’s hidden secrets.

I Simon Brown am no longer a Trinitarian, but an independent researcher in no denomination.

Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand! Matthew 11:15.

Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the
SON of God?
1 John 5:5.
NOT GOD OR A TRINITY, but as St john has said: but he that believeth that Jesus is the SON of God? 1 John 5:5.
And as Jesus has said: ETERNAL LIFE is believing His Father GOD is the only ONE TRUE GOD alone. John 17:3. Which is the FIRST commandment one MUST believe. Mark 12:29.
The Hebrew text of Deuteronomy 6:4 says: Hear, Israel: Yahweh is our God; Yahweh is ONE: (PERSON).

Hezekiah prayed before Yahweh, and said, "Yahweh, the God of Israel, who sit [above] the cherubim, YOU ARE THE GOD, EVEN YOU ALONE, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth. 2 Kings 19:15. World English Bible.
Job 23:13: BUT HE ALONE IS GOD, and who can oppose him? God does as he pleases. The HEBREW text actually says GOD IS :בְ֭אֶחָד ḇə-’e-ḥāḏ [UNIQUELY] ONE.

From 2019 I now no longer believe the DEAD are alive in heaven or hell, or that Jesus Pre-Existed His flesh, but was a MAN and the only Begotten SON of his one true GOD, just as He only ever said.
You can see why I now believe Jesus did not Pre-Exist His flesh in my new videos and revised articles on this blog. Seek and you will find said Jesus.
"No responsible NT scholar would claim that the doctrine of the Trinity was taught by Jesus, or preached by the earliest Christians, or consciously held by any writer in the NT" (A.T. Hanson, The Image of the Invisible God).

Dear friends, just to remind you, as I am a human being, I am capable of making mistakes. If you believe I am wrong, don't let it go, but please be kind and let me know. Thank you. Please note if your video or comment have been deleted, this was because hundreds of videos and thousands of comments were sadly removed from this blog by Goggle because of the new complicated You Tube polices.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

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100  14/9/2011Thanks
Scott Leikam 
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Thank you for the DVD "The Crucifixion", it was very informative and brought home just how much pain, suffering and torment Jesus had went through.
Thanks again.

Scott Leikam
Louisburg, Kansas USA

99  14/9/2011I'm really happy,
V. Chengapen 
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Hello Mr Simon Brown,
I'm so happy that i've received all the dvds and awaiting to watch all them this evening.

I'm really happy,

Thanks a lot,

V. Chengapen 

98  12/9/2011DVD of Sodom on channel
Louis van Niekerk 
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Hi Simon

I have seen your DVD of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Revelations channel on sky whilst I was flipping through channels.

Going to Israel and the Middle East has always been a dream of mine, so I was very interested to say the very least. I have always wanted to go and explore the places and objects in the Bible as I feel drawn to do this, and there you guys were living my dream on TV.

Before I moved to the UK, I used to be a Game Ranger in Africa, and have studied geology, ecology, animal behavior, mammals, reptiles, birds, astro­nomy and more as part of the job. Learning more aboout nature taught me more about the complexities of God and how He designed everything.

I found your website and saw that you need translators to translate your DVDs. I am not sure what languages you are looking for, but I would love to help anyway I can. My native tongue is Afrikaans, spoken mostly in Southern Africa, but also a little bit in Europe. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Keep Well

Louis van Niekerk

97  28/8/2011Thank you
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Hello, Simon!

Enjoy your e-mails! Thank you for sending them!

God bless,


96  27/8/2011GREETING
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95  22/8/2011hi my mum told me of this site
rachel ogrady 
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hi my mum told me of this site i think you know her anne shes a friend of nicky
and gary millees mum i recently became a christian at christchurch in hailsham
my husband and i were baptised last week as born again christians and this
sunday we renewed our vows in the church done by andy johnson founder of
christchurch i was wondering if you could send me any of your free dvd as i
would like to study them i am also starting the alpha course in september i read
my bible every day but wondered if it is on dvd anywhere i would love you to
send me your messages about the lord my the lord be with you both thankyou

94  22/8/2011Love biblical teaching
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Love biblical teaching
93  21/8/2011Thank you
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Thank you so much for the wonderul film i have just watched 'Sodem and Gomorrah' and The Garden Tomb.Such a Blessing.I will be returning to see more.

92  21/8/2011Everything is telling us that the Word is correct.
David Rives 
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Dear Simon, thank you. You are absolutely correct. Everything is telling us that the Word is correct.

Thank you again,

David Rive's Ministries.

