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Saturday 5 September 2020

HOW Does Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit Prove The TRINITY? Matthew 12:31-32.

Matthew 12:31-32.

According to my old Trinitarian friend and Bible teacher, who says and believes because Jesus said: if anyone speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven, but if anyone speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, this is evidence that the Holy Spirit is a SEPARATE Third Person proving the Trinity.

However, please may I explain why I find this Trinitarian understanding mystifying and baffling.

Do Trinitarians understand hidden secrets that millions of none Trinitarians do not understand?

Well that's what many Trinitarians say to me, saying I do not understand the Holy Spirit of GOD, simply because I do not have the Holy Spirit of GOD.

Let's examine the Biblical facts, and see if the Trinitarian claim could possibly be correct or false, because if the Trinitarian claim is correct, they will prove I am deceived, and I still have time to repent.

We will kick off with noting what the Trinity faith believe and teach.

Note how the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are the same, co-equal, same everything:

The Trinity.
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Here are some questions I would like to ask my Trinitarian friends.

Point 1.

The TRINITY faith say and teach their three members of the Trinity are, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are all co-equal), meaning they are the SAME in every way, as well as being the SAME ONE TRUE GOD.

The Contradiction:

How then is it possible to blaspheme one person The Holy Spirit and not be forgiven, while it is possible to blaspheme against Jesus and be forgiven, when both Jesus and the Holy Spirit are co-equal and are supposed to be the SAME ONE TRUE GOD, according to what he TRINITY faith say, believe and teach?

Point 2.

The very fact Jesus said people could be forgiven for blasphemy against Him, but NOT be forgiven for blasphemy against The Holy Spirit, is evidence The Holy Spirit is classed as more superior then the Son of God, and yet the TRINITY faith say Jesus and the Holy Spirit are co-equal, (THE SAME), having the same rank or importance, as coequal partners.

Point 3.

The Christian doctrine of the TRINITY faith say, teach, and believe there is ONE TRIAD GOD, who is three coeternal consubstantial persons, who are the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit—as "one God in three Divine persons". 

However, GOD the Father is NOT mentioned by Jesus, which begs WHY?

Let's be sure by going to all the verses by Jesus referring to the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and see if Jesus mentioned His Father:

Matthew 12:31-32

The Unpardonable Sin

(Mark 3:28-30)

31 Because of this I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men; but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 And if anyone speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but if anyone speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, neither in this age nor in the coming one.

Mark 3:28-29

The Unpardonable Sin

(Matthew 12:31-32)

28 Truly I say to you that all sins and blasphemies will be forgiven the sons of men, as many as they shall have blasphemed. 29 But whoever shall blaspheme against the Holy Spirit does not have forgiveness, to the age, but is guilty of eternal sin.”

Luke 12:10

And everyone who will speak a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but the one having blasphemed against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.

As we have plainly and clearly seen in all three scriptures of Matthew 12:31-32, Mark 3:28-29, and Luke 12:10, there is certainly NO MENTION of the Father, but only Jesus telling us about Himself and The Holy Spirit.

Point 4.

WHY are there only two persons mentioned by Jesus, and NOT THREE persons when the TRINITY faith say there are THREE members of the Trinity who are all co-equal) the SAME in everything?

If the TRINITY was correct, WHY would Jesus miss out, or forget to mention His Father? 

Jesus confessed His Father was greater, and always mentioned His Father and never failed to give His Father the honour and glory, and yet there is NO MENTION of the Father in any of the three verses by Jesus.

When we pray and seek we find said Jesus in Matthew 7:7.

By seeking we discover the simple answer to WHY Jesus did NOT, or DID mention His Father, as seen in the Greek text.

And please note how Jesus refers to the name of the (SPIRIT) alone in the verse of: Matthew 12:31:

Matthew 12:31.

Did you notice how Jesus refers to the word alone the (SPIRIT)?

We know Jesus said in John 4:24 how GOD His Father is (SPIRIT):

God is (Spirit), and it behooves those worshiping Him to worship in spirit and truth."

John 4:24.

Please note in the next verse of Matthew 12:32 how Jesus refers to the name of: (The HOLY):

Matthew 12:32.

The next question is who is (THE HOLY) one?

Apparently, Isaiah refers to Yahweh, The One True GOD 25 times as (The Holy) One.

Lets be sure by looking at a few verses where GOD is called (THE HOLY) one:

World English Bible Isaiah 10:20

It will come to pass in that day that the remnant of Israel, and those who have escaped from the house of Jacob will no more again lean on him who struck them, but shall lean on Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, in truth. 

Isaiah 45:11

World English Bible

Thus says Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker: "You ask me about the things that are to come, concerning my sons, and you command me concerning the work of my hands!

Isaiah 43:3

For I am Yahweh your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. I have given Egypt as your ransom, Ethiopia and Seba in your place.

