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Thursday 13 October 2022

The Jehovah’s Witnesses Wrong Teaching of Colossians 1:15!

Jehovah’s Witnesses

May I please share with you my research by revealing what I know and why I believe The Jehovah’s Witnesses are Wrong with their Teaching of Colossians 1:15! 

Let us now move forward to see: What do The Jehovah’s Witnesses say and teach about the meaning of Colossians 1:15?

On the Jehovah’s Witnesses site: Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY  we read:

^ The Bible also refers to Jesus as “the only-begotten Son of God” because he was the first and only direct creation of Jehovah.—John 3:18; Colossians 1:13-15.

Colossians Study Notes—Chapter 1

New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Study Edition)


the firstborn of all creation: That is, the first creation by Jehovah God. Seven of the eight occurrences of the Greek term for “firstborn” (pro·toʹto·kos) in the Christian Greek Scriptures refer to Jesus. The usual Scriptural meaning of the term “firstborn” is the one born first in order of time, such as a firstborn child. Because Jesus was “the firstborn” child of Mary, he was presented at the temple in accordance with Jehovah’s Law. (Lu 2:7, 22, 23; Mt 1:25) At Col 1:18 (see study note), the same Greek word is used of Jesus, “the firstborn from the dead,” that is, first in order of time. (Compare Ro 8:29.) Likewise, in the Hebrew Scriptures, the expression “firstborn” is most often used in the sense of “the oldest son of a father.” The same Greek word occurs in the Septuagint at Ge 49:3, where Jacob says: “Reuben, you are my firstborn.” (See Glossary, “Firstborn.”) Some who claim that Jesus was not created say that “firstborn” here means one who is preeminent in rank, not part of the creation, and they render the phrase “the firstborn over all creation.” While it is true that Jesus is preeminent in relation to all other creatures, there is no basis for the assertion that the term “firstborn” here takes on a meaning other than its usual one. A similar statement at Re 3:14 calls Jesus “the beginning of the creation by God,” confirming that here “firstborn of all creation” is used in the sense of being the first one created by God.

As we read, The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach Jesus is the (first) and only direct creation of Jehovah, and site the verse of Colossians 1:15, as their witness.

What do we read in the correct translation of Colossians 1:15?

We read Paul saying:

Berean Literal Bible

He is the image of the invisible God, (the firstborn over all creation).

And we read The Jehovah’s Witnesses teaching: Jesus is the (first) and only direct creation of Jehovah. 

What do we NOT read Paul saying in Colossians 1:15?

We do NOT read Paul saying: Jesus is the (FIRST) and only direct creation of GOD, as we read The Jehovah’s Witnesses saying and teaching.

We do NOT read Paul saying Jesus is the (FIRST) being, or Person, to ever exist.

We do NOT read Paul saying GOD created Jesus FIRST and BEFORE ALL creation.

We also do NOT read anywhere in Paul's writings saying Jesus was alive and living with GOD, or was a Spirit being or an Angel before all creation, or that GOD created the Genesis creation WITH, or BY, or THROUGH Christ, unless you are one of most who reads false Bible translations, and are not understanding the truth of GOD's word.

If The Jehovah’s Witnesses teaching were correct, that Jesus WAS  the (FIRST) creation of GOD, or the (FIRST) being, or Person to ever exist, then Paul would have simply said : Jesus is the (FIRST) and only direct creation of GOD, or the (first) being, or Person to ever exist,

However, we read Paul instead saying how Jesus is (the firstborn over all creation).

Being (the firstborn over all creation), is NOT the same as being the (first) and only direct creation of GOD, or the (FIRST) CREATED being, or Person to ever exist.

Being (the firstborn over all creation), has nothing to do with being the FIRST PERSON to exist, or to be the FIRST created being.

For example, I am the FIRST BORN, and yet that does not mean I am the FIRST PERSON to ever exist.

It is clear to me at least that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are adding in Paul's teachings what Paul is NOT teaching to support the Watchtower faith.

The Shocking truth in The Jehovah’s Witnesses Faith!

To believe and teach Jesus was Michael the Angel and that Jesus pre existed His flesh, is to believe in another one of COUNTLESS FALSE Christ's, making The Jehovah’s Witnesses another one of many false religions!

John 14:6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 

Note Jesus words saying: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 

The Shocking truth is that no one can get to the Heavenly Father and One True GOD by going THROUGH a false Christ.

And this is all according to what Jesus said and prayed to His Father in John 17:3, saying how salvation comes by knowing The One True GOD and KNOWING The ONE TRUE CHRIST.

The shocking truth is, The Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot be the TRUE Witnesses of GOD, because they are teaching a false Christ!

What is the TRUTH?

What did Paul truly mean by saying Jesus is (the firstborn over all creation) Colossians 1:15?

Full article here: 
Colossians 1:15.

My many meetings with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I love The Jehovah’s Witnesses, because they are always so well dressed, polite, and very brave to go from door to door in hope to help people know how they are in a false religion which is most often Evolution, or one of the countless false Christian faiths like the Trinity, or Oneness Pentecostals, or the Muslim faith, and so on.

I have had and still do have many meetings and debates with the sincere Jehovah’s Witnesses, which at one time was nearly every week for 2 years, and my wife Emma and I have even been to their church meetings having eyes to see and ears to hear what they have to say, teach and preach.

I believe The Jehovah’s Witnesses are mostly very nice and sincere people with a great desire for all to know our Loving Heavenly Father and One True GOD, who sent and gave His Christ to be our Saviour and Mediator to save His people through the TRUE Christ out of a dying world.

When I see the lovely Jehovah’s Witnesses bravely going from door to door down my own street, who are wonderfully obeying Jesus command to preach the good news to all creation, I am waiting for their dear knock at my door, and am always excited to invite them in for a good hot cuppa, in hope to let them know what I now know, and how and why I believe they are also in a false religion by believing in a false Christ who they say is and was Michael the archangel.

I would like to point out how the Jehovah’s Witnesses do correctly believe that GOD the Father is GOD Alone On His own, and how they do not believe in the Trinity or the Oneness Pentecostal, or the Muslim faith.

However, my heart is also sad for The Jehovah’s Witnesses, because they are so much closer to the truth than most other Christian faiths.

And yet being close is still not good enough if we are not willing to accept the whole truth, because we must be ''right on'', knowing the "right" Jesus, knowing precisely who GOD and Christ are said Jesus in John 17:3, and we must know exactly who we worship, so we can overcome the Devils terrible deceptions, because the Devil is a great trickster, he is our predator, always looking for someone to devour by deceiving the whole world with COUNTLESS false Christ's, black holes and deceptions!

If we are truly hungry to know, love and follow The One True GOD and His One True Christ, than we will seek out our faith with fear and trembling, said Paul.

John 8:30

Of His speaking these things, many believed in Him. 31 Therefore Jesus was saying to the Jews having believed in Him, “If you abide in My word, you are truly My disciples. 32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set free you.”

I am Simon Brown.

Thank you for reading my own research.


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