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Proverbs 8:34-36 Blessed is the man who hears me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at my door posts. For whoever finds me finds life, and will obtain favor from Yahweh. But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul. All those who hate me love death.” Psalm 84: 11 For Yahweh God is a sun and a shield. Yahweh will give grace and glory. He withholds no good thing from those who walk blamelessly. 12 Yahweh of Armies, blessed is the man who trusts in you. 1 John 5:5 Now who is the one overcoming the world, except the one believing that Jesus is the Son of God?

Tuesday 16 January 2018

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The Shroud of Turin Speaks for Itself Paperback By Simon Brown.

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Friday, August 25, 2023 9:25 AM

Great video and information Brother, I love your channel and your zeal for the truth. I bought all of Anthony Buzzards books because of studying your research. I have a sincere hunger and thirst for the truth, but unfortunately I have no one to fellowship with who feels the same. I’m surrounded by lawlessness and people who could care less! I read and study everyday with passion and purpose. I don’t subscribe to the Greco-Roman spin on the Bible. I hunger for the absolute truth of God! Can you PLEASE explain what Jesus meant in Matthew 22:30? I know it’s off topic from your video but I was moved to ask anyway. Humbly and respectfully.

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Sun, 4 Aug 2019 20:47 The great rolling stone.

Dear Mr. Simon Brown, thank so much for researching this very important subject of the missing great rolling stone of the gospels and the Garden tomb in Jerusalem.

I am fascinated by the idea, to see the great rolling stone again in the garden tomb.

Surely it is not necessary for salvation to believe in this place, because we believe in Jesus Christ and not in holy sites and stones.

But it is very important to make sure our salvation in Christ and to know all the biblical and archaelogical facts of the salvation of Jesus Christ.

This knowledge about the gospel of Jesu Christ, the promises and the archaelogical biblical facts makes you really strong in the faith of Jesus Christ.

May bee the devil don´t want it, that s why disagreements arise.

This whole place of Golgatha, which is in front of the arabic busstation and the garden tomb fits perfectly all the biblical details.

This place is unique and there is no other place in Jerusalem, which fits so well to all the biblical details like the garden tomb.

It really makes me wonder, that the board of trustees of the gardentomb, don t welcome your good news of having found the great missing rolling stone.

It would be such a big blessing to have the great rolling stone back in the gardentomb.

Everybody sees it, that the great rolling stone of the gospels is missing. If it would return, it would be a sensation.

Now the numbers of the visitors are growing each year and they expect to brake the mark of 500.000 visitors each year.

But with the great missing rolling stone, they would easily go over half a million visitors each year.

Anyways I am on fire for the bringing back to the gardentomb the great rolling stone.

And if it is the will of God and the truth, it will happen.

Your brother in Christ, Veit Ullrich from Germany

1038  13/1/2018To:you Details Dear Simon Brown,

Dear Simon Brown,

Glory to God!

What a great Discovery you did: The Great Missing Stone from the Garden Tomb.

I deeply desire to go back to Jerusalem and visit both places: Mt Nebo and the Garden Tomb.

There is an Italian Mystic from the 1940's, Maria Valtorta, who had personal revelations on the Passion of Jesus which perfectly match what is seen in the Shroud of Turin and also the descriptions she did regarding Golgotha and the Garden Tomb.

In the Italian original, the whole Passion is in the ninth volume. In English, online, I was able to find the below description of the flagellation which, as she described, makes more sense with a high column (where Jesus was actually hanging) than the short one of the Mel Gibson Movie. The regularity of the marks of the flagellum in the front and in the back of Jesus, as seen in the Shroud of Turin, give reason to Maria Valtorta of Jesus being an unmovable target.

An Ocean of Blessings upon you and your wife. I hope one day to go back to the Holy Land with my books of Maria Valtorta and Holy Scripture to fully enter in the mysteries of our Redemption.

Deacon Eduardo Fortini
Lexington KY

According to the revelations of Maria Valtorta

Jesus is led by four soldiers beyond the atrium courtyard. There, all paved with colored marbles, in the center a tall column similar to the colonnade. Ten feet from the ground, she has an iron arm projecting at least a meter, and ending in the ring. He is left with only a few small linen pants and sandals. Hands tied by the wrists are raised to the ring, so that He who is high, can not touch the ground with his toes ... Also this position is a great torture.

He stands behind one face the executioner, by the profile, before him, another face, though. the scourge armed with seven leather straps attached to a handle ending in a lead hammer. Rhythmically, as an exercise, they started to hit. One front and one behind, so that the trunk of Jesus is in a wheel and whipping flagella. The four soldiers, to which he is subjected, indifferent, have been playing with dice, with three other newcomer soldiers.

And the voices of the players sound in time with the sound of the scourges that hiss like snakes and then sound like stones thrown on the taut skin of a drum, striking, the poor body so slender, white stripes that becomes a live red colour again, then violet, then adorned with raised areas indigo swollen with blood, then cracks and breaks away leaving blood everywhere. Given in the thorax and the abdomen, but there are not missing the blows to the legs, arms and the head, because I saw no piece of skin without pain.

And not a regret ... If he was not sustained by the strings, he would fall. But He doesn’t fall or groan. Just the head hangs, then blows and blows, chest, as from weakness. "Hey. Stop. He should be killed alive" a soldier shouts and jokes ...

What is He dead? "Is it Possible?." I think so, - says a soldier. And he puts Jesus sitting up in the column. Where He were blood clots ... Then he goes to a fountain that is under the porch, brings a container full of water and dumps it on the head and body of Jesus. Vain ... But Jesus points to the ground in an attempt to straighten ... another soldier with the tip of the halberd, it gives a stick in the face jesus, between the right cheekbone and nose, which gets to bleed.

Get dressed. It is not decent to be so. Laughs all of them in circles around Him, Jesus obeys them without any question. But while tilting, a soldier kicks the clothes and spreads, and every time that Jesus meets wobbly walk where they fall, a soldier pushes or throws them in another direction. And Jesus suffering acutely, follows them, without a word, while the soldiers obscenely denigrate Him.

Finally, He can dress again. And He gets back also the white dress, which was kept clean in a corner. He seems he wants to hide his poor red dress, yesterday just so beautiful and now filthy and stained by dirt and sweat blood in Gethsemane. Moreover, He attempts to cover with the short tunic and with it He dries his wet face and clean from dust and spitting. And poor holy face, appears clean, only marked by livid and minor injuries. And He fixes the untidy hair and the beard: by an innate need to be ordered in person.

And then curls up in the sun. For fear my Jesus ... The fever begins to rise in him with chills. And also the weakness of the blood loss, the fasting, and the long way that starts to be felt ...

Again the soldiers tie his hands. And the short rope is marked wherever is the skin flayed. And "now, what do we do. I'm bored" ... says a soldier. And runs out to a back patio, which returns with a bundle of thorn branches wild Scots, even flexible, because it remains the spring maintain the branches relatively soft, but the thorns are rather harsh and long pointed. With the dagger they get up the leaves and flowers, they bent the branches into circles and squeeze them on the poor head. But the barbarous crown rests in the neck ...

The rise and they scratch the cheeks, threatening to blind him, and tear their hair in the process. The shake. Now it is too narrow for the tamper, the spines sticking in the head, it threatens to fall. Other hair tearing away again. The change again. Now that's fine. In front of a threefold cord is thorny. Behind, where the extremes of the three branches cross, is a true knot of thorns entering the neck?.

It is not enough a crown to be king. Purple and scepter are needed ... they put the dirty red rag on his head, bowing and greeting: "Hello, King of the Jews" and they unscrew of laughter.

1037  2/12/2017Subject: Aw: Thank you for joining our mailing list
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This news of the rolling stone at Nebo are really amazing for me....In 2014 I was alone for some days in Jerusalem and at Everest Cafeteria was a german pilgrimgroup with a guide named John......he was not really filled with love and I went to the gardentomb....I was sitting there for half an hour and tears were running over my face.....after that half hour I was sure, that was the right tomb. Jesus was with me

1036  2/11/2017The Blood
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Hi Simon. I really enjoy your production and emails. I am sending you this article I wrote and I hope you like it.


1035  31/10/2017begotten God,
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After watching your latest video about our begotten God, which I thought was excellent research, I thought I would send you this article:

1034  6/7/2017Re: 1 John 5:7. The GREATEST Trinitarian FORGERY In History.
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You are right: the whole system is false which says JESUS IS GOD!
That makes TWO GODS and this is not monotheism
Jesus defined the Greatest of the commandments in Mk 12:29
in hope of the kingdom,
Anthony ... -trinitarian-forgery.html 

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1033  6/7/2017Subject: 1 John 5:7. The GREATEST Trinitarian FORGERY In History.
Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla 
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To understand the GODHEAD requires understanding from the Holy Spirit and not using different bible versions of the KJV which most are perverted in any case.

I feel you are wasting your precious time trying to prove something that is totally outside the box. Have you consider that it can be you who has it wrong and NOT

everyone else.

Stick with Ron Wyatt’s Discoveries, your last 100 emails have been on trying to prove something that to me you can’t prove and you still have not proved.

If someone believes in the Godhead “Trinity” or not does NOT impact or jeopardize their salvation. You are majoring in the minors big time!

Let it go bro! Stop wasting your time with this nonsense. There are far more greater things you can share that will impact both believers as well as


I don’t think anyone can truly understand the GODHEAD, neither one of us fully can, let it go and pursue greater things, impact people for Jesus!!!
In Christ’s Love,

1032  27/6/2017Re: 1 Timothy 3:16, Yet AGAIN, Another Trinitarian DECEPTION.
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SIMON, you are on dangerous ground.

Have a listen to Roger Price on the trinity, YouTube. One of the greatest Bible teachers that ever lived.

Sent from Ian's
iPhone 7 ... 16-yet-again-another.html

1031  27/6/2017Re: 1 Timothy 3:16, Yet AGAIN, Another Trinitarian DECEPTION.
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Yes, this is a corruption in the MSS of the Greek. Best MSS say “he who” not God.
Anthony ... 16-yet-again-another.html

1030  12/6/2017Subject: I found something in your documentary
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Hi Simon,

I just watched your documentary on Amazon Prime and very much enjoyed it.

I also noticed something pretty incredible. At the 45:39 to 45:45 time mark in the film, you can see a face that looks to be carved into the wall. It is on the far right side, about halfway down, right before the wall ends or curves. It is to the right of the gouge in the wall that looks to be a trapezoid of some sort. There was no mention of this is the film, so I am wondering if you guys were aware of it.

I've attached a picture. I hope you can see it. The quality isn't that great.

Please let me know that you've received my email if you're able and also what you think about the face.

I look forward to hearing from you.

San Antonio, Texas

1029  4/6/2017Subject: Enquiry Robert
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Please send tomb of jesus dvd 2335 crooks st ashland ky 41101

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1028  31/5/2017Pastor Rey Chacon Recontacting Ministries
Pastor Rey 
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Hi Brother Brown. Please be advice that I am always grateful for having
the opportunity to meet you. Please let me know if you are in the USA any
time, so I can try to meet you personally. Your videos and the book of the
Exodus has been a great blessing to us and to many others of our Ministry
partners. Please have our Cell Number and alternate e-mail, so you can
contact us any time. May God bless you, your Loves ones and your Ministry
forever. Shalom!

PS: We have a Ministry in Florida, USA. called:
Christian Home Alternatives, Inc.
a 501c3 non-profit organization, and International Hispanic House
Association, Inc.
Is a Guest House for the Christian Homeless called Shalom House.
When you comes to the States you are welcome to visit. Just contact us to
be ready to receive you

1027  27/5/2017From: Jose
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Would like videos of sodom &Gomorrah. Please .let me know
How to send a donation,thank you.

1026  22/5/2017Enquiry Spencer.
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Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to enquire about your free DVDs.
May you please send me your free DVDs.
South Africa.

1025  18/5/2017Vary important!
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Dear Brother

I've been fallowing you for a while, I even order some of your DVDs in the past as I considered an excellent investigative work, however, in the last few years, you have nothing else to talk about other than Trinity, come on man, it's not relevant! In my personal opinion that's not gonna change a bit who is more important among GoD, Jesus, Holy Spirit or whatever.... I truly believe God is one and the same time God is the trinity. It's easily explained in quantum physics... I think spend all you time trying to convence people about your trinity point of view is a waist. Overall I like your emails and websites with all informations you provide. God bless

Sent from my iPhone

1024  13/5/2017Basil Rex has sent you a message
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Dear Simon & Emma, Greetings in the Lord. May His bountiful blessings continue to shine brighhtly in your lives. I watched your YouTube video on the Shroud at this link: The presentation was good. I also watched Emma's discussion of Jesus' parables and learnt some new things about them. May your work for the Lord yield (!) abundant fruit. God bless. in the Lord Joseph Lopez, Malaysia 

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1023  9/5/2017Subject: Re: David Pawson. Elohim?
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Simon, sorry it was rather long/. No real scholars ever use Elohim now as a proof of Trinity!
Pawson did not understand the future 1000 year reign

Simon with great respect authors cannot repeat everything they have written in books!
Please get my two books against Trinity
Pawson is not telling you the truth
Elohim is referred to Moses to and is Moses more than one person. No
Elohim is a plural of majesty and when referring to the one God always means one Person!
Pawson is no scholar.
For example from the Word Biblical Comm. and other sources.
If you came to our annual conf you could learn the trade more easily!