91  15/8/2011hi i am a born again christian
mark francey 
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hi i am a born again christian and really enjoying all the descoveries on your
website keep up the good work guys god bless

mark francey

90  11/8/2011Hey brother Simon,
jean carlo 
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Hey brother Simon,
Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing helping spread the good
news of salvation. Brother, dont ever be discoraged by some christians that
critsize your work. I am originaly from brasil, but now i live in usa. Again,
keep the good work i will pray for your ministry.

89  7/8/2011excellent video on the Exodus.
Nancy Rivard 
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Dear Mr. Moller, I have just seen your excellent video on the Exodus. I found
out about the real location of Horeb many years ago after asking YHWH where the
real location was. I also asked Him how He parted the Red Sea, He told me He
Froze it solid! Using Natural elements. If you look at:
"WAVE FROZEN IN MID-AIR" on line you can actually SEE the event at the Arctic!
Sincerely Truth Hunter.


88  7/8/2011main distributor
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Dear Simon and Family :

I will be happy indeed to help you guys,as to be the main distributor as well , because I truly believe in what you are doing,the solid facts your work is based on.
The script will be ready as soon as possible after watching the films/and ready for distribution...... .

( and if you should need help with any book please dont hesitate )

87  2/8/2011Thank you
Joan Dawson. 
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Just to let you know I received the DVD's to-day, Thank you , quick delivery! Also it is good to know we can share the message through your DVD's, I would like to keep my own so I hope to get a few copied and gave them to others, It helps to get a clear picture of the message from the Bible not only reading! Joan Dawson. Thanks.

86  1/8/2011I received the Dvd's
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I received the Dvd's and If it's ok I will pay on this upcoming friday when I get paid. What other materials do you have that I may be interested in? I find that everything that you have on your dvd is just totally incredible and I just want to know more.... I eventually would like to make a trip over and see these places with my own eyes... Thank you so much!!!!

85  25/7/2011so blessed
Robert Teter 
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I feel so very blessed to have saw these videos, I have received from Real Discoveries some great documentaries that I and my family have enjoyed so very much. We have shared with our Church, friends, and other family members these teachings, and videos. I would say God Bless you all.

84  24/7/2011Im a Srilankan
Kavitha Nishanthani 
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Dear Sir,

I was blessed with your site's info about real discoveries. Im a Srilankan and I would like to extend my help in translations.. I have visited holy land and it has inspired me soo much that I want people to relive the bible.. Bible is not a textbook but a living testomony!!!

Keep up the good work & may god bless you!! Is there a a branch in Asia in india or srilanka to get the free DVDs as Im reluctant on online orders..

Many Thanks


83  4/7/2011DVD film
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Thank you very much for the films We will use them well. We give them to our children and to friends who doubt.

God bless you,


82  24/6/2011Greeting!
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Hello into every hearts passion that serve the lord in joy and inlove and in exciting life with the wells of the living waters and our the Church has experince the Holy Spirits presence and fall in us injoy and feast of heaven in our life, so pray and be with us in new revival time with Christ,thanks again in blessing ,keijo sweden

81  22/6/2011I bring warm Greeting from India
Joseph Thomas 
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Dear Sir in Christ,

I bring warm Greeting from India in the precious name of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.

I thank God for your institution. Really I could realize that this whole world
is blessing by your institution.
I Joseph and pasturing in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, South India. when I go through
your website I found your ministries and planned to request you. I inspired in
my heart to ask some books for our library . My dad entered into the Gods Glory
by heart attack when I take step to open the bible school ., I am too young,
all of our church responsibility is upon my head now., I would like to open
the library for students , its very cost to buy book lots.

I can't because economically its really impossible to me. . I could do that if
my dad with me. I was totally upset when he passed .. Now I am happy because of
you. I believe that God will fulfill my desire through you.

There are lots of peoples are coming to our church to worship the Lord every
Sunday., we had plan to open the bible school before my dad entered into Gods
glory., Now your website boosted me up that I can fulfill his Vision for the
kingdom of God.

Sir, I challenge that we (our people) will be blessed so much when you send some
books., I can learn too also my people will get the knowledge of God.

my place Rameswaram is called Island, there are only 65,000 Peoples living, Its
very essay to us to reach them and bring them into the knowledge of God. Kindly
encourage me and send me books by post

Thanking you

we pray for you and your Institution.