Isaiah 43:

14 Thus says Yahweh, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "For your sake, I have sent to Babylon, and I will bring all of them down as fugitives, even the Chaldeans, in the ships of their rejoicing. 15 I am Yahweh, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King."

As we see in just a few verses how GOD is called the (Holy One) of Israel.


The Biblical facts.


I believe what I have presented reveals a SIMPLE fact and obvious truth, that in Matthew 12:31, Jesus is referring to His Father GOD as the (SPIRIT), for God is (Spirit), who is (HOLY) Matthew 12:32, hence, GOD the Father is the HOLY SPIRIT, which explains why Isaiah calls Yahweh GOD (The HOLY) One of Israel, just as Jesus referred to the same name: (THE HOLY), for THE HOLY ONE Matthew 12:32.


Now we know WHY Jesus did not mention His Father in any of the verses referring to Blaspheming “the Holy Spirit”, but left out His Father, when in fact the Biblical facts prove Jesus DID NOT leave out His Father, but DID in fact mention His Father.


The obvious and Biblical facts prove Jesus was simply referring to His Father as (THE SPIRIT) Matthew 12:31,



And that's why there was only TWO PERSONS mentioned, Jesus and His Father as “The Holy Spirit”. 


As there was only TWO PERSONS mentioned by Jesus regarding who can be and who cannot be Blasphemed and be forgiven, who are Jesus or His Father as “the Holy Spirit” this simply PROVES there is NO TRINITY TRIAD GOD as THREE PERSONS in a triune God.


As there was only TWO PERSONS mentioned by Jesus, this also proves there is NO such PERSON as a SEPARATE THIRD PERSON called “the Holy Spirit” which therefore also disproves the TRINITY.


As Jesus said He could be Blasphemed which could be forgiven, but His Father as “the Holy Spirit” could not be forgiven for Blasphemy, PROVES another undeniable Biblical fact, that Jesus is NOT the SAME ONE TRUE GOD.


This also explains WHY Jesus only ever taught He was the SON of His One True GOD, and never ever said He was the One True GOD John 10:36.

John 10:36.

This also explains WHY Yahweh the Holy One of Israel, only ever said and taught He was ONE GOD as ONE PERSON,  Deuteronomy 6:4, and GOD ALONE, on His own with NO GODS next to Him or beside Him, which excludes Jesus and the Holy Spirit as also being GOD, who are next to GOD in the TRINITY faith.

Yahweh is ONE PERSON not THREE PERSONS called the TRINITY.


This also explains WHY Yahweh the Holy One, the GOD and Father of Jesus and of creation only ever taught Jesus was His literal Begotten SON, and WHY GOD never ever said He was the SAME Begotten SON He sent and gave.

This also explains why The Holy Spirit is more superior simply because The Holy Spirit is Yahweh GOD The Father The MOST HIGH, Luke 1:35.

Very sadly most of Christianity have been deceived into believing GOD is the SON who became flesh, therefore deceiving MOST of Christianity into DENYING the Father and the SON of GOD.

If only all Christians would do their research with an open mind and heart as Jesus said SEEK and we will FIND, then overcoming the enemies terrible deceptions.

Psalm 78:41

They turned again and tempted God, and provoked the Holy One of Israel.

After seeing the Biblical facts, I am relieved to say how I do not need to repent for being wrong, because yet again the Biblical facts PROVE the TRINITY is false.

We also see here again a perfect example of how the TRINITY faith is bursting with countless contradictions.

Thank you for reading my independent research, and I do understand you may not believe my simple investigations, but I pray at least I have encouraged you to do your own research in hope by seeking you will find the TRUE GOD and His TRUE CHRIST, Amen.

Please may I leave you with this article below by

14) Blaspheming “the Holy Spirit”

Jesus magnified God’s holiness—and also showed that he was not God and that “the Holy Spirit” was not a third “Person” in a triune God—when he said that if someone spoke against him it could be forgiven, but if anyone blasphemed “the Holy Spirit,” it would never be forgiven (Matt. 12:31-32; Mark 3:28-29; Luke 12:10). But we would not expect that to be the case if the doctrine of the Trinity is correct, and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are co-equal “Persons” in a triune God. If the doctrine of the Trinity was correct and there was “one God in three Persons,” then it would be impossible for someone to blaspheme one of the “Persons” of the Godhead and be forgiven, but blaspheme another “Person” of that same Godhead and not be forgiven.

However, what Jesus said about blasphemy fits perfectly with what the people of the time believed: there is one God who is referred to in many different ways, and one Messiah, Jesus Christ. Someone can blaspheme the human being, Jesus Christ, and be forgiven, but people cannot blaspheme our Holy God and be forgiven. It makes sense that Jesus would refer to God as “the Holy Spirit” in this context because it emphasizes God’s special holiness.

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