1022  5/5/2017Enquiry Nico
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Dear Simon

I have been following your work for quite sometime.
I would like to place an order for all 15 DVD's that you currently have available on your website, but when I select the online checkout method, I get the following message: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!

Can I still proceed with my order and pay via PayPal?

My postal address details are:


Kind regards


1021  29/4/2017Subject: Free DVD and prayer for
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Dear brother
I am slow of English. So hius felt of me. Please no mind.

I am bengoli Christian. I want know all real history of jesus Christ and his time his proof something. All real.

When I search about of this YouTube than, I find your video. I thanks to jesus for your video. I am happy to your real video. I pray jesus bless you and jesus collect me real video of dvd. I am poor no net and computer and others. So impossible of me go to jesus real place and bible place. You are so lucky. Please pray for me. And pray, some Hindu family receive our lord jesus Christ. But need some place for there are leave his socity . I try others but no results. Latest I connect church of god. But hope I, he know I am 100% jesus follower. So stop this. Please pray for me I need one supporter, that, Jesus collect me.

And I need your free DVD all vedio. Please send me by post of free I have no net and laptop so contact

Khulna, Bangladesh

Jesus bless you @amen

I am Allows With All. Any time, any place. Please close your eyes I am with You.

1020  23/4/2017Re: Next New Video: Who is referred to as: The Alpha and The Omega, in Revelation 22:13?
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Simon all the scholarly circles I know of fully see that Jesus is not the A and O in Rev. 1:11
No need I think to repeat what everyone can know easily
Jesus taught us all that God is the One God of Israel and Trinitarians pay no attention to MK 12:29!
Keep up your good non-trinity.
The texts say that Jesus is the first and last in Rev 1:17 and he is the first and last who DIED.
Anyone with a modicum of understanding of easy language knows that GOD cannot die!
Everyone easily see that God means the Father 1300 times in the NT. The massive evidence scares the Trinitarians.

Scholars use the Metzger text to find out what verses are original and what are frauds like I Tim 3:16 and I John 5:7.
you would find of interest I think “the Orthdodox Corruption of Scripture” by BART EHRMAN. It is an amazing story of intrigue to prevent people from knowing who God is and worshiping Him in spirit and truth,

1019  22/4/2017Enquiry Trisha McPhee
Paden Oklahoma 
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Please send me free dvd
I have no church in my area and
Children I'm trying to teach about God.
Whatever you could spare would be helpful.
Thank you and God bless

Paden Oklahoma

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1018  21/3/2017Subject: Re: the real name of jesus in hebrew.
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Hi Simon.
Greetings Simon I hope you are doing fine by the grace of God.
Simon I just want to know about the true name of jesus in hebrew.
there's yeshua, yahushai and yashia.

1017  20/3/2017Re: Is it true, biased scribes altered John 1:18, from: only begotten son, to only begotten God?
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Simon, as you know many MSS have SON and not GOD.
We need not make things too complex
“only begotten god” is very odd and does not help the Trinity at all of course.

Uniquely begotten Son is fine and clear and Mk 12:29 John 17:3 utterly clear and 1300 times God means the Father!
Ps 110:1 says it all too.

1016  17/3/2017Is it true, biased scribes altered John 1:18, from: only begotten son, to only begotten God?
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The Bibles I have and grew up with have "only begotten Son". I have never heard only begotten God. There is no reference where Jesus put himself as God. ... scribes-altered-john.html

1015  17/3/2017Re: Is it true, biased scribes altered John 1:18, from: only begotten son, to only begotten God?
howard davis. 
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Bart is not the in depth scholar the world thinks.He is inspired by the master deceiver who used scripture on Jesus cleverly leaving out in the Psalm "in all your ways." Lu.4:9-12

Does Satan know Greek and Hebrew?Yes or how could he deceive those peoples if he didn't? He knows all languages. Does he know the Bible? Yes,of course his memory is perfect ,but his mind and wisdom is “corrupted" says Ezekiel 28.
You simply are NOT qualifed to make the assertions you do! ... -------------------------

Irenaeus* student of Polycarp. PolyC 69-155 AD

*"so God became man" "Christ jesus our Lord and godand Savior and King ,every kneee shall bow..."

Polycarp personal student of John and some of the apostles. Know his history well. "...May He (God the Father) grant unto you a lot with and portion among His saints and to us with you and to all under heaven who shall believe on our Lord and GOD Jesus Christ and on his Father that raised Him from the dead."
Many in the first century alone called Jesus “God" and even gave proofs from Scripture.

1014  17/3/2017Re: METZGER ON JOHN 1:18??
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Simon, Metzger gives the D rating, very unlikely to be right, to theos.
Almost certainly that was a push by “orthodoxy” to corrupt the text.
Jesus cannot be GOD of course since that would make two GODs and destroy the Bible!
monogenes huios which is most probable means a uniquely begotten SON.

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1013  24/2/2017Re: Did Jesus TRULY say: I Am The Alpha and the Omega? NO. The oldest manuscripts prove ANOTHER TR
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hi Simon.
God bless you for the wonderful job you are doing.
Simon here in Africa we are lost complete due to luck of knowledge, because we just believe in everything that we are being told without research. For me I believe in what you are doing, because you have answered some of my questions from the bible. Now what i want is the bible which has got the God's name written in Hebrews but the bible it's self written in English. Am much ready to pay everything, because what i want is to understand the word of God and do his will.

1012  19/2/2017Enquiry Tony
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I like your material a lot. That's why I want a lot. All 
Instead of placing several smaller orders, it may be possible to make one big order?
All the DVDs except the ones with overlap other like DVD-14 which overlaps other DVDs (but is missing the Stone video)

The following 3 books ***
101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge
Our Search for Sodom & Gomorrah
The Exodus Case

*** = I know this book is out of stock. When will it be available again?

What would be the total cost for the cheapest shipping rate to:
a] Netherlands
b] Indiana, USA

I'm in no hurry but would like to know an approximate date of arrival because I'll be on 6 week holiday starting 50 days from now.

If it get's to difficult and saves only a little on shipping I'll place separate orders.

God bless,

1011  9/2/2017Re: The Great Stone
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Dear Simon,

I have just come across your YouTube video "DISCOVERED: The GREAT STONE Owned By Joseph of Arimathaea from the Garden Tomb." I agree that the stone you found near Mt Nebo seems to be a good candidate for being the great stone which sealed the Garden Tomb. I had heard that somebody had found it, but I didn't know who. You probably know that the Garden Tomb site was found by General Gordon during a six-month furlough in Jerusalem. If you need a book on Gordon I have several to spare!

I also have good reason to know without a shadow of a doubt that Skull Hill IS the real site of the Crucifixion, because I am one of only a small handful of people who were privileged to watch a video which Ron Wyatt made in the cave directly under the site of the Cross, and in that cave are the Ark of the Covenant and the furniture of the tabernacle which Moses made. I met Richard Meryon and his wife just after they had left the Garden and I gave them my testimony about it.

Please don't blame them or the GTA for being sceptical. The political situation in Jerusalem is like a gunpowder keg just waiting to blow up. Although the GTA legally own the Garden Tomb site, if they were to say publicly that it is the true site of the crucifixion or indeed make any fuss about it at all they would be quickly closed down by the Israeli authorities or murdered by some muslim fanatic. The Jews are not Christians (although recent news from friends in Jerusalem is that some of the Orthodox Jews have at last realised that we are both waiting for the arrival of the same Messiah) and remember too that the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches have been taking money from pilgrims for centuries on the basis that the church built by Queen Helena is in the right place. We know it isn't, but think of the stink it would cause for those churches to be discovered in a two-thousand-year-old lie. The pope is supposed to be infallible!

And Ron Wyatt's successor has been sent in by Satan to undermine Ron's work as far as possible and do as much damage as possible to the site, which has not endeared Ron's name to the GTA. To us that seems a terrible thing for any man to do, but the Lord Jesus watches very closely everything which is going on, and He has His reasons for allowing it.

I'll take a closer look tomorrow at the products on your site, and anything which looks interesting I will buy. Because my wife has just made our tea this is just a quick email to let you know who I am and that I support you. I'll be in touch. God bless you both.

In His grip,


1010  9/2/2017Swords And Souls
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My brother suggested I would possibly like this website. He was once totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not believe just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

1009  9/2/2017enviable resource
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beautiful site 
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1003  5/2/2017bright-eyed
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thanks for this great revealing website, keep up the great job

1002  24/1/2017John 5:2. ◄ John 6:42 ►
Anthony Buzzard 
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Then what did Jesus mean below. John 5:21

Simon, the Father resurrects the dead. That will be at the future resurrection I Cor 15:23 is an easy one on this
Not sure what your question means here.
Resurrect is to raise up. Raise up (anistimi) can also mean to put on the human scene.
To raise the dead is to bring them back to life v. 28 All those who hear his voice in the tomb, rise,
God has given this power to Jesus too.

Simon, the dead are all dead waiting for the resurrection
Dan 12:2 and Ecc. 9:5 and 10 are enough
I wrote a whole booklet at our site on this, .
Adventists like ourselves do not believe in the immortality of the soul as Trinitarians do!
In hope,

“The dead know nothing at all” will convince you, I think.
They said, “Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How does he now say, ‘I have come down from heaven’?

◄ John 6:42 ►
Simon, first of all do not make John contradicts Luke and Matthew.
You know I believe that the NT was not written by Americans or Brits
To come down from heaven does not mean you are alive before you were born!
If you take this in a western English fashion then you are saying that Jesus was an angel!!
“every good gift comes down from heaven” James says/ the Manna came down from heaven
The Manna did not literally descend from heaven! It was a miracle found on earth
The important thing is NOT to use John to contradict the rest of the evidence
Why not tell us first what Matt and Luke teach about Jesus and his origin as Son of God?
Your Jesus is an angel!!! If you say he was alive in heaven before conception. That is not right

1001  23/1/2017Strange video
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Hi Simon, I came to the Lord 7 years ago and joined the SDA's because I thought they preached closest to the Bible truth, but over the years I have become more and more disillusioned with their teachings. I never believed in Ellen White and it annoys me intensely when they claim to be Sola Scriptura but then quote her writings all the time, which are totally unbiblical for the most part. That aside, the parting of the ways has come over the last year when I discovered the truth about the trinity deception - it started with me finally understanding that Adventists teach that Jesus is the creator, which is a big fat lie. They would have God completely redundant, but then they say that God is this three in one mythical being called the trinity and so on. I gave up my membership recently and am now trying to unlearn all erroneous doctrine they teach - I still totally believe in keeping ALL ten of the commandments though and so because the SDA's are the only church where I live that worship on the Sabbath, I have to keep fellowshipping there....sorry, I'm rambling.
I found your site from your comments on the brilliant Trinity Deception series on youtube, and I found all your info about Sir Isaac Newton fascinating - he's a bit of a hero of mine! Anyway...the reason I'm writing is that the first video I wanted to watch on your site (by Emma Brown, I think) starts off by saying that we were created by the three beings of the trinity!?! What???? Is this an oversight on your part? I hope so.

1000  22/1/2017What did Jesus mean? & Where is the separate third Godhead when He said: I and my Father are one, in
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Too much to read as well as others. Am stopping a couple of others on. I have been able to understand the oneness of God by your e-mails. Thank you.

999  22/1/2017Is Jesus God?
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I just wanted to add that I agree with you, that Anthony Buzzard and the others who claim Jesus was JUST a man, are wrong. The Bible, in my opinion, shows Jesus to have been in Heaven prior to coming to Earth. I do not believe Jesus is God.. it just doesn't make sense, and I don't need to list all the reasons why I believe this way, because I am sure you know them all, too... So, it is very refreshing to find your thoughts on Jesus and I agree, also, that Jesus is referred to in the Book of Enoch.

take care,
Mike in Canada

998  20/1/2017Subject: Enquiry Michael
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Hi Simon,

I just bought and read a copy of your book on Hell and Hades... loved it!!! I was wondering how I could get a copy of your DVD on the same topic?



997  21/12/2016Subject: truth
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have a friend on facebook who is not a believer but does think for centuries people around the world have been lied to - by the church, by science and now maybe some of that truth is finally coming out mainly because there were so many lies in the media concerning our recent presidental election

she says people must search out the truth for themselves and not believe what they have been told by teachers, the media and so forth

so maybe finally now the schools that teach our clergy will finally search out the truth and realize it has been a huge lie

i am in a precept class - we are studying philippians - i think if you were to ck out kay arthur - she always searches for the truth in her lessons - takes you back to the original hebrew or greek - so many of the bible translations are bad

anyway have a blessed christmas and new year

we are cold here where i live

going to celebrate my great grandson birthday on christmas eve - he will be 2


996  18/12/2016About advertisement on your website
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Hello! My name is AnnaMarkova, our company need to advertise on your website. What is your prices? Thank you. Best regards, Mary.