In His Service

Joseph Thomas M.Div., M.Th
Senior Pastor
Miracle Zion Ministries
33, Kizhakadu, Rameswaram
Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu
South India - 623526
Phone: +919597569026

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79  20/6/2011the Bible defends itself!
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keep up the good work..the Bible defends itself! Dudley

78  19/6/2011Kind regards
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Hi Simon,
Many thanks for the DVD, they are much appreciated. i will be using them in our meetings. God Bless you as you continue to spread the truth about his word.
Please pray for me, I am a science teacher, and at the moment have to be teaching my students physics about millions of years and that we were formed from gases etc. ridiculous, the kids know that i do not believe these things, but i have to be careful about how i pass on the truth to them. But God always make a way if we are looking for one in which to make his truth known.
Kind regards

77  17/6/2011Thank you
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To:realdiscoveries The parables dvd
Hello,I just got the DVD's that you sent to me.I was very Blessed. I will watch all that DVDs.THANK YOU very much sir God bless you.I know that God is with u always Im happy that theres someone like you..thank u once agen :)

76  17/6/2011I am learning new things
Gantoungbe codjo maxwell 
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I am happy to be in contact with this web I am learning new things every time in here. May God bless you all for your a blessing to many of us. Peace of the Lord be with you. Amen ghana accra

75  15/6/2011DVD fILMS
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I am sorry that I don’t have the order number, my computer crashed so I don’t have the saved email. I will put in another order, I hope I get them this time. I know you must be very busy I love your site, and video’s. Rob

74  15/6/2011I love proofs
Churchill Laackmann 
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I love proofs of the Bible because I believe that the Bible is God`s Word

Churchill Laackmann

73  12/6/2011101 scientific facts found in the Scriptures booklet
pauline kinch 
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hi simon and emma great to see things have really taken off for you, when god is in it then fruit abounds..would love this booklet thanks pauline kinch

72  8/6/2011Blessings and shalom,
Jim Gerrish 
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Hi Simon,

Thanks for your very encouraging note and thanks for looking at my website. I am happy that you are featuring articles from my site. You are also given permission to reproduce any article you choose there if you wish.

I took a look at your site and is is very nice and attractive. What a splendid opportunity we both have to reach the world with the Word of God. Other ministers in years gone by could only dream of such things.

Keep up the good work for the Lord.

Blessings and shalom,
Jim Gerrish

71  8/6/2011Praise the Lord,
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Praise the Lord,
Thanking you

70  8/6/2011Praise the Lord Brother
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At present we associate ourselves with a few childrens ministries and we do one at home also.God willing and if you permit to translate this DVD into south Indian Languages that will be TAMIL, MALAYALAM,TELUGU we will rejoice over it but first we will start with English and then we will move over to Tamil and then the other Languages.
Please advice if we can collect some money for the DVD or if it should be strictly free as we usually distribute it through the chruch and childrens congregations asking them to buy and gift it to other people if this is O.k. please advice what to do next so we can start immediately.

Thanks for your mail we pray that God may open the eyes of people and children who see these videoand read your books and also to bless you more to continue your good work for Our Lord through Christ.Amen


69  8/6/2011Please advice
John Peter 
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Please advice how we can spread the good news in our city and country.Can we
distribute your products to people who want to know the Lord......

John Peter

68  6/6/2011DVDs
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Dear Brother Simon,

Thank you so much for sending me 10 DVDs freely. I received them today in excellent condition. Thanks also for the brochures listing other books/DVDs available.

I am much interested in the books you have listed in the brochures. However, I'm not sure I would be able to afford the shipping charges. Please do let me know if you could help receive any of the books. Even if you could help me receive any old and used and/or damaged copies, I'd love to use them.

Thanking you once again for all your kindness extended to me and my family.

Yours in His service,

winnipeg, canada

67  6/6/2011Very interesting stuff...
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Hello Simon:

Excellent! Love your website. I can tell that a lot of tender loving care has gone into its development. Whatever you want to utilize from my website is yours to use. Thank you for your website. I actually spent some time watching a few of the videos you posted. Very interesting stuff...

100,000 Blessings,
Joel -- Freeman's New Book -- Freeman Institute -- TFI Online Store -- Critical Incident Debriefing --Black History Collection -- "Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect" -- "When Strangling Someone Isn't An Option!" -- Freeman's Bio

66  2/6/2011Blessings,
Inge Anderson 
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Dear Simon,

I appreciate your demonstration of exemplary online ethics by asking to excerpt and link.

What you have done is fine.

Wishing you much success with your endeavor,
Inge Anderson

65  2/6/2011translate DVD's in language HINDI
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Simon Brown, dear in Christ i have got the DVDs and thanks for the efforts i am planing to dubbed them in my Language Hindi . thanks for .. love to hear from you soon,
Your little friend In Christ ! Jameel.

Dear Jameel I am very pleased you have got the DVD films. Yes please do translate them in your language HINDI and copy them to give to many people in your country and help many people to know Jesus Christ loves them and Jesus will reward you for your good work.

