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Monday 13 December 2021

MY UP DATE ON JOHN 20:28.“My Lord and my God!”

JOHN 20:28. “My Lord and my God!”

Thomas replied, “My Lord (and) my God!”

JOHN 20:28.

Trinitarians say - Thomas called Jesus God after His resurrection. Where did Jesus reject his claim?


My Answer:

WHY would Jesus need to reject Thomas, when Thomas believed what Jesus taught, that GOD the Father was IN and WITH Jesus?

I believe that's why Thomas was addressing BOTH, My Lord Jesus, (AND) My GOD the Father.

Did you notice there, in the statement by Thomas, what Thomas DID SAY: My Lord Jesus, (AND) My GOD the Father?

Thomas said (MY), twice, as though He was addressing TWO persons, (My) Lord Jesus, AND (My) GOD the Father.

Did you notice in Thomas statement, what Thomas DID NOT SAY? 

Thomas DID NOT SAY: My Lord GOD, but adding in (AND MY) God.

Did Jesus ever forget that GOD the Father was IN Him?

No, Jesus always gave His GOD and Father the glory and said many times GOD was WITH Him and IN Him.

The question's for Trinitarians!

DID Thomas forget GOD the Father, was IN and WITH Jesus?

WHY have Trinitarians forgot, GOD the Father was IN and WITH Jesus, by DELETING the Father.

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