995  15/12/2016SHOCKING. TALKING IN TONGUES – IS IT STILL BIBLICAL? Research By Simon Brown.
Anthony Buzzard 
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My apologies for this sent by mistake
I simply agree with you that the current claims to the “gift of languages” are false!
There is no proof that they are really languages!
I John 4:2 is a warning about a Jesus who “did not come as a human being.” (GWN trans.)
in hope,

SHOCKING. TALKING IN TONGUES – IS IT STILL BIBLICAL? Research By Simon Brown. ... -tongues-is-it-still.html

994  29/11/2016The DECEPTION of GOD as a compound unity. Deuteronomy 6:4, Mark 12:29.
Bill from Aussieland. 
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Hi Simon, I really enjoyed your last email. I too am amazed why there are so many believing in the false trinity teaching which really originated from the roman church who was a pagan church in the time of Jesus on earth. as you know they killed a very large number of true believers until they said to themselves, Hey there must be something true in this movement, lets except some of this true's and mixed it with our pagan belief which is still visible in the roman catholic church. Trinity, Tithing, Sun worship, God of the fish, forbidden to read the bible (only for priest) money making out of lies and the list goes on and on.

Simon I came to belief in Holland, believing that Jesus is the only one who can forgive and set me free as the Son of God. The bible urge us to hold on to those things that you believed when you were saved! Which I always did. Later I became a Pentecostal believer and got baptised with the Holy Spirit. I have seen many false doctrines there, the biggest the trinity. I nearly got thrown out of the church when I said that Jesus is the Son and not God the Father.

Here is something you might not have spoken about: In Proverb 8:22 it was spoken by Solomon that Jesus was born or came forth from the beginning and watch His Father creating the heavens and the earth and became the architect thereof. Now if Jesus and God are the same person then who put them in place from the beginning? Suppose that God has a beginning then someone else put him there! I always believe that God has NO BEGINNING and NO END and that’s makes Him truly GOD. Jesus came into the picture at the very creation period. Jesus said before Abraham I was. Jesus is our mediator between God and men. God is so great that no flesh can look upon Him and live! God is so great that he cannot forgive us without the shedding of blood, Jesus had to do this.

Simon I am a simple chap a, refired carpenter, but everything about the Godly deity is clear for me. I hope that you can use Proverb 8 in your future emails.
Keep up the good work in sound doctrine and may God bless you in all you do.

Greetings, Bill from Aussieland.

993  23/11/2016Subject: Re: Requesting Free DVDs.
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Dear Simon,

I acknowledge receipt of the DVDs you sent to me.

Thanks a lot!

May God bless you!

992  2/11/2016bill wiesese
571 zoar church r oad 
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571 zoar church road
salemburg nc 283585
north caithla
bill wiesese

wed thurday dvd 13.7pm
us oofice salemburg nc 283585

991  18/10/2016Re: Did Jesus pre-exist before his birth on Earth?
Anthony Buzzard 
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Jesus said that his flesh came down from heaven!! James says that every gift “comes down from heaven”
The Bible is not American idiom!
Jesus was superior to John! protos mou is ambiguous in Greek
“superior to” is quite possible and right.
We glorify God through Jesus, but is does not say that Jesus was an eternal Person
Matt and Luke are missing from your analysis.
I am is “I am the one” = I am the Messiah. Did you not read at the end of John that
“all these things are written to teach you that Jesus is the MESSIAH” No one thought the Messiah existed before David
You are not older than your grandfather!
Word is not Word but word, the expression of God.
Jesus is talking about the fall of Satan in connection with exorcisms done by his disciples.
Jesus was never ever and ANGEL as Hebrews says
I have dealt with this as have many others in full books.
In hope,

All the prophets were SENT!!! Nothing remotely to do with preexisting
The danger is that an ANGEL is not human and I JN 4 warns against a NONfully human Jesus

The Great Commandment of Mk 12:29 will yet change the world and the churches
Then Ps 110:1 were lord is the Messiah not Lord (God)!
ADONI lord is never ever a ref to God, but always when addressed and appointed by GOD a HUMAN lord!

Simon, thanks and of course they are almose all from John! (where are your verses from Matt and Luke?) Many of the ones you list are now expressly rejected by Trinitarians as having nothing to do with existing before you exist!
Micah is nothing remotely to do with preexisting Proverbs is Lady Wisdom!!! Jesus is not a female. Again many Trinitarian scholars never use those verses.

You might be interested in a recent book from a professor at Fuller and I did a webinar with him Daniel KIrk, “A Man Attested by God”
His point is that Matt Mark and Luke do not allow for any preexistence! So either MM and Luke were wrong or John was wrong!
I suggest that none of these was wrong.
Jn 17:5 in the context in v 22 24 speaks of the glory as promised not yet given.
You had glory acc to John 17:22! GOD Has glorified you in Rom 8:28 (but He has not!) Past tense of prophecy.

Hebrews 1 says that God did NOT speak in a SON in the OT times, God programmed the ages through Jesus- with him in mind.
Col 1 EN is causal Because of Jesus God created all things (divine passive) “By him” is an atrocious false translation.
Do you read books? James Dunn Did the First Christians worship Jesus
Or the new book by Kegan Chandler The God of Jesus in the Light of Christian Dogma?
Keep up your wonderful work against the impossible Trinity,
For truth and Kingdom,

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Hi simon.
quick question.
when jesus says I and my father are one, does he mean they are one or one as in to separate beingings but from the same gene pool like my sons and me as the father.
Thank you. ian

989  7/10/2016Re: John 4:23-24
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Rev 17:14 but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings
Rev 19:16 On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written:
king of kings and lord of lords.

It is beyond question that the rider on the white horse in Rev 17 and 19 is Jesus, so it is beyond question that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lord's, but where does this come from:

Deut 10:17 For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God
Psalm 136:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. 2 Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. 3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures forever.
Daniel 2:47 The king said to Daniel, “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings
1Tim 16:14 appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15 which God will bring about in his own time—God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords, 16 who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. (Side note: No one has seen God verses: Exo 33:20,23, John 1:18, 6:46, Col 1:15, 1John 4:12. Lots of people have seen God the Son as in Gen 16:13, 18:1, 21:17, 22:11+15, 32:30, Exo 3:2+4+14-15, Joshua 5:15, 6:2 where Jesus is in Hebrew "YHVH Tzavuot", but only Moses has seen the back of the Father's head Exo 33:23 )

Psalm 110:1 The Lord (YHVH Strong's 3068) says to my lord (Adon Strong's 113) in verse 5 The Lord (Adonay Strong's 136) is at your right hand
In Matthew 22:44 The Lord (Strong's 2962 Kurios) said to my Lord (Strong's 2962 Kurios)

My Conclusion: God the Father and Jesus are both King of kings, Lord of lord's, God of god's, both are Adonay and both are Kurios,and both are Yahoveh 1 and Yahoveh 2 as in Zech 3:1 Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord (Yahoveh 1), and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him. 2 The Lord ((Yahoveh 2) said to Satan, “The Lord (Yahoveh 1) rebuke you, Satan!

I find after emailing quite a bit with you back and forth, that this is what I see, and I say it out of love for you and for the truth, which we both seek!:
In your "Is Jesus God" email you said you used to be: 1. Firstly I was a Trinitarian with a bias, prejudice mind and only looked at one side of the case.
I find your believes from being a Trinitarian have changed but now you have the same kind of prejudiced mind about Jesus not being God. It seems to me if I just changed your #4 to reflect your new believe it would still be just as true: 4. At the time I had a closed mind and heart which stopped me from hearing what the other side had to say which then stopped me from doing any research to discover if the foundations of my "Jesus is only the Son and not God" faith was as solid as a rock.

May the LORD/Lord bless your diligent research and may the spirit of truth lead you to all truth, I thank you for all the truth seeking you have caused me to do, again blessings!!! 

 Continue ...

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988  7/10/2016Re: DID JESUS THE WORD PRE-EXIST BEFORE MARY AS MANY CLAIM NO? Research by Simon Brown.
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Then why can't you accept that if no one has ever seen God then the God that people saw must be Jesus?

987  7/10/2016Re: DID JESUS THE WORD PRE-EXIST BEFORE MARY AS MANY CLAIM NO? Research by Simon Brown.
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I do believe God sent and gave his Son Jesus and I do not believe they are the same God as Jesus sits to the right of the Father. There is nothing pagan about believing Jesus gives us life, created everything, gets prayed to by Stephen, is worshipped and praised, worthy of the same honor as the Father, was pre incarnate from before time began, sure sounds like God to me. Blessings and thanks again for all your work!!!

986  7/10/2016baptizum
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Hi Simon.
I have been christened but was looking at being baptized. im 53 now. i was told it might be a bit tricky for me because it would mean being baptized under the trinity.
I wonder what Johns words were when performing a baptizum
Thank you. ian

Anthony Buzzard 
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Simon, It is amazing that anyone should venture ONE verse which even Luther said had been misused as a Trinity verse.
Matt and Luke and the whole OT are dead against a Messiah who is NOT the descendant of David!
The whole point of the whole Bible is lost is Jesus is an angel preexisting, or worse a second GOD.
The pronouns in Hebrew are tricky in some few verses, and one must be an expert in the langauges do deal with these exceptions.

Simon, you are alas not falling into the trap of false translation!!
You really can do better than this!
You are a novice as you said and you have not yet seen the danger of not reading the Greek carefully.
In your own profession you would not approve this.
Keep up your good work against the monstrous Trinity but do not spoil the Messiah by making him not the descendant of David

Simon, please don’t just give us verses with no evidence of correct translation!
Jesus was superior to John, not before him in time.
It is a question of the translation,

"No responsible NT scholar would claim that the doctrine of the Trinity was taught by Jesus, or preached by the earliest Christians, or consciously held by any writer in the NT" (A.T. Hanson, The Image of the Invisible God).
Simon, good point! I meanst to say it was Isaiah who said “And now the lord God has sent me, and his spirit? First note that leading Trinitarians including Luther and Calvin warn against ever using this as proof of preexistince
God speaks and the then Isaiah speaks and says God and His spirit sent him!

We are first meant to believe the extensive account of the ORIGIN of the Son in Matt and Luke!
That is easy. Mary understood it. If one is going to contradict those narratives and find another origin for the Son we are in trouble.
The WHOLE point of the Bible is lost if it is not about GOD and a sinless Man>
The Messiah to qualify has to be the lineal descendant of David. We are supposed to have enough common sense to know that one cannot be older than one one’s ancestor!
If one is going to talk about a Jesus who was there in the OT, you must tell us all clearly what verses describe the activity of that Preexisting Son in the Hebrew Bible.
I know you do not believe in a GOD Jesus but an ANGEL Jesus is no better.
It was the spirit of antichrist that promoted a non-fully human Jesus.

"No responsible NT scholar would claim that the doctrine of the Trinity was taught by Jesus, or preached by the earliest Christians, or consciously held by any writer in the NT" (A.T. Hanson, The Image of the Invisible God).

Visit our website at

See our video "Jesus Is Still a Jew!"
Simon, Did you know that Luther and others, Trinitarians, said this verse should never be used to prove the Trinity?
Just check the commentaries. Luther said “This verse has been amazingly darkened. The Jews understand the one sent as the prophet and this opinion I agree with”
Calvin says of this verse “we should be ware of violent and forced interpretations”
The “I” who speaks is of course is the prophet Isaiah not Jesus!. The Lord God is also YHVH the Father.
It is very wrong to throw in the KJV—it is full of mistakes.
Are you really studying?
You need a good commentary like the Word Biblical Commentary for verses like this.
You are still reading as though the text is in American English!
Note that the quote marks end after “I was there.” A new speaker in “And now the Lord God has sent me.”

In Hebrew the pronouns are very often NOT as in English.
Just define Luke 1:35 and all is well, How and when and where is Jesus the Son of God.
Just define Matt 1:20 and all is well. Where and when was the Son “caused to come into existence”
Who is the Lord who founded the earth 48:13 (see Isa 44:24, the LORD totally alone)
Why have written nothing about Luke 1:35 and Matt 1:20? The Son was caused to exist there. (gennao)
Very easy.
Yes, but you and I are not being judged by Newton!
Actually Newton (a scientist) was not very good in Hebrew and that is shown by his twisting of Dan 11:31.
Jesus is not a “mere man” No one says that.
It is a form of slander.
You and I will be judged by our teaching of the truth and you have not said a word about Luke and Matt
Do you not understand that gennao means to “cause to begin to exist”
A prehuman, angel Jesus is disqualified from being the Messiah!
in hope,
Simon, our whole belief is that Jesus is the Son of God!