Please send me a copy of the films in your language.

I will pray that you will succeed in this amazing task

God Bless you In Jesus name

Simon and Emma Brown


64  29/5/2011Lord bless you
tariq javed nashaber 
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Lord bless you.

tariq javed nashaber

63  29/5/2011God of Wonders
Jim Tetlow 
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Hi Simon,

Yes, please feel free to link to any of our booklets, DVD’s, and articles. We’ve recently updated and reprinted the 101 Last Days Prophecies booklet - please free to link to it as well:

And God of Wonders may be linked to online at:

You have a wealth of valuable material on your site. Praise God for these resources and may our Lord guide many souls to feed on the Word of God.

God bless brother and He guide you as you continual to “warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” (Col. 1:28).

Jim Tetlow

62  29/5/2011We have a lot in common
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Hi Simon,

Thanks for the email and partnership. No problem on using any of my material on your website. We have a lot in common especially a burden for the lost. Continue to labor in the harvest fields for the time is short to carry out our mission. A mission to not only the save the lost but to prove the stories of the Bible.



61  29/5/2011Thank you
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Hello, Simon. Thank you for the kind words about our site. We are honored for you to offer our article to your readers.

Keep up the great work for the kingdom. You have many terrific articles on your site!

Warm regards

60  27/5/2011excellent videos man
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Hey my dear friend,how are you,hope you will be fine. The uploaded videos are really awesome and very informative,i loved to watch them all. you should visit the site to get subcribers.
Take lots of care.cya

59  26/5/2011Please do add the links.
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Hi Simon

Thanks for your kind words.

I have reviewed your site We indeed share the same goals and working on the mission to prove the stories of the Bible.

Please do add the links. I also linked to you in our links page.

God Bless
58  24/5/2011i will be the first in Pakistan.
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Simon Brown, brother you can send me your DVD here " ,Pakistan 54000 . i have seen all videos they are awesome i hope i will be the first Pakistan who have seen and provide others your DVD ... reply when you feel free.

Your little friend In Christ !

57  20/5/2011Thanks for contacting me
Jim Pinkoski 
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Hi Simon --

-- there's a LOT of material on your website, so I haven't been able yet to see it all, but what I have seen I've been impressed with (like your TV interview on the discovery of S&G) -- nice job!
Yes, you can quote from my website, and include links to it -- the whole idea is to share these awesome discoveries with everyone on this planet, and the more people who do this the better the information gets around!
I noticed you offered a free S&G book -- I'd love to have one, I sent an e-mail via the website (do you have PayPal set up so I can pay the postage?) -- whew, it's been 19 years since I did my S&G magazine for Ron.... it was such an honor and a blessing to work with Ron for those 10 years and manage his 1st museum!
Jim Pinkoski

56  16/5/2011parables,
gheez brown 
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Thank you for uploading the parables, I enjoy watching it and I am continuing watching it till I watch all your videos..God Bless U...

55  30/4/2011from Switzerland
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Dear Simon Thank you for your delivery. The lord bless you in your important ministery kind regards from Switzerland Bruno

54  29/4/2011free DVD
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hello, i am really impress with your work, can you send me the free DVD that shows the crufixion of Jesus and also the others that are free on your site.
For some reason my e-mail address refuses to br typed in lower letters, but it really should be.
May God continue to bless you 

53  24/4/2011"The Gospel of John"
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just found this website today. It is great! Do you know "How" to get rights to
play "The Gospel of John" in a movie theater? I don't know where to start.
Thanks for any information. There is an empty theater here in Dothan, Al and I
would like to play "The Gospel of John" movie 24hrs for everyone to see, for
free every day of the week. Please help.I am relying on "All things are
possible with God! Thanks -debbie

Larry Prudhomme 
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51  18/4/2011my country Pakistan
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i like this website . its relly nice and good .i want to play all your vidoe in
my country Pakistan in my town .. so our people speak Urdu . English is very
rare here . can you translate some your clips in our lanuguage . it will be very
nice to our poeple .... thanks i hope to hear back from you !


50  11/4/2011visit Israel
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Dear Simon,

I have been grateful for the materials on line and by post that you have sent me. I am due to visit Israel with 15 members of my local christian fellowship 9th-19th May and we will be staying in the Engedi and Almog Kibbutz and from there visiting sites of interest. Our focus is on prayer and tying in historical biblical places to make Bible history come alive.

