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Monday 24 July 2023

The Biblical Facts Jesus Is Not GOD Or An Angel, Or Pre-existed His flesh!

The Biblical Facts Jesus Is Not GOD Or An Angel, Or Pre-existed His flesh!

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By Simon Brown

In the beginning was GOD's word, not GOD's Son, John 1:1, Genesis 1: 3 And God said.

Jesus is The (Word of GOD), NOT GOD the Word, John 1:14, Revelation 19:13.

GOD did not become flesh, or is He a MAN, or a Son of MAN. The Word of GOD became the MAN Jesus, Numbers 23:19, John 1:14.

If Jesus were Michael the Archangel, John 1:14 would say: and Michael the Archangel became flesh.

If Jesus were GOD the Father, John 1:14 would say: And GOD the Father became flesh.

The True Jesus was foreknown, not Pre-existing, 1 Peter 1:20.

Nowhere in the whole Bible does it say Jesus was going ''BACK'' or ''RETURNING'' to the Father. John 13:3,John 16:28.

In the beginning GOD spoke through the prophets, not through the Son Hebrews 1:1.

GOD spoke through His SON in the last days, not in the beginning of days Hebrews 1:2.

GOD The Son cannot be the SON of GOD, because The Son would instead be the Son of Himself.

GOD gave His SON, not Himself. John 3:16.

If the Father were the SON, why would the Father need to come as the SON?

Why would we need a Mediator to get to GOD, if Jesus were already GOD?

No one has ever seen GOD at any time, John 1:1, 1 John 4:12, contrary to the fact that Jesus has been seen thousands of times.

Jesus has a GOD, so Jesus cant be that GOD.

Humans and Angels must not worship Angels, proving Jesus was not an Angel. Revelation 22:9.

The Only Begotten Son was Begotten, GOD is not Begotten, but always was.

The true Jesus was BORN from GOD, not from eternity.

Jesus is The (Son of Man), GOD is not a Son of man Numbers 23:19

Jesus must be a MAN and not GOD, to be a Mediator between GOD and Man.

Jesus is the second and last perfect Adam, so as Adam did not pre-exist, nor did the second, and last perfect Adam.

Jesus freely gave His life, which would not be possible if Jesus were GOD.

Jesus is never called The Almighty GOD, but the SON of the Almighty GOD, John 10:36.

The Almighty GOD never ever said He was the Son, just as the Son never ever said He was GOD.

Jesus said He could do nothing on His own proving He was not Almighty GOD.

Jesus will hand over the world back to GOD, but should be back to Himself if Jesus were already GOD.

GOD is ONE person, that's why GOD is called The ''ONE TRUE GOD'' John 17:3.

THREE separate persons who are each GOD, makes THREE GODS, and not One GOD.

Nowhere in the Word of GOD does it say GOD is THREE persons.

In John 14:11 Jesus tells us He is "IN" the Father and the Father is ''IN'' Him. If Jesus were GOD that would make TWO GODS.

Nowhere in the Word of GOD does it say the Holy Spirit is a separate person.

There is no separate Holy Spirit in John 1:1, or John 10:30, or on GOD's throne, or anywhere in the whole Bible.

Nowhere in the Word of GOD does it say Jesus is the creator.

Nowhere in the Word of GOD does it say Jesus was GOD and a MAN, or had two natures.

A Pre-existing Jesus could not be The True Christ, because The True Christ came into existence in the women's womb as The Son of MAN.

Christ never means I AM GOD, but means (The anointed one of GOD).

In John 8:58 Jesus said: (I am). NOT I Existed.

John 8:58, (I am) means (I am the one), as seen in John 4:6. NOT I AM GOD, or ALIVE before being born.

Notice how Jesus tells us in John 8:56 Abraham your father rejoiced in that he should see My day--and he saw it and rejoiced."

Did you notice how nothing was said by Jesus saying He was ALIVE and saw Abraham, which should be the case if Jesus meant what most believe that Jesus was GOD or ALIVE with GOD before He was Begotten?

Thanks to GOD through Christ!

Because of GOD, Jesus will live for eternity, proving Jesus is not GOD.

Because of Jesus, we can come to know the One True GOD and father of creation.

Because of Jesus, the saved will live for eternity, so lets thank GOD for Jesus, for eternity.

What GOD and Christ do you know?

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