You know that.
What you must explain is when he was begotten! To be begotten means that he came into existence
When was that?
We are talking about the unique SON of God.
Give me the verses which say when the SON of God began to exist
Simon, If you will not study all the translations, we cannot proceed
Have you examined the meaning of protos mou!
Jesus was my superior is the meaning
YOu have not yet learned that the translations some of them are misleading you!!!
Don’t’ be deceived
What for example does the Geneva Bible say here or the Rotherham translation
Please look at the big commentary by Leon Morris,
You must really study!
Simon, If you think of Jesus alive from sometime before creation, you are promoting an angel!
There is no other category.If not an angel what category of person was he?
Please say clearly. God, man, angel or SON
Jesus is the uniquely begotten SON so now tell me when he was begottten!

At least give us the verses in the OT where your preexisting Son is at work and speaking.l
I challenge you to this. Where in the OT does this preexisting SON speak and act.
You keep saying Word and you are missing the point that word is the expression of the Father
That word/wisdom became a SON’
Tell me about your preeexisting SON in the OT?
Simon you said

“Anthony GOD CANNOT SEND ANYONE, if that person does NOT already EXIST”

My dear sir, listen to what you said!!
The disciples were sent. I did not say Jesus did not exist!!!

We are talking about preexistence!!!! There is good Greek verb for PREEXISTENCE which is never ever used of Jesus.

Justin Martyr the philosopher took us all off into lala land
Look at the my Jesus booklet free at our site
Read the appendix please.
Simon, I hope you are using Bible works to search translations.
Why have you not read Jn 1:15 in MIT, Rotherham literal translation, and GNV Bible
Then compare some versions in Spanish, French and German
I am trying to help you get the right Jesus
Many translations are twisted in favor of preexistence.
Simon, It does not say he existed before me!
You must work on various translations.

You just said that God sent Jesus and you immediately said that this means preexistence
But you did not read Jn 17:19 Just as God sent Jesus into the world So I send you into the world.
Think again,
I wish you would please read our books!
Ah!!! Now we are getting there.
Why were all the prophets sent!
You are assuming that to be “sent” one has to preexist!
You are absolutely not seeing that to be sent has nothing to do with existing before you are born!!!
Tell me why all the prophets were SENT.
The word means “commissioned”
So your argument falls apart.
God “sent his prophets” He also sent Jesus! conmissioned him to be the final prophet.
Look it up,
Many “great scholars” are totally convinced about the Trinity!!! Thought they often give away the fact that it is not true.
You are promoting an ANGEL Jesus and this is wrong, very wrong
Jesus HAS to be the lineal human descendant of David to qualify
And YOUR Jesus is older than David!
That is not sense!
Simon Justin Martyr is the beginning or trouble.
He says that Jesus engineered his own conception in Luke 1:35!
This ought to make you shudder!
Justin was not a Trinitarian but he started the trend to preexistence
JM said to Trypho the Jew that he (JM) might not be able to prove preexistence which he (JM) admitted was paradoxical (contradictory)
JM was a philosopher and that was ruinous
I don’t think you have read the notes and intro to my translation One God the Father one Man Messiah, from Amazon.
I feel you do not have enough skills yet for all of what you do
Simon, thanks I have dealt with all of these in two books and so have my good colleagues.
What makes you think ARCHE in Rev. 3:14 means the beginning, ie before Adam!!!
Jesus is the head of the new creation as we see in Col 1 also./
Your Jesus is an angel and you know that is wrong!!

Jesus is the RULER, the chief of God’s creation and he is the second adam not the first!! he comes from heaven at the future coming
You are ignoring two whole chapters in Luke and Matt which carefully tell you when and how the SON began to exist!
We will be judged by those too!
How in the world do you accept just any translation, when you know no Greek or Hebrew
The system is designed to fool you!
Simon Justin is not Scripture: he began the downhill disaster into the Trinity!
You must read the whole dialogue with Trypho. JM admitted that “even though he could not prove preexistence...”
Search it out.
Your Jesus is not human! You really ought to know that if one “comes into existence” in the womb, then you cannot already be in existence!
That is the sort of good sense which made you successful.
You are being misled by inadequate education esp on John! You said you are novice
And you have seen that the Trinity is a lie!
So is the idea that Jesus existed before he existed!
We are to be judged by the words of Luke and Matt which you say nothing about!
Simon, You said that Luke and Matthew are talking about the “man part”? They are talking about the Person miraculously begotten in his Mother.

You made that up! about the Man part!

You must explain: the meaning of Son of God in Luke 1:35.
There are lots of good scholars who fully know that in Matt and Luke there is not the slightest indication of a preexisting Son of God!
If you are going to say that Jesus was alive before being begotten you must tell where and what and who he is in the OT.
Your work against the Trinity is excellent.
Did you know that Justin Martyr said “even though I cannot prove that Jesus preexisted....”
Jesus is the firstborn of all creation.
You said firstborn before all creation. Which verse is that? Jesus is the IMAGE (visible) of the invisible God.
Tell me when he was VISIBLE, please. Adam was also the visiible IMAGE of God.
Adam is the first man and Jesus is the Second ADAM, the last Adam. You have that backwards

You surely know that firstborn even in the OT does not always mean the first to exist.

Below you make an elementary mistake of saying that only John really knew!
Where did Peter say anything about the theory of preexistence
Whwere did Luke say anything about the theory of Pre. or Matt?
Name your verses clearly, please.
I am only trying to help you see that your Jesus is not a human being and that is dangerous!
The Messiah cannot be the Messiah if HE is not a descendant of David.
You are certainly smart enough to know that you cannot be older than your ancestor.
Simon, are you arguing the Bible or the church fathers?
Some of the early fathers were biniarians, in the sense that they had arrived at Jesus being GOD but they did not yet say that the Spirit was GOD.
You have not given me a verse at all from Luke, or Matt!
As for firstborn, many Trinitarians would disagree with you.
Firstborn is certainly Jesus and he is the first to be immortalized,
Read I Cor 15 and see who came first Was it Adam of Jesus.
Firstborn is not always the first to be born! Just look at OT examples.
It is so very unsound to put your faith in ONE verse in Paul?
Start with Matt and Luke, whole chapters!!!
Jesus is the firstborn from the dead. The first to be immortalized
Tabor is not a Christian at all!
Jesus is “the firsborn among many brothers”
You must look first at Matt and Luke,
Simon, you keep sending me serious falsifications!!! BT him is wrong.
I keep ask you to quote first from Luke and Matthew and all you send is a mistranslation of Col!
You really need to some good reading.
Simon, if you are going to send something please do not imagine Dankenbring!
These are binitarians TWO GODs is what they believe.
You do not believe that.
The early church fathers were Arians and Dankenbring is not,
Some ealry fathers were unitarians ie no preexistence
Simon, this is not so good!!! All the prophets were sent!! Moses was sent!
To be sent by God is to be commissioned!
These are easy issues,
You are reading John as if he were an American!
Simon, we ALL know about Justin Martyr! No need to quote more!!!
Justin was a disaster when he put the begetting of Jesus back into history.
But you have failed to mention any early believer who did not assume as you do that word= the Son before his birth.
I am interested to know who you are: what is your profession: you certainly do wall against the Trinity.
I believe you said briefly you had made good money at some trade.

Who wrote what you put below? You surely know that many of the Ignatian letters are forgeries!!
But you and I are discussing the Bible and you must show that you are not contractiing Matt and Luke!
You keep ONLY quoting John. Tell me about the extensive evidence from Luke and Matthew
Do not bother writing out Hebrew words etc. I am more than familiar with all those.
Are you using say Bible Works as sortware? You can look at 50 translations etc.
You might want to deal with the Professor at Fuller (a friend of mine) who says
“To read John 1:1 as if it said ‘in the beginning was the SON’ is patently wrong. To be Son of God in the Bible means you are not GOD”
In hope,

I am in a webinar with a recenlty nos quite famous young author Daniel Kirk who has written a now rather famous book about Jesus in Matt Mark and Luke!
He is saying that the Jesus of those books certainly was not alive before being alive!
You should read it.
Thanks, but not bother sending the quotes, I have all of them
Now tell me about the church fathers like Paul of Samosata and some others (all detailed in my books(
who did not believe in preexistence!
What about the Nazarenes and Ebionites?
Subject: Re: In Hebrews 1 God did NOT speak in OT times in a Son”

Simon, please remember that we have had 45 yearrs to deal with all of this!
You have seen that the Trinity is false! That is great and your influence will be powerful.
Now I am trying to show you how NOT to contradict Luke and Matt and the whole OT
Your Jesus is not the Jesus, the Son, of Matt and Luke! (Whole chapters on his origin, genesis Matt 1:20)
You keep saying that Jesus was the Son of God before he came into existence in Mary.
That does not sound right!
In Heb 1 God spoke in various ways through the prophets and in these last days spoke in a SON (Jesus)
You are making a collossal assumption; You think that John said “In the beginning was the SON”
it does not say that Son, it also does not say the Word!!!!
It says word.
Jesus is what the word became, There is no SON of God before God begat him in Mary.
A prehuman SON is not fully human and that is not the true Messiah

984  3/10/2016John
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I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. Ill bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I'm quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next! edkddkefgdcedkdb 

983  2/10/2016Re: John 4:23-24
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Rev 17:14 but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings
Rev 19:16 On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written:
king of kings and lord of lords.

It is beyond question that the rider on the white horse in Rev 17 and 19 is Jesus, so it is beyond question that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lord's, but where does this come from:

Deut 10:17 For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God
Psalm 136:1 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. 2 Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever. 3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures forever.
Daniel 2:47 The king said to Daniel, “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings
1Tim 16:14 appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, 15 which God will bring about in his own time—God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords, 16 who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. (Side note: No one has seen God verses: Exo 33:20,23, John 1:18, 6:46, Col 1:15, 1John 4:12. Lots of people have seen God the Son as in Gen 16:13, 18:1, 21:17, 22:11+15, 32:30, Exo 3:2+4+14-15, Joshua 5:15, 6:2 where Jesus is in Hebrew "YHVH Tzavuot", but only Moses has seen the back of the Father's head Exo 33:23 )

Psalm 110:1 The Lord (YHVH Strong's 3068) says to my lord (Adon Strong's 113) in verse 5 The Lord (Adonay Strong's 136) is at your right hand
In Matthew 22:44 The Lord (Strong's 2962 Kurios) said to my Lord (Strong's 2962 Kurios)

My Conclusion: God the Father and Jesus are both King of kings, Lord of lord's, God of god's, both are Adonay and both are Kurios,and both are Yahoveh 1 and Yahoveh 2 as in Zech 3:1 Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord (Yahoveh 1), and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him. 2 The Lord ((Yahoveh 2) said to Satan, “The Lord (Yahoveh 1) rebuke you, Satan!

I find after emailing quite a bit with you back and forth, that this is what I see, and I say it out of love for you and for the truth, which we both seek!:
In your "Is Jesus God" email you said you used to be: 1. Firstly I was a Trinitarian with a bias, prejudice mind and only looked at one side of the case.
I find your believes from being a Trinitarian have changed but now you have the same kind of prejudiced mind about Jesus not being God. It seems to me if I just changed your #4 to reflect your new believe it would still be just as true: 4. At the time I had a closed mind and heart which stopped me from hearing what the other side had to say which then stopped me from doing any research to discover if the foundations of my "Jesus is only the Son and not God" faith was as solid as a rock.

May the LORD/Lord bless your diligent research and may the spirit of truth lead you to all truth, I thank you for all the truth seeking you have caused me to do, again blessings!!!

982  23/9/2016Subject: Re: What caused my video: IS JESUS GOD? To LEAP a GREAT HEIGHT, becoming one of the most wa
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Hi Simon and Emma

You have me quite confused these days, to be honest I stopped watching your videos when you where having so much to say about UFOs.

Your latest emails have all been about the Trinity, I have always though the Trinity is Three in one, not Three separate persons, are you talking about some other kind of Trinity?

I have always found your information great, together with Rons stuff.
Please reply as I'm not criticising you in any way, I'm just not very diplomatic lol.
Have you joined another branch of Christianity?


Gerry ... ideo-is-jesus-god-to.html

981  22/9/2016As Peter said false teachers were amateurs and ignorant .
Dr Howard 
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The very earliest church Fathers asserted 'Jesus was God.' Some were taught by the Apostle John himself- like Polycarp,Clement of Rome,and Ignatius- as well as other Apostles!
I have researched them carefully for many years.

980  22/9/2016Re: What caused my video: IS JESUS GOD? To LEAP a GREAT HEIGHT, becoming one of the most watche
Anthony Buzzard 
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Siimon, you have a great knack for creating interest. Well done! Lots of views.