We have visited Israel before but I was wondering if you could recommend any places of interest that are not the usual tourist ones. I have been to the ash mounds at the bottom of Masada but I'm not sure if I went to the right place for sulphur balls as I could not see any. We hope to visit Banias in Golan, Galilee and of course Jerusalem. We will have some hire cars with sat navs.

Please forgive any imposition in writing to you.

Thank you again for all the work you have done in publishing the 'evidence'.

God Bless,

49  8/4/2011future we have in Jesus
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Dearest Simon and Emma,
Your kindness has brought tears to my eyes, how blessed I am to know such dear sweet godly people. Your cards and letters and DVD'S have so blessed me and I have passed your DVD blessings on to others in my church who also thank you.
God bless you and your family have a wonderful Easter HE IS ALIVE What a wonderful hope and future we have in Jesus

Love and prayers always


48  8/4/2011My Beloved Brother in Christ,
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My Beloved Brother in Christ, Simon, and your Precious Darling little wife "Emma", thank you so much for your prayers, the Lord has heard your prayers, and I am much better, please continue to pray for me, because I know that you are good people, and that the Lord has answered your prayers, thank you for everything, you are most "Beloved in the Lord", and I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing you into my life, and that of my two girls!
With much love in Him,


47  7/4/2011so interesting
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Simon well done I\'m sure you have the spirit of god behind you. your work is so interesting I just love it.
Keep it up!

46  21/3/2011Great Site!
Phil Miska 
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I've followed Ron Wyatt for years, having met him twice. I have friends who had known him for years and vouched for everything he claimed. Keep up the Good Work!

45  18/3/2011NICE SITE,
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united states

44  15/3/2011FREE Book arriwed, and DVD's.
Katrine Pedersen 
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Book arriwed, and DVD's. Thank you very much! I'm really enjoying it :)

The Lord bless you for your good work.

Katrine Pedersen 

43  9/3/2011Thank you for your faithfulness,
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Beloved Simon, Thank you for your faithfulness, and your absolute dedication in Serving Our Wonderful Risen Lord Jesus Christ, He is Wonderful, and I was overjoyed, that in the Post this morning, both Mary-Anne and Desiree, received your package, and I pray with you, that the Lord will speak into their hearts, and bring them back to Him, through this pack of DVD films, and Richard Kent's book on NDEs. Most of all, I appreciate your prayers over those parcels, before they left your home, my prayers are also that the Lord will strengthen them, and speak to them both, to live righteous lives in Him, that is my sincere prayer, because they have wondered a way from God, and His teachings, even though they both know the Bible. They are very cheeky, and disrespectful toward me, and it has grieved me, because they were given to me in my latter years, and I prayed so hard to God for them, and I know that they are a Gift from the Lord. He knew them, before they were conceived in my womb, and I know that He has a plan to prosper them, and not to harm them, He is God, He created the universe, He loves us, so I am so thankful to you Simon, and I love you, with the love of Jesus, because you care for us in Jesus Name. Thank you, thank you, the Lord Bless you abundantly as in Numbers 6:24-26.

With much love in Jesus,


42  7/3/2011Praise be To Almighty God,
Martin Mbogho 
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Hi, Praise be To Almighty God, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Am very grateful for your materials, I have been '' feeding on them'' and am thankful for that.

Simon, did you have a glimpse on what happened in Egyptian riots, on 04.02.2011?.

The Media reported - Pale Horse in Egypt., as reported by MSNBC TV footage.

If you have well and good, if not please catch up with it.

It concurs with Revelation 6:7-8.

This is also in line with a prophecy given by the Prophet of the Lord Dr. David Edward Owuor. He himself has confirmed it.

Have a look at it if you have not.

Now I was interested with this DVD, if I could get it well and good, Simon. ''Surrender Your Heart To God''.

Thanks, Simon.

Be blessed.

41  3/3/2011Greeting!
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Thank you to the lord for you all who will read this greeting from me and with big care in christ for many believers people in the China with pouring of the Holy Spirit and joy and revival wiht thanksgiving for new life with ehaling an d strength in joy and in God ,thanks and bless andpray and win,keijo sweden

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essex.united kingdom

39  19/2/2011am new to your site i am a born again christian
mark francey 
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am new to your site i am a born again christian
as im new to your site i have bookmarked it as im enjoying all the articles you have on here god bless you all in your work 
38  12/2/2011thank you
alfonso esquivel 
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thank you for offering such a great material to all cristians around the world
this matirial will help mantein our faith in jesus strong and will help show unvelivers the truth in scientific findings.

37  10/2/2011"Emma" on Revelations T.V.
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Dear Simon, I was delighted to hear "Emma" on Revelations T.V. last night, I was so excited, and thought that the subject on the "Fig Tree" was excellent, the Lord Bless you both, as you continue to reach out to people, through T.V. I pray that you will go from strength to strength, in your Ministry, as unto the Lord.