Do you cite sources of what caused you to change or do you prefer not to?
You may prefer not to, lest you get accused of association with other rogues like me/us!
Keep up the good work and keep us in touch please,
Anthony ... ideo-is-jesus-god-to.html

979  19/9/2016Subject: Re: Simple question for the Trinitarians.
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hi Simon.
Please don't get me wrong but i think you are winning me over.
But if you haven't already i could imagine you being a target for
reporters or may be even tv companies which is may be want you want for
You don't need my advice because im sure you've thought about it already
and that is you don't want to come across as some kind of fruit cake,
like David Eyke possibly.
What i would like from you eventually is a booklet of sorts as it wares
me out all the constant scrolling.
Ok "poor thing" i hear you say. It's
just an idea anywhy.
Best wishes. Ian

978  19/9/2016Re: Blah blah on and on to confuse an amateur
Howard davis 
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If this is you idea of a good article then you are a baby milk lover too even his childish rankings are wrong premise wrong conclusions straw man approach ignorance at its finest

977  19/9/2016Re: Blah blah on and on to confuse an amateur
Howard davis 
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What a load of English theology with slight of words shifting attention just rank a laugh garbage foolish

This is pagan mythology the grand God createsa Little or lessor god now that is paganism - mythology which I have studied

976  18/9/2016The Staff of Moses
Rance A. Nethken 
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I was able to see on History Channel today the issue in regards to the real Staff of Moses! What caught my attention was the mention of Tithmosis and the name Moses being the same? The history of finding the staff was truly an inspiring story. I am convinced that Moses was who he was and of course the history of the staff held by Moses performing miracles is fact! I enjoy history such as this and even though I am not fully versed in the Bible, I firmly believe that God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are one in the same. That is Roman Catholic teachings which I happen to be. I want to know more about these fantastic findings!

975  18/9/2016“The Apostles did not identify Jesus with Yahweh.
Anthony Buzzard 
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Simon, I meant to attach this for your answer to the Trini. This is real scholarship.
The public knows very little.

“The Apostles did not identify Jesus with Yahweh. There were passages which made this impossible, for example Ps. 110:1, Malachi 3:1.” “It would be rash to conclude that St. Peter identified Jehovah with Christ” (citing Prof. Hort).

• Charles Bigg, DD, Regius Prof. of Ecclesiastical History, University of Oxford, in International Critical Commentary on I Peter, 1910, pp. 99, 127.

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studying Phillippians for a precept bible class

in it Paul says

Philippians 2:5-11

"Have this attitude in yourselvves which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”
jan ... mination-of-john-11c.html 
973  14/9/2016Vfrbrvzedo
viagra pills 
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Maintain the exceptional job !! Lovin' it! weferhervvbt

972  9/9/2016THE RAPTURE and THE TRINITY.
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Hello Mr. Simon Brown,

I thank you for your appreciation for my research, but all Glory goes to the Lord! There are a couple things that I would like to address that you have mentioned, First, being the dates and times. I completely understand that many have predicted the day and even the hour of our Lord's arrival, but I believe that they are going by there own understanding rather than the Holy spirit's teaching of understanding and discernment. I don't claim to understand everything or know it all, but I believe that when I do the research I always have confirmations of 2 or more witnesses. As ( Romans 9:1 ) says, " The Holy Spirit confirms it in my conscience ". The question is, " Why would the Lord give us the number of days and the events described in scripture to go by if he did not want us to know when he was coming for us? many will give the argument of Acts 1:7 that Jesus told the Apostles that it is not for you to know the day and time, But if we take a closer look I believe that he was only telling the Apostles and not us because it wasn't for THEM to know at that particular time. When Jesus told them it is not for " YOU " to know, I believe Jesus was telling his Apostles, not us. And in Matthew 24, when it talks about the day and hour, I believe Jesus is talking to those in particular who have not been watching so they will not be caught off guard. I believe I have mentioned the Day and Hour in the Letter that I just wrote and what it actually describes. The other thing is the Trinity. I understand the " letters " of the word trinity isn't in the Bible, but we do see One God, but three in one. I always use the example of Water to see the comparison. Water comes in 3 forms: a Solid, a Liquid, and a vapor. These are 3 forms of water, but is still Water ( H2O ). I see the same with the Father, the Son ( Living Water ), and the Spirit. and to get back to the word Trinity, isn't the root word " Tri " mean 3 ? I don't see the word Trinity as anything else. I believe in One God who is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

971  9/9/2016Re: THE MOST SHOCKING COMMENT I have ever received. Titled: The Trinity is NOT Biblical.
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Hi simon.
I believe your saying that if we carry on believing in the trinity we shall go to hell. But didn't Jesus say forgive them them for they no not what they do.
As we are being deceived through no fault of our own and we ask god to forgive us, shorely that is our opening.
Kindest regards. ian ... -comment-i-have-ever.html

970  9/9/2016Subject: Re: Fwd: THE MOST SHOCKING COMMENT I have ever received. Titled: The Trinity is NOT Biblica
Anthony Buzzard 
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99% of the occurrences of GOD in the NT refer to the Father!
1300 times the word God in the NT means the Father.
The word God (11,000 different occurrences in the whole Bible) never means a Trinity.
Yahweh is a single Person thousands and thousands of times
{Ps 110:1 deliberatly and expressly tells us that the second lord is not GOD!
Adoni, is lord and not Lord, all 195 times.
The public is being scammed at the basic level of defining God.
There is a scary silence about Mk 12:29! Jesus called this the GREAT commandment!
in hope,

• “It must be admitted by everyone who has the rudiments of an historical sense that the doctrine of the Trinity formed no part of the original message. St. Paul did not know it, and would have been unable to understand the meaning of the terms used in the theological formula on which the Church ultimately agreed” (God in Christian Experience, p. 180).

We are publishing a new book called The God of Jesus by Kegan Chandler, which is massively good.

969  9/9/2016THE MOST SHOCKING COMMENT I have ever received. Titled: The Trinity is NOT Biblical.
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Dear Mr. Simon brown,
In the verse John 10:30 " I and the Father are one " doesn't mean the Holy Spirit has been left out, but I believe it wasn't time until Pentecost until the Spirit be revealed.
And it kind of sounds like you don't believe that Jesus is God in the flesh as John 1:1,14 says, but maybe I'm not completely understanding of what you are saying. I believe that Jesus is God come in the flesh, but I also believe that Jesus is the Son of God and Son of Man, meaning he is God and from God , but also has put on flesh for us to see the invisible God- Colossians 1:15. In Christ,
THE MOST SHOCKING COMMENT I have ever received. Titled: The Trinity is NOT Biblical. ... -comment-i-have-ever.html

968  9/9/2016Re: THE MOST SHOCKING COMMENT I have ever received. Titled: The Trinity is NOT Biblical.
Howard davis 
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More "shocking" amateur hour English KJV theology unk!!!

"I will request the Father and He will give you ANOTHER [allos Gk.another in 'number' NOT hetros which means 'another of a different kind!') Paraclete to be with you forever." Jn.14:16;26

Now in verse 15:26 Jesus says "But when the Helper comes whom I SHALL SEND..."Jesus says the Father will 'send' the Holy Spirit (another 'allos' in number); and Jesus says He sends Him!
14:26 "Father sends"

Jn.16:7" I WILL SEND HIM [Holy Spirit]TO YOU." v 14 HE WILL GLORIFY ME."Jesus is Theos The Spirit 'glorfies HIM!!!' cf 14;7-11

Jn.15:26 I [Jesus]SHALL SEND TO YOU."

That spiritual dumbell antichrist says Jn10:30 means unity! NO IT DOES NOT!!! "I and My Father are EV is neuter in Greek that is 'one thing' i.e. one essence!i.e.God!!! The Jews heard what He said that He was 'making himself EQUAL to God.'Jn 5:18;

"I and my Father are of one and the same essence.Equal to GOD "Philp.2"6 --------------------------------------------if your buddies can't see this then there is no hope for you or them.Too dull witted.Just like those Jews were. ... -comment-i-have-ever.html

967  9/9/2016Re: THE MOST SHOCKING COMMENT I have ever received. Titled: The Trinity is NOT Biblical.
jan sterling 
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in our study of acts last year - Jesus told the apostles to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit would come and that was on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles like flames of fire - so they could speak all languages - He is the Comforter and He is with us today as believers - when you accept Christ as your Savior - He comes to indwell in us as the Holy Spirit - and He speaks of God to us and teaches us - He is the third person of the triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Ghost as some call Him

Jesus spoke of Him as Comforter for He is and does as Christ did here on earth

jan sterling ... -comment-i-have-ever.html

966  5/9/2016The Trinity is NOT Biblical.
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AnointingPower1 day ago - Shared publicly

Thank you for this post. ... and-you-will-see-how.html

I teach people also about the false pagan trinity. I made a poster wich you can see on this link: ... /is-the-trinity-biblical/

There is more to say about this subject namely Jesus our High Priest.

If you read the Gospel of John you will notice that Jesus only speaks of God the Father and Himself in Unity John 10:30. No other god entity separated from them is mentioned. But ok John 14:16 speaks of ANOTHER HELPER and it looks like it is another entity. It is "ANOTHER PRIEST" THAT ARISES, but if you study this very well then this other helper is Jesus Himself as HIGHPRIEST sitting next to the Father to Help us, intercede for us, being an ADVOCATE for us, and that could only be ONE from FLESH AND BLOOD, not a spirit who not went through everything in the flesh like us.
Jesus is the ETERNAL Highpriest that confirms John 14:16 with Hebrew. 5:6, a Priest FOREVER according to the order of Melchizedek, wich is the Helper and ABIDES FOREVER. Read the chapters Hebrews 4 to all through 10 in the light of John 14:16 the Paraclete, Helper. Jesus was subjected to weakness like us in the Flesh. Read this: “Therefore, if perfection were through the Levitical priesthood for under it the people received the law, WHAT FURTHER NEED WAS THERE THAT ANOTHER, (yes you read it “ANOTHER”) priest should rise according to the order of Melchizedek,… Hebrews 7:11. Jesus never spoke of himself of a God, but Lord. God GAVE HIM authority, as Jesus gives his authority to His body and that is you and me.
Jesus in the Flesh which gives a more other definition about His Anointing task as Highpriest, wich is denied by the Antichrist by substituting it by another spirit separated from the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:22. this false spirit denies and has STOLEN the Priesthood of Jesus to make himself the Paraclete. We see this now in the Charismatic Pentecostal Church toady that we have to have a SEPARATE RELATION WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT NEXT TO THE FATHER AND THE SON. Quoted by Benny Hinn. 1 John 1:3 says: “And truly our fellowship is WITH THE FATHER AND WITH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.”
No other separate being entity mentioned. And so we have a very nasty false counterfeit spirit which is invading the church, accompanied with false angels and false miracles taking all credit for himself disguised as a wolf in sheep clothes misleading people from the TRUE Spirit of Jesus. THE LORD IS THE SPIRIT. 2 Corinthians 3:17.

965  5/9/2016Re: Isaiah 9:6
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That was an awesome article/explanation! Thank you so much, so much to learn, the more I learn- the more there is to learn, the box just gets bigger, it is humbling, thanks Simon- may the spirit of truth continue to bless you as you diligently seek understanding! 

963  3/9/2016Re: Trinitarians must ACCEPT The TRINITY is FALSE, including understanding John 14:1 PROVES it.
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hi Simon.
Reading your article, are you saying that God is God and Jesus and maybe the angel Gabriel and others say, are sons of God.
who carry with them the holy spirit.
regards Ian

962  3/9/2016Subject: Re: Trinitarians must ACCEPT The TRINITY is FALSE, including understanding John 14:1 PROVES
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I believe as you that Jesus is the "wisdom" of proverbs 8 that came forth as the 1st of God's works, the Father's wisdom/Son. God the Father was before time began, the Son was/is the beginning and the end, the alpha an omega the 1st and the last (Rev 1:7, 2:8, 22:13, Isa 41:4, 44:6, 48:12 the LORD- Yehovah) the aleph and the tav. There are 2 Yehovah's as in Zech 3:2 The LORD (Yehovah 2) said to Satan "the LORD (Yehovah 1) rebuke you Satan"
The trinity revisited: the father is greater than the son (Yahoveh1), the son is my LORD and my God (Yahoveh2), the Holy spirit is the spirit of the Father and the Spirit of the Son as they are echad (a unified one- Ruach Elohim plural) Romans 8:9. Do I believe in the trinity- know ... st-accept-trinity-is.html

961  2/9/2016Re: Trinitarians must ACCEPT The TRINITY is FALSE, including understanding John 14:1 PROVES it.
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Is Jesus God? Yes, Is Jesus LORD? Yes. Is the Father greater than the Son? Yes. Is the Father Yehovah? Yes. Is Jesus Yehovah of the burning bush? Yes. Has all authority been given to Yeshua? Yes (by the Father). Is Jesus/Yeshua the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob- the Elohim of Israel? Yes. Is Elohim plural in Hebrew? Yes. Is Echad a unified one in Hebrew? Yes. Who's spirit is the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh or Ruach Elohim), is it the Father's spirit? is it the Son's spirit? Yes to both. How many authors of the 66 books in the protestant bible 40 or 1? Yes to both. Does Jesus hand the Kingdom over to the Father in 1Cor 15 after his millennial reign. What are the types and patterns in scripture that best explain the relationship/Kingship of the Father and Son? Pharoah as Father, Joseph as Son and Nebachudnezzer as Father, Daniel as Son, all power and authority has been given to Joseph and Daniel except the throne itself, even with these types and patterns Jesus is still closer to the Father sitting at his right hand on the heavenly throne- the heavenly mercy seat! ... st-accept-trinity-is.html

960  1/9/2016Subject: Re: Trinitarians must ACCEPT The TRINITY is FALSE, including understanding John 14:1 PROVES
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Hi Simon,

So are Muslims right when they say Jesus was a proffet

Best wishes, Ian

959  31/8/2016John
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Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. All the best gggeedbdacebadek

958  31/8/2016Cheap goods
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This really is actually fascinating, That you are a quite specialist blogger. Ive joined your rss feed and sit up for looking for more of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks! eedbdkddceef

957  31/8/2016The new Pagans the Unnies JWs Christdelphians
Dr Howard 
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Where does it end as heretics say the Trinity came from paganism.This site says the major (even some minor ones too) teachings of Christians came from paganism not just the Trinity!!!
Unnies cultists are jammed up on the Trinity coming from paganism!
A Great God creating a lesser god even a son of God is an old old pagan teaching.
So do we reject the new pagans uneducated Unibonehead English bible \'teachers\'- and l use that term lightly -when they say Jesus was actually created a a lessor little god( pagan as ya can get l reject it) by the great supreme God as is taught from the beginning of time by pagans?