Love in Christ,

36  8/2/2011Well done, you guys!!
Roly and Rosie 
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Well done, you guys!!

May the Living Word bear much fruit to HIS glory!!!!

Every blessing
Roly and Rosie

35  8/2/2011Hope everything's alright with you and your team
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Praise The Lord dear brother Simon.

Hope everything's alright with you and your team with you in the mission by His enduring grace and everlasting mercy toward all of us His people and sheep of His pasture.(Psa.100.3-5)
To start with, let me thank you for the dvds that you have sent me and i have received then in proper shape just last week and i am sorry i could not write to you immediately. Well then, i will write to you soon again after watching all the videos.
until then may our Livivg Lord and Loving Saviour Jesus Christ be with us all, His grace enabling us in all the purpose He has in our lives as individuals and as families and as His Church both now and forever. Amen.

In His eternal service,

34  6/2/2011you bretheren
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1-6-249/19/8, friends colony, ramnagar,hyderabad, andhra pradesh, india 500048

you bretheren are doing a great job. God bless you 
33  5/2/2011Shabbat Shalom in Jerusalem
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Was great meeting you and Chris, please get in touch next time your in Jerusalem, Israel, and thanks for all your help

32  1/2/2011parables of jesus 
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This a wonderful site, Bless you

31  31/1/2011I'm founder/dorector
Rev. Krupanandam. K 
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I'm founder/dorector
Tribal Ministries in Hyderabad, Andhra
Pradesh, South India. I'm working among poor hindu slum dwellers and rag
pickers. I want to encourage them to know the truth about our Heavenly Father
and His mighty works. Thank you for tour help and support.

Hyderabad, India

Josie miller 
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TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY, FOREVER AND EVER! Praise God for leading me to this website. I must say, there's a huge anointing on each stories that's written. As I read through the ruins of Soddom and Gommorah, I am amazed.. the brimstones are still!! how interesting and wishing to myself that I was part of your team. Even though I have not seen every pictures in the book, but to read through the story was enough to convinced me that everything happened for a reason. Even to see Lots wife turned into a pillar of salt, her statue is still there, plus everything else about the city as mentioned in the Bible. How excited I am to see the reality of the city which I've read through the Bible.
I would like to encourage your team of the best work you are doing to the world. I am someone who lives in the South Pacific Islands but now in New Zealand for holidays. What a blessing to see all these works you have labours so hard for. Do not forget, people are blessed in other parts of the world by all these biblical places which you have discovered. For me to read through each stories, I'm beginning to picture my Bible coming to life, honestly! And the most amazing part of this, it does draw me closer to my Lord. To see the brimstones, I can imagine how it would be in the end times. Who can stand the wrath of the Highest God.
I thank God for precious people like you and I pray that He will continue to reveal more greater unseen things to you all. May the devil and his demons be cast off from every directions your team may be, In the Blood of Jesus! May our good Loving Father be upon you all.
God Bless

Josie Miller

29  26/1/2011i am very interested in "The Exodus Case"
Dan voth. dakota, USA 
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i am very interested in "The Exodus Case" but most sites sell it for around $50
or more. how is it that you can offer it for free on your site?

28  25/1/2011Beloved Simon,
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Beloved Simon, that is confirmation of what the Holy Spirit revealed to me as well, to trust in the Lord with all my heart, and to lean not to my own understanding, in all my ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct my paths. Thank you so much my Brother for your confirmation, we are just passing through, "Only one life,t'will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last!"

You are very special, and I praise the Lord for bringing you into our lives,

God Bless you abundantly,

With much love in Him,


27  21/1/2011Praise The Lord Bro. Simon
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Praise The Lord Bro. Simon
Greetings to you and your team in The Most Holy and Most High name of God's beloved Son and our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Firstly, I thank The great God our loving and living heavenly Father, for the grace He has given you n abound toward you in all your efforts to discover The Bible events and bring them into broad day light that all might see and know for truth that The God whom we are so priveledged to serve and to be called as His children, is indeed the only Creator and Most High God, and that His Word is The Truth, The Light, The Life and The only Way through watching these real discoveries and thereby may believe in the Truth, The Lord Jesus Christ and the great love that God has bestowed upon mankind through the sacrifice of His Son for the remission of sins, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish butr have eternal Life and become heirs unto God through Him.

Thank you for your love in honouring my request for a dvd and I would be grateful if you could send me all the dvds containing such real discoveries relating to those accounted for in The Bible, covering both Old and New Testaments. I encourage you in all such endeavours according to His perfect will and guidance that you may take up for His Glory alone.

Will be praying that God our Lord may guide you according to all His Will and in His Ways and keep you from all known and unknown dangers, from all seen and unseen evil, help you overcome all expected and unexpected hinderances and challenges, use you for His glory and bless you with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Hoping to hear from you soon, thank God for all His marvelllous Grace and unchanging love and His great Faithfulness toward all ouf us, His Blood bought children.

God be with you brother and with all the team.

In Him and His eternal service,
Bro. Emmanuel.

26  20/1/2011Very Interested in your work Here
Trevor brunning 
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Very Interested in your work Here,God Bless you.

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24  16/1/2011love the site.
Rachael buckett  
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isle of wight uk

love the a new christain
23  13/1/2011i love your website i learn alot
loretta jackson  
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i love your website i learn alot i would like to recieve the free book called
noahs ark discovered thank you god bless

22  13/1/2011Sodom & Gomorrah Film:
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God always chooses the "nobodies" (aka men/women who don't have power,great wealth, great titles/status,etc among society) of the world to reveal & share truth. Nice video.

21  3/1/2011Hi from Dio
Dio Rader  
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Watched your video on Sodom and Gomorrah and was impressed. Thank you for a job
well done.

20  3/1/2011DVD's
Martin mbogho  
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Hi, Simon I am very grateful, I did receive the DVDs and books, thanks so much. God bless you Simon. Thanks too for your website, very informative.

19  1/1/2011Truth is Good
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I am enjoying the info I find on your site. I do not always agree with some of your 'truths' and do not believe that they are Biblical, but I will keep studying. 
18  14/11/2010which scales were used novah to build ark?
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respected intelctual of discoveries, just now i saw man\'s new constuct ark, as likke as which scales were given by GOD to Novah. they said that we buit new ark as like as novah, but, unfortunately they buit ark, with out exact scale in BIBLE, they used human scale to buid this new ark, because in THE BIBLE god said that to novh ANGLE\'s hand scales. if u wanto discover this truth u must BIBLE. OR WE ARE CHALENGING NOVAH ARK SCALES ARE ANGEL HAND\'s SCALES.if, you want to real discoverirs of bible u must search www.BIBLEVERDICT.ORG/JAYASHLI.TV/CREATESJUDGMENT.ORG. WE are redy to prove any wher in this world. if, u conduct any debate aginist bible we absolutely defeat any one in this world. BE WARE OF GOD!

17  4/11/2010Your website has really encouraged my faith
Benedict Odigwe  
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I will like to obtain your free books on life of Jesus, Sodom and Gomorah,
Bibles and Childrens teaching and Free DVD'S.
Your website has really encouraged
my faith in Jesus all the more, and strenthened me as a follower of Jesus.
Benedict Odigwe

16  23/10/2010Many thanks
Jim and Yvonne  
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Dear Simon,
So pleased to have made contact with you and bless you for your work for the saviour. I really do appreciate your very generous offer of the two books " Noah's Ark uncovered". One copy i am sending on to a colleague(Ken Wooten at Exmouth he confessed Jesus as Lord and Saviour last night. Praise God!) and asked if i could get him one having read your book "Sodom and Gomorrah". He will use the information as a witnessing tool to his own colleagues in the Probus Club of which he is Secretary. Please accept enclosed cheque to help cover the postage/delivery.
Every blessing Yours
Jim and Yvonne. UK

15  8/10/2010good site but.....
Carole Hughes  
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love the site and theres so much info, brilliant, but I cant find a way to stop the video on the home page from playing so I have to turn off volume on my pc instead. Maybe there is a way but I cant see it because I have larger print? or am I missing it?

Note of webmaster: Hi Carole
I am glad that you are finding our website interesting and hope it will bless you more with the information on it.
Regarding the videos on the homepage you should see the control panels under the video screen where you will be able to either stop, pause or turn the sound off.
Please also check the version of IE browser you are using, perhaps you need to update it.


Open in new window

14  8/10/2010What an awesome god we serve
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Thank you so much for the two DVD’s, of the tomb of Jesus, and Sodom and Gomorrah, what a tremendous blessing, the lord bestowed upon you, to reveal the true tomb of Jesus, and the overwhelming evidence, and the amazing architectural ruins of the remains of the infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah! What an awesome god we serve, who hast made the heavens and earth by thy great power and by thine outstretched arm! (and hope given it unto whom it seemed me unto me). He is the lord, the god of all flesh. Is there anything to hard for me? Saith the lord, in whose hand is the life of every living thing, and beneath all the mankind?