956  26/8/2016RE: Jesus Was A Unitarian Monotheist Says: Sir, Anthony Buzzard, biblical scholar, Unitarian Christi
Pat Robinson. 
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I have been seeing your change to this point of view and it saddens me. I belonged to a "Christian" cult many years ago and was fooled by them. I wouldn\\\'t look or listen to other views. Oh I said I did but actually I had my mind closed. I pray you won\\\'t do that. Please watch the above videos. Let me know what you think after you have had time to reflect.
I love you my friend and pray you will see the truth.
Pat R

As for me and my house we will follow the Lord.
Look up He is coming. Patricia Robison
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body,
but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming --
WOW PRAISE THE LORD!! What a Ride! Jesus has much for us to do so get busy!

955  25/8/2016“11,000 of the various occurrences of the words for God (elohim, adonai, YHVH Theos)
Anthony Buzzard 
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Simon, Jesus is called God for sure in Heb. 1;8 quoting Ps 45:6 The text addresses Jesus as God and then say “God, your God.”
So Jesus has a God here./ The NAB purts god, implying correctly a Messianic sense for Jesus as god.
Thomas in ch 14:7 was unable to recognize God in Jesus. Finall he gets it and sees that if one sees Jesus and hears Jesus one sees and hears God.
This is agency, of course
Other few verses where some say Jesus is called GOD are all disputed even by Trinitarians.
The clinche is what does Mk 12:29 state about how many God is?
No one thinking he is God can recite the Shema!
Then you could add Does God get baptized in water? Jesus was baptized and baptized others
Go viral!

in hope


Thanks, the verse in ch 14 is seven, and Thomas should have seen and recognized God in Jesus and he finally did in 20:28

The CRUNCH question is what does the creed of Jesus agreeing with a Jew state about God in MK 12:29?
If they say Trinitarian then they are caught with the impossible idea that Jews were Trinitarians from Deut. 6:4!
If they say (correctly) that the creed of Jesus is unitarian agreeing with a Jew in Mk 12;29, then they are caught NOT obeying Jesus!
Salvation is by obeying Jesus (Heb. 9:5 and “if you love me keep my commandmentts—the Great command is in Mk 12:29.
hope this helps,


Great work on your part! But note please “11,000 of the various occurrences of the words for God (elohim, adonai, YHVH Theos) in the whole Bible never once mean a Trinity
SO when the Bible says GOD, it never means a Trinity.
Yes, indeed GOD in the NT (Theos) mans the Father of Jesus 1300 time.
Jesus is referred to as “god” twice for sure.
In a Messianic sense as quoting Ps 45:6. In JOhn 20:28 Thomas finally saw what he could not see in ch 14 that God is seen in Jesus.
Jesus was a unitary monotheist agreeing with the Jew in Mk 12:29 and tellling us that life in the age to come, salvation, is based on coming to know God as


954  13/8/2016Why do most Trinitarians believe all the church Fathers believed in the TRINITY?
Anthony Buzzard. 
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Simon, Could you possibly get them to answer this question:
What definition of God did Jesus provide in the Shema at Mk 12:29? Unitarian or Trinitarian.
Just that.
So much of these discussions lose themselves in hopeless complexity!
If you love me keep my commandments, Jesus said, but will they please obey Mk 12:29
Do let me know what answers you get to this question

(I did read almost all your long article and of course your correspondent did not tell you that Justin Martyr was not a Trinitarian!
Such ignorance of easy things. ... itarians-believe-all.html

953  7/8/2016Subject: Enquiry jan
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can you send the free dvd to my house if it will cost no money, my name and adres is,jan netherlads (holland)

952  4/8/2016Re: Against trinity
Anthony Buzzard 
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Simon, Great news and I am so glad that your blog is wider and wider. These amazing admissions from real scholars can help a lot
But of course the simple issue is that God= the Father 1300 times in the NT!
GOD in the Bible (1300 occs of words for God YHVH Elohim, theos) never means a Triune God
Ask your friends to give you one!

And Jesus said that the Great Command is that God is one Person, one LORD. It was the church fathers, celibate monks who took us into madness.

Break that one Great Command , and there is trouble.
John 17:3 is very easy, but people must repent of tradition!
Keep up the good work,
Simon, Great news and I am so glad that your blog is wider and wider. These amazing admissions from real scholars can help a lot
But of course the simple issue is that God= the Father 1300 times in the NT!
GOD in the Bible (1300 occs of words for God YHVH Elohim, theos) never means a Triune God
Ask your friends to give you one!

And Jesus said that the Great Command is that God is one Person, one LORD. It was the church fathers, celibate monks who took us into madness.

Break that one Great Command , and there is trouble.
John 17:3 is very easy, but people must repent of tradition!
Keep up the good work,

951  4/8/2016Subject: Against trinity
Anthony Buzzard 
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Simon, you are right: There is a vast huge ignorance.
One easy way is to say that GOD means the Father 1300 times in the NT God is referred to Jesus twice for sure.

Then the unitarian creed of Jesus (are they willing to obey Jesus?) Mk 12:29.
Then ask which of 11,000 occs of various words for God means a Triune God. None.

It is hopeless task to defend a doctrine Jesus had not heard of!
in hope,
Here is some more good witness for you and your increasing audience.

“It must be admitted by everyone who has the rudiments of an historical sense that the doctrine of the Trinity formed no part of the original message. St. Paul did not know it, and would have been unable to understand the meaning of the terms used in the theological formula on which the Church ultimately agreed” (Dr. Matthews, D.D. D. Litt. God in Christian Experience, p. 180).

• The Trinity is a contradiction, indeed, and not merely a verbal contradiction, but an incompatibility in the human ideas conveyed. We can scarcely make a nearer approach to an exact enunciation of it, than of saying that one thing is two things. (Sadler’s Gloria Patri, p. 39, A. H. Newman).

“The evolution of the Trinity: No responsible NT scholar would claim that the doctrine of the Trinity was taught by Jesus or preached by the earliest Christians or consciously held by any writer of the NT. It was in fact slowly worked out in the course of the first few centuries in an attempt to give an intelligible doctrine of God” (The Image of the Invisible God, SCM Press, 1982, p. Dr. A. T Hanson, Professor of Theology University of Hull)

“It might tend to moderation and in the end agreement, if we were industrious on all occasions to represent our own doctrine of the Trinity as wholly unintelligible” (Dr. Hey, Lectures in Divinity, 2, 235

Theological Dictionary of the NT (Kittel): “As regards Trinitarianism in John, there is no express doctrine of the Trinity in the metaphysical sense of oneness of essence and substance. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are formally interrelated only in the non-authentic comma Johanneum [spurios forgery]” (Vol .V, 1003)

Vol. 5, p. 1010: “For the first beginnings of Trinitarianism....” see the quote above. [Trinity did not begin in the Bible is admitted]
“The NT does not actually speak of Triunity. We seek this in vain in the triadic the formulae of the NT. The Spanish texts of the 6th century are the first to offer a clear trinitarian formula in the so-called Comma Johanneum of I John 5:7ff.. The Spanish Catholics made of this a trinitarian formula by continuing, after ‘bear witness’ “ heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, and these three are one.” They thus imported a conclusion of early dogma into the NT. Early Christianity itself, however, does not yet have the problem of the Trinity in view.”

950  4/8/2016Shir Mevashir Yeshua
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Please see these links for information about the amazing Song of Yeshua:

Thanks for this fantastic website.

God Bless You Mightily!


949  4/8/2016Trinity debate.
Mick Alexander 
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Hello Simon,

Nice to hear from you. I believe in the Trinity because I know of no other explanation that can reconcile certain Scriptures.

For example, in Isa 44:6, Jehovah says He is the First and the Last but, in Revelation 1:17-18, Jesus says that He is the First and the Last. There can\\\\\\\'t be two First and the Lasts so Jehovah and Jesus must be one.

Who raised Jesus?
In Acts 3:26, God is said to have raised Jesus.
In John 2:19, Jesus said that He would raise himself.
In Romans 8:11, the Spirit is said to have raised Jesus.
Who raised Jesus? How can Jesus raise himself? Three separate identities are said to have done it. Who did it? The Bible says that they all did and that can only be true if they are one.

In Acts 5:3-4, Peter said that lying to the Holy Spirit was lying to God.

Isa. 9:6 says that the Son will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. This says the Son is God.

These are just off the top of my head. There are many more verses which, to me, can only be made sense of in the light of the Trinity.

God bless,

Hello Simon,

Who is the son in Isa. 9:6?

God bless,

Thanks Simon but I don\\\\\\\'t want to read copy/pasted pages to get a simple answer. Who is the son?

God bless,
Thanks Simon but I will stick with the translation I have.

God bless,

Simon, Isa 10:21 uses the term \\\\\"Mighty God\\\\\" for Jehovah. This is the same term used to describe the Son in Isa. 9:6 so Jesus is equal to Jehovah.

A quote - \\\\\"The early Christian writer, Tertullian, coined the word \\\\\"Trinity\\\\\" around the year A.D. 200. Although he coined a new word, Tertullian introduced no new teachings about the Trinity. Rather, he explained and defended what the entire church had believed from the time of the apostles up through his day. \\\\\"

140 AD Aristides \\\\\"[Christians] are they who, above every people of the Earth, have found the truth,
for they acknowledge God, the creator and maker of all things, in the only-begotten Son and in the
Holy Spirit\\\\\" (Apology 16).

There is plenty more evidence that the church has always believed in the Trinity.

Let\\\\\\\'s leave it at that please.

God bless,
Anthony Buzzard 
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Simon, thanks. What on earth is the “church of Constantine” He was an emperor!
Sure he did get mixed up in the Trinity debates.
Justin Marty was not a Trinitarian nor was Tertullian who said that the Father was not always the Father (Ad Hemogenesm, 3)
Jesus was a unitarian and that is the only thing which matters for those who claim to be following him MK 12:29/.
in hope,

Thanks, but the canon of scripture for OT was recognized by Jesus in terms of the Law and Prophets and writings Luke 24:44.
It follows logically that there is a canon of the NT.
Why is Revelation not the obvious end of the NT canon?
Peter was concerned with getting the writings together before he died, he said
The apostles I think settled on the books.
We have made enough mess of the books we have: Don’t need any more.

Barnabus has nonsense about the Trinity in it: Ignatius ( no one knows which are genuine letters and which are spurious) promotes Jesus as GOD.

Sabbath keeping of course as a literal day is forbidden by Paul and food laws of Lev 11 too.
Anthony ... +ENOCH.+&utm_medium=email

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Thanks, but the canon of scripture for OT was recognized by Jesus in terms of the Law and Prophets and writings Luke 24:44.
It follows logically that there is a canon of the NT.
Why is Revelation not the obvious end of the NT canon?
Peter was concerned with getting the writings together before he died, he said
The apostles I think settled on the books.
We have made enough mess of the books we have: Don’t need any more.

Barnabus has nonsense about the Trinity in it: Ignatius ( no one knows which are genuine letters and which are spurious) promotes Jesus as GOD.

Sabbath keeping of course as a literal day is forbidden by Paul and food laws of Lev 11 too.

Simon, who is going to decide on the canon of the NT
You and I would not include Trinitarian books or “Jesus is GOD” books!