The lord has revealed these things to you Simon, He loves you, He loves your precious wife Emma, and your darling daughter Lauren. He has called you from your job, and inspired you, and given you all that you need, To do this work for him. We are living in the very last days, the Lord is revealing these things, that we may turn to him with all our hearts, to seek him first, and his righteousness, to worship the lord in spirit and in truth. Our forefathers hardened their hearts, they tested the Lord, for they did not know the Lord, and turned away from him, so they never entered in to the Fathers rest. I have loved the Lord Jesus Christ, from a small child, I need him, without him I could not live and without him I could not live, and without him I dare not die. The Lord bless you Simon and your precious little family in Jesus name.

What an awesome god we serve

13  6/10/2010Well done my good and faithful servants
Barbara Walmsley  
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Dear Simon and Emma,
Well done my good and faithful servants, with all my heart I believe this is Gods word to you both.

How can I ever thank you for allowing me to watch the previews of the parables of Jesus.

You both have worked so hard for the lord, and your work is excellent.
I have been so blessed by the prayers. Astounded at some of the film footage for example Lazarus and the fire of hell.

I pray that many people who think hell will be a party, will watch and be afraid.

The crucifixion was so awful I had to turn away each time, but what love Jesus had for a sinner like me, and he wishes that none would perish.
So I pray with all my heart that your films will be shown and acted upon world wide.

Thank you for all you have done for me and for Jesus.

God bless you and your loved ones and keep you in his loving care always.
Lots of love and gratitude

From Barbara Walmsley

12  30/9/2010Bless you
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Dear Mr & Mrs Simon Brown, I got the DVD's and I have started to go through them. It is a very great work you are doing for the love of Christ and the salvation of souls. God will continue to strengthen you with His power and all the spiritual, physical and financial resources needed to continue in this good work.You will not loose your reward in heaven in Jesus name.
Bless you

11  30/9/2010Thanks
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Hi! i just received the dvds today..Thank You so very much for them..You are a blessing..God bless You and your family..

10  30/9/2010Thank you very much for the dvds
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Thank you very much for the dvds. Soon, aprox. by Feb. 3, will send you a little offering. It is so good to find people like you who care for others. No matter I am not working, you paid for the postage and did not charge me for your products. In a materialistic world today, there are still chosen people that know how to love the Lord. You are one of them. You make people feel proud of Jesus. Thank you very much.
Please, help me pray for a good job, with a good pay so that I can help your ministry.
Love you in Christ,

 30/9/2010Warm greetings
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Thank you so much for all of your great dvds! I received them all very well and am getting ready to use them this year in my classes. I have also given out some copies to fellow Bible teachers here in Guatemala.

Thank you again and may God truly and greatly bless your ministry
Warm greetings 

 25/9/2010Thank you again
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Simon, I more or less worked through "The Exodus Case". I must say that I enjoined this book immensely. It is more than an archeological book. It deepened my spiritual life to a great deal. Thank you again.

I especially appreciate that the word is based on the findings of Dr Ron Wyatt, of whom I've read a great deal. I also have his DVD "REAVEALING GOD'S TREASURES."

 25/9/2010I'm alive today
Adu-Agyem Joseph  
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Sorry i was in a hurry yesterday and couldn't send you a proper message..But I'm alive today..I just want to thank you again for the DVD's because i never thought i would get them. Yesterday i watched the one on NDEs and behold! that was great.My friends are worrying me for the DVDs to watch it alone in their rooms but anyway,it was fun!

I'll continue to spread the news about God, Heaven and Hell because our generation is losing interest
in Christ. People are leaning on their own understanding and are trusting in themselves.

Please let me know if i can get more of such DVD's..Thank you so much and may the good Lord reward You,Amen!

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Thank you
So much
We have received the DVDs

You are most gracious!!
My husband is watching them intently
He is going through a real testing of his faith
I pray that he will come through tried. Tested. And Victorious in Christ

Bless you

Adri Mellet  
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I just finished reading "the Exodus Case" AND COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN. The facts are thoroughly researched and presented in a fascinating way. I previously read about Ron Wyatt's work and thus find the book well written, pictures well explained. A very enjoyable treasure.

JEnnifer hadlow  
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Fantastic information for anyone wanting to learn more or just interested in historical events. This is so interesting non believers will enjoy it. 
 26/8/2010awesome website! Sodom & Gomorrah
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I really enjoyed your website. The best one I seen so far. The descoveries your team found was great and how the sketching of how it would look like in the past is awesome!! God Blessed you and your team.. 

 25/6/2010re website
emma brown  
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i love the new web site 


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