Sunday is the resurrection day, (crucifixion on Friday) and we meet on that day and keep the communion too .
No need for any fuss on that point I think.
Jewish roots people cause much trouble. ... vidence-proving-book.html

Anthony Buzzard 
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The canon of our NT Greek scripture does not contain Enoch, but the bit quoted by Jude is Scripture
The episode of the awful sexual activity of the angels is proven by Jude. (“the angels who sinned”)
Is that not enough?
Anthony ... vidence-proving-book.html

945  22/7/2016Enquiry paolo Exodus Case books.
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Good morning,

I have asked for the shipment of 5 free copies of the Exodus Case book however while filling in the order I was requested to contact you.

Please let me know if I can have these copies sent to Italy, to my Director, Mr. Paolo (Italy).

Thank you and regards.

(assistant to Paolo Benini)

944  19/7/2016Subject: Biblical Facts Revealed
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Dear Mr. Simon and Ms. Emma Brown,

My name is Thomas (Thekkedathu Kochaipa Thomas) from India.
By grace of God I have passed Master of Arts (English Literature) with 62% (first class) marks in 1977.
I had been checking out various articles through Youtube.It is by chance I happened to come across the Real Discoveries owned by yourselves.
I have retired from banking service after 36 years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
It would be Kind of you if you would share articles of interest along with links or videos (illustrations) to enable me to benefit by visuals in order to understand the Bible and similar stories which may be outside the scope of the Bible, but related content.

I am interested in writing, having written a dissertation on The 'Oedipus Complex' in Hamlet, from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, in 1977, not published.
If you feel I could be of help/use to you, please let me know and I will endeavor to write articles for you to further your cause.
Thanking you in anticipation of your favor.

Thomas, Dubai,

943  19/7/2016Subject: John 1:1 Commentary - Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament
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You keep deceiving people as an amateur an egotist parading as being humble and open minded when in reality you are as hard headed bull headed and stubborn as they come. You have a new audience created by your heresy an attention getter and its negative 'attention ' and you will take it to display your great revelations where all others are in darkness. In your uneducated ignorance acting as some leading authority even debating believers as though you are a trained theologian and know the languages which takes many long years of intense training as well as much sacrifice. You will be held accountable mark my words.

Case in point:

Drop down to Dr Robertson's* Jn. 1:1 line 7 that two letter word "ev"or in Greek "en" translated three times as "was." You in your ignorance focused in your pitiful comments on "beginning."Unbeknown to you was that's a 'teaching of a demon.' Focus for a half truth on a word that doesn't really relate to the subject as in this case the eternity of Christ which the demons and Satan was to cover up and create an inferior Christ. Beginning arke refers to Gen. 1:1 or the CREATION !!! Was or en is KEY as it means here in Greek from eimi uninterrupted continuous existence!!! The Logos never at anytime came into existence He has always been as long as Theos has had existence eternity. Read Robertson's Greek grammar proof. You won't accept it as it denies your blundering heretical English world of theology.

* ... ctures/john/john-1-1.html

Sent from my iPad

942  18/7/2016Wisdom is wisdom
Dr Howard 
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941  13/7/2016John 1:1 must know Greek don't be fooled
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940  10/7/2016Subject: Re: Jesus in the Book of Enoch, PROVES JESUS DIVINITY, MERE MAN? or GOD? or NEITHER? FIND O
joe wiseman 
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The aleph is YHWH and the bet is Yeshua. Aleph created the house of consciousness Yeshua. Time began from this point. The Hebrew alphabet reveals the beginning of creation and the end with Yeshua's death on a cross the last letter the tav. ... f-enoch-proves-jesus.html

939  7/7/2016Subject: Re: Our Trip To Sir Isaac Newton's Home And His Great Quotes On GOD.
Lee Jones 
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HI Simon,i'm sorry but that's not the gospel,but the gospel that Jesus Died for our sins,according to the scriptures.4 And that he was buried,and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. and that he was seen of Cephas,then of the twelve. in ephsians it says we saved by grace through faith.not of ourselves. in the NEW Testament Jesus was worshipped 10 time as God, please Simon go back to searching the scriptures.God bless, Lee.

Hi Simon again,i do follow Jesus teachings,i'm not following mans teaching's I read the Bible,yes
I watch some excellent Bible teaching's from the likes of Jacob Prasch,Doug Hamp,David Pawson and o
thers,they speak about what is saying. The Church first believed in the trinity in AD 195,NOT 381AD, Watch an excellent program by Ken Johnson on YouTube. I said on my last email about Jesus being worshipped as God in the new testament,and also as the Angel of the Lord(worshipped also),a old testament appearance of Jesus. satan is a deceiver and he’s deceiving you and deceiving others,which I forgive you for Simon,put the Bible ahead of this research,God bless,Lee.

Subject: Re: Our Trip To Sir Isaac Newton's Home And His Great Quotes On GOD. ... aac-newtons-home-and.html 
938  28/6/2016Subject: movies
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We would like to obtain some of your movies if that is possible. Please let us know and thank you very much. Steve and Sheila

937  28/6/2016Subject: Re: NEW VIDEO. Did GOD's SON Jesus & St John & St Paul 'teach' the doctrine of the TRINITY?
Neil Kearney 
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Well this will be my last message to you===And he shall be ccalled EMMANUEL___God with us--we can quote bible passages all day.You say nowhere in the bible does it say Yahshewa is God,you have got that WRONG.Nowhere does it say he is NOT God.Please do not stay on the wide road.God bless you,think this through my fried.

936  15/6/2016The Parables of Jesus DVD.
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I would like to order the parables of Jesus DVD in English


It always seems impossible until it's done.
- Nelson Mandela

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.
- Mother Teresa

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.
- Leo Buscaglia

935  15/6/2016I can help translate
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I came to your website and saw that you needed volunteers in translation. I can help translate anything in English into my local language. I am a teacher and broadcast journalist. I am also a Sunday school teacher( Adult class). My name is Peter. Ghana, W/A. Thanks.

934  14/6/2016Subject: Where And Were The Scriptures Altered By The Church of Constantine?
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Dear Simon,Thanks for all the free books and dvd's I've received from you and your team over the last so many years. why are you going out of your way to disprove the trinity,it's all through the scriptures, in John 1:1-In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God,and the Word was God. (Jesus is being referred to as God here) In Hebrews 1:8-But unto the Son he saith,thy throne O God ,is for ever and ever:a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom. 9 Thou hast loved rig
hteousness, and hated iniquity ;therefore God,even thy God,hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. 10 And Thou Lord, in the beginning has laid the foundation of the earth;and the heavens are the works of thine hands: How could Jesus have done all this if He wasn't fully Man and fully God.and still is. In John 20:27-Then saith He to Thomas,reach hither thy finger ,and behold my hands and reach hither thy hand,and thrust it into my side,and be not faithless,but believing .28: And Thomas answered and said unto Him,My Lord and my God. Can I recommend an excellent teaching by Jacob Prasch:How is Jesus both God and Man(Moriel TV) we all see through a glass dimly. He accepted worship , that would be blasphony if He was not God,and He lived a sinless life ,impossible if He was only a Man . in 1 John 5:7 refers the trinity as being 3 in 1. Jesus is referred to as I am the Alpha and Omega ,the beginning and the ending,saith the Lord(Rev1:8) I,m concerned you're falling into what the Jehovah's witnesses believe in. I pray that you come away from this error, especially after all the eviedence you've seen such as the shroud of Turin. God Bless, Lee.
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 08:52:46 -0400 di

Subject: Where And Were The Scriptures Altered By The Church of Constantine?

933  3/6/2016Dr.Abdus
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Dr.Abdus who is quoted in some Christian publications as a 'believer' was a genius and a great scientist, but his faith had many errors.Just because one is a genius does not mean one is incapable of serious theological errors. Paul's words as given in my last post still stand.

932  3/6/2016Rabbis believed in a trinity and many converted ones do today
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As to sir Issac Newton I can show many genises and scientists that were/are born again Christians that believed and those living today accept Jesus as Lord is uncreated and that He is Very God. MANY GENIUSES AND SCIENTISTS DID NOT AND DO NOT TODAY EVEN BELIEVE THERE IS A GOD! So? Nice to have believing scientists and philosophers; but it doesn\'t make what they or a believer and \'scientist\' say true and correct even though they may be a genius correct.
ONLY the apostles were \'inspired by the Holy Spirit\' to write and speak correct teaching as well as the prophets of the Old Testament were "moved along" by the the "Spirit of Christ"says Peter.
Heed what Paul wrote:l Cor.1:19-31.We do not heed a scientist we heed only the Word of God Who is Jesus and what He said.

931  2/6/2016The trinity.
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Dear Br. Simon,

I alredy sent the following email via your website - but in case that you die not receive it here it is again:

Dear Br. Brown,

as I read your article about the doctrine of trinity I directly felt urged to write to you. I agree that the teaching of trinity is not biblical but a man made idea which came up during the reign of the roman emperor Constantine the Great. I also agree that there is only one God and not three persons which form a godhead. But now you conclude that Jesus Christ is not God while the Bible states that He is.
I believe that we can not draw a conclusion from single Bible verses but it has to match the whole Scriptures.
Let me give you an example which also will reveal the Godhead:
Jesus told us to go in all the world to baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. In the Book of Acts you will only find that the disciples baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. So is that a contradiction. No!
The answer is that the disciples just did what was told to them: The name (singular!) of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is Jesus Christ! How is a person identified? By his name! Father, Son and Holy Ghost are titles – not names!
Look also at this: When Mary conceived it was by the Holy Ghost. Jesus called God his Father. So Jesus had two fathers, the Holy Ghost and God the Father? No!
There are not three persons in the Godhead! God is spirit, and the fullness of this spirit dwelled in Jesus Christ. God prepared for himself a human body, because in order to redeem mankind he had to become a kinsman redeemer (beautiful described in the Book of Ruth). He was fully man and fully God.
If it would be possible to transfer your spirit into another body, would that make you another person? No! Your body is just a dwelling place, but as a person you are identified by your spirit.
If you still think that Jesus can’t be God, can’t be the Father, then read Isaiah 9:6!
May the Lord bless you!

Deutschland ... and-you-will-see-how.html

930  2/6/2016The trinity.
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Dear Simon

My, you have been busy over the last few months - all that copying and pasting ...
all that reading of heretical books and articles ...
and not an ounce of truth amongst them all.

I sent you just a few of the many Scriptures showing clearly that Jehovah and Jesus Christ are both God.
They have the same attributes... attributes that no one else possesses - but God Himself.
Only God can be an eternal, omnipotent, unchanging, Creator and Saviour.
Only God can be the First and the Last.
Yet, the Lord Jesus Christ clearly possesses all these godly attributes.
Scripture shows clearly the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You must agree with me - because you have not tried to refute a single thing I wrote.
It is just the same with the JWs - they simply have no answer from the Scriptures.
But like you they will belligerently tell me I'm wrong, and continue in their heresy.

I believe no one unless I see chapter and verse.

All you could do was cut and paste articles from the internet - articles from:
Obscure theologians ... that you would probably disagree with on other points of doctrine.
Heretical writers like Hislop - who didn't even know that Nimrod and Semiramis did not exist at the same time.
H.G. Wells - a Darwinian atheist.
Ellen G. White who was a medium. She received her teachings from familiar spirits. She was clearly demon possessed - so why would you believe anything she had to say? Seventh-Day Adventism is an obvious cult - just like Catholicism.
Catholic Encyclopaedias. You despise Catholicism - yet agree with it when it suits your particular beliefs. "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways."
The occultist Madam Helen Blavatsky.... really scrapping the barrel now... I expected Anton LaVey and Aleister Crowley to make an appearance at any moment!
Why do you think these heretics are going to impress me?
You didn't quote a single Christian.
That is because true born again Christians (down through the ages) have all believed in the deity of Jesus Christ.
Are you really going to abandon your Christian faith for all those lies?
Surely not?

I could have Googled "Jesus was not born of of a virgin" and have presented you with pages and pages of articles by heretical so-called Christians, occultists and atheists - would you have taken any notice of me?
Of course not - so don't expect me to be impressed with the origin of your new-found faith.
It is unbiblical and heretical.
Yes, thousands of people do not believe in the deity of Jesus Christ - but that doesn't make them correct.

I believe you have been given a "strong delusion" my friend.
Because you have not "received the love of the truth" so that you can be saved.
God has sent the delusion and deception causing you to believe this lie.
I am warning you Simon - for fear you might end up with those "damned who believed not the truth."

I personally do not believe in OSAS - so I want to give you a grave warning - not to continue in this heresy.

You quote those who believe Sunday worship to be evil.
Does that mean that you are now a SDA or attend a Hebrew Roots (Church of God) fellowship?
How did you actually come to believe all this and change your doctrine? Please let me know.
Watching too many YouTube videos maybe? This is causing a lot of weak Christians to go astray today.

Please, please, Simon, pray earnestly for God to show you - if you could possibly be wrong.
Don't believe me, and don't believe the SDAs and prophets on the internet.
Just pray, pray, and pray again ...
I would hate to see you as a casualty of this end-time apostasy that so many Christians are falling into.

May our Lord reveal His truth to you.

In His precious name


929  2/6/2016The trinity.
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Dear Simon

I will check out your links ..... but I must say that ...

[1] I do not have a "false religion."

[2] Even though you do not believe Jesus is an angel - you do not believe He is God either. He HAS to be God in order to deal with our sin problem. Only God is sinless - and we need a sinless Saviour to take away our sins. Only God can be our Creator, and only God is eternal. The Bible proves that Jesus is our Eternal, Sinless, Immutable Creator and Saviour. He has all the attributes of God - therefore (according to my studies) HE IS GOD.

[3] So Jesus didn't mention that He was God? Read John 8:58-59. Why then did the religious leaders try to stone Him? It was for blasphemy - because He had just declared He was the "I AM" which is the sacred name of God Himself - and that He was eternal (only God is eternal). In order to stop believing that Jesus is God (I assume you believed this when you were first saved) - you have to throw out all the passages in Scripture that show Jesus possessing the attributes of God.
Compare Psalm 102:25-27 with Hebrews 1:10-12. The OT passage is describing Jehovah God - yet the NT quotation from this Psalm attributes it to God the Son - as being Creator, Saviour, eternal, and immutable. Therefore, Jesus must be God the Son.
Compare Isaiah 44:24 (Jehovah is Creator) to John 1:3; Hebrews 1:2, 10, and Colossians 1:15-17 (Jesus is Creator). Therefore, Jesus must be God the Son.
Compare Isaiah 40:3 with Matthew 3:3. This OT prophecy shows that John the Baptist will prepare the way for Jehovah. In the NT he prepares the way for the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, Jesus must be God the Son.
Compare Isaiah 43:11 (where God says that beside Him there is no Saviour) to Luke 2:11 where Jesus is born in Bethlehem as the Saviour. Therefore, Jesus must be God the Son.
Compare Revelation 1:8 (where God declares Himself to be the Alpha and Omega) to Revelation 1:17-18; 22:13, where Jesus declares HE is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last. Either Jesus is God - or He is schizophrenic. How many firsts and lasts can there be?
We both believe that God is Omnipotent, Sinless, the only Creator, the only Saviour, Unchanging, Eternal, and the First and the Last. Good - we agree on that I am sure. What then do you do Simon, with all the passages that clearly state that Jesus too possesses all these attributes? Please let me know.

[4] The Jews in the OT believed in one God - but He comprised of multiple Persons. So they at least believed in God in two Persons. In Genesis 1:1 God is called Elohim. 'El' is singular 'Elohim' is plural (words ending in 'im' are plural as I'm sure you know). In Genesis 1:26; 3:22-23; 11:7-8; Isaiah 6:8 it says "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness... Man has become like one of us... Let us go down ... Whom shall I send who will go for us." (note the plural pronouns). Who is Jehovah talking about? There is obviously more than one in the Godhead.

In Hebrew we have to consider the plurality of "one." The word "yachead" means "absolute unity, a numerical number one." However it is not used to describe the unity of God - for that we have the word "achad." That word means a "co-unity" which demonstrates oneness or unity - but a unity of more than one person - e.g. one crowd, one bunch of grapes (Numbers 13:23), two becoming one flesh (Genesis 2:24). This word speaks of the plurality of the divine Persons in the One God.

The Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4) reads "Shema Yisroel Adonai Elohenu, Adonai echad." Elohenu reflects the plural form of God - Elohim. It could read, "Hear O Israel, Jehovah our God is Jehovah a Unity." Since there is only one God allowed in Scripture (for both Jews and Christians) - if Jesus is called "God" then He is that one God. Jesus is called "Almighty God" (Revelation 1:8; 22:20), "the true God" (1 John 5:20) and "the Only God" (1 Timothy 1:16-17)

[5] I am obviously not as intelligent as yourself - but after studying the doctrine (from the Bible not man's opinion of the Bible) I did a talk at my church 25 years ago. I knew nothing really about this doctrine before being asked to speak. However, after studying the topic - I then felt much more confident in approaching the JWs and Mormons and explaining the Trinity and deity of Christ. I also discovered that some branches of the Hebrew Roots Movement (having originated from Herbert Armstrong / Church of God) have also abandoned a belief in the Trinity. However, no one so far, has managed to change my mind on this biblical doctrine.

[6] It is mainly their disbelief in the Trinity and deity of Jesus Christ that designates the religion of the JWs, Mormons, etc. as cultic. Yes, they have some other funny ideas as well - but it is their non-acceptance of the Trinity that is the major reason we do not accept them as 'Christians.'

[7] Please don't rely on extra-biblical comments by 'Church Fathers' and those like Sir Isaac Newton who was into the occult. The truth of the Trinity is in the Bible alone. Satan wants to destroy this truth - through Islam and the cults.

[8] Have you had to move to another church now - having abandoned the Trinity? What churches are there in Hastings that do not believe in the Trinity / Deity of Christ?

I am sure that Bob Mitchell is not best pleased with your new opinions - but he is so very gracious - that I am sure he will try and convince you with Scripture, and bring you back ...

I shall keep praying that you will have a change of heart on this matter.

God bless you - and Emma


928  2/6/2016Subject: Shalom Simon and YHWH bless you
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I have purchased some materials from you in October last pagan year that I have given to some truth seeking people but the reason why I am emailing you is different so please let me explain.

I have watched you videos and I know you are an explorer who love to research the truth and test everything as mentioned in the scriptures.
About 5 years ago when I watched all videos recorded by Ron Wyatt I have prayed to almighty Yahweh that I also would love to go to Midian and the real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. {Galatians 4:25 The Mt Sinai is in SA)
Shortly after our heavenly father answered me and I became to befriend some amazing people who truly managed to get there for example Aaron Sen or Lennart Moller from Carolinska Institue who wrote the very book you sell on your website.
After Yahweh has answered my prayers and put me in touch Aaron Sen (See attached photos} he has put me in touch Sylvain who is the only person on earth at this time who has access to the real Mt Sinai including going behind the fences to the Golden calf altar, Elijah cave, see the 12 pillars or the altar of sacrifice and much more including the real red see crossing and dive there. Nobody else has got that privilege. Sylvain knows the right people in the right places including Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Sylvain has organised a trip to Mount Sinai with a small group of people like yourself and they legally explored the real Mount Sinai and even climbed it and entered the Elijah cave,went behind the fences to see and touch the golden calf altar plus all else that is related to it. They even went to a split rock at Rephedim which was split by Moses and could see all water erosion.
Anyway the reason why I am emailing this to you Simon is because I wanted to go in October in 2015 but could not afford the trip and Sylvain is organising a second and last trip to the Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia but I can not afford it again so I decided to email you if you interested to go. I believe it would be an experience of a lifetime and you could even see the tree which is still on the very mount Sinai that could be the one that was not consumed.
The trip will be in the beginning of September this year/legal and perfectly safe. The group who went last year what they saw and experienced is only manageable when almighty Yah is willing to be with the people.
You can go and be one of them who will go in September. If you interested I will send you all emails from Sylvain including all the paperwork via PDF and the whole itinerary for the week.

As far as I know some of Ron Wyatt's relatives might be there also on this trip.
This will be the second trip done by Sylvain and the last due to many reason .One of them is that Tim Mahoney recorded a film called Patterns of Evidence and is recording a second film right now as I type this and its about the red see crossing and the real Mount Sinai so once this film is released ,Sylvain will no longer be able to get people over there safely as he can do that right now.
I am including the itinerary and the cost but if you interested please let me know and I will send you the rest of Sylvain's emails and what is required to obtain business visa to get there with him and the rest of the group. As I mentioned I would love to go as it was my answered prayer but I can not afford this cost.I wish it was half the price then perhaps I would not be typing this right now. Sylvain acknowledged that I can send you this information to you.

Sorry about this quick email but if you are seriously interested I will send you all contacts from Sylvain and he will provide an invitation letter from Saudi Arabian Prince for this trip so London SA Embassy will be able to issue you a business visa for this trip. Saudi Arabia does not do visa,its a place you just don't go there but they will be able to sort out Business visa for this trip.

Best regards

927  1/6/2016Subject: Really?
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Dear Simon

Well you were getting slowly more and more weird in your teaching - so it does not surprise me.
I say this lovingly....
I had intended to write before - but assumed I could not change your mind.
However, here are my comments....

You will now be able to fit in with the Jehovah's Witnesses.
I witness to them regularly - and I am sure they can grasp all the passages I give them - showing that Jesus is God.
They cannot, of course, admit to this - but they have no answers to the Scriptures I give them.

I have have attached a leaflet I made to show them the error of their teaching.

If Jesus is not God - then we are dead in our trespasses and sins - without hope and without God in this world.
The Trinity is a major Christian doctrine.
Sure, we don't understand it all - but how can we with our tiny finite minds?

Please pray again - God doesn't mind us getting it wrong.
I have been deceived by the Faith Movement and the Hebrew Roots Movement.
Seeing the error has strengthened my faith and enabled me to help others - and of course, humbled me.
So, in a way, I thank God that I was deceived.

I know you are sincere - and truly believe you have found the correct doctrine.
But please, please pray again for God's guidance on this.

Our Lord bless you. ... and-you-will-see-how.html

926  14/5/2016Trinity from bill de paus
Bill de Paus 
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Greetings from down under, Simon I have read your article with great interest because I have always believed that the trinity is a hoax. I recalled about 20 years ago I said in a home fellowship discussing the trinity and when I said what I thought about it he (leader) nearly trowed me outside. I have been corrected many times but so what if you want to follow Jesus you will get persecuted. Many Christians are confused about the diety of our Lord Jesus. When they pray they mostly pray to Jesus, but Jesus himself tought us to pray to God the Father in my name, because Jesus is the mediator between an almighty God, (when you face Him face to face you die)and mankind. I believe Jesus is raised up to the highest place and deserves to be praised and honnored and receive all glory, but Jesus is not God the Father. The story of Joseph in Egypt where God raised him up to be ruler over all of Egypt and the pharaoh said remember that I am pharaoh but you will be in charge. This is a picture of Jesus reigning.
In Proverbs 8:22 it mentioned that Jesus game forth (born) in the beginning pointing out that Jesus had a beginning and that God the Father used Him to create the earth.
Now I believe that God has no beginning and no end otherwise He would not be God!
Thinking about this drives your mind crazy.
Almost all churches are on the wrong path, but not all Christians. Watch on youtube the last reformation, that is and find out why the church is where it is now. I hope I have not bored you with this email and I thank you for me to be on your mailing list.
Greetings in Jesus name
Bill de Paus

925  14/5/2016Re: Let Me Reveal To You, The TRINITY Theory Is A Lunatics Theory? By Simon Brown
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Have you become a "Jehovah's Witness"?

924  14/5/2016Subject: Re: The Pagan Trinity
Reg Hartt 
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The seed has the parents in it. This is as true of each of us as it of the
acorn, the squash or any other seed. The seed of Wisdom (Sofia) has always
been seen as female so that the Holy Ghost represents the female aspect of
the Godhead while the Father represents the male. The son, in whom both
dwell, is the fruit of the two.

The Holy Ghost is Wisdom. The Father is understanding without which wisdom
is nothing.

I gave you Huxley on The Trinity.

I'll take him any day over all the rest as he, at least, lived in this
world and was not afraid of it.

Years ago, when my father was living with me, I discerned his living
presence within me. Then I discerned the presence of my father's father. I
asked my Dad if he ever felt the presence of his father in him. "Yes," he

Frank Herbert deals with this idea of our ancestors being alive in each of
us in his DUNE series of novels.

The truth is that all our ancestors live in us going back to the very

When we begin the process of trusting that which is within us we begin the
process of centering our self, of becoming one with everything that was, is
and will be.

This you have not done. When you have done it you will see that The Father,
The Son and The Holy Spirit are one within you, are one within each of us.

Men argue over small points such as whether or not to have "Thine is the
power and the glory" at the end of the Lord's Prayer. When men forget what
this is really all about they begin to kill each other over doctrine.

The thing is that once we understand all this we can say as I say with
Jesus, "Destroy this house. In three days I will rebuild it."

Having more than once allowed myself to be destroyed I know from experience
this is true.

There were two seeds planted at the beginning: One from God, One from the
Adversary. EVE is the garden. The child of the Adversary, Cain, murdered
the seed planted by God, Abel.

Since then there has been and continues to be a war between the Children of
God and the Children of the Adversary. The Children of God allow themselves
to be destroyed by the Children of the Adversary knowing that they (we)
will be raised up.

I first began to understand this in 1981 when I allowed a dog that had been
run over by a car to bite me. The moment it did it stopped. I can still see
the small dent it left in my finger not even piercing the skin. I can still
see the calmness that came over it when it learned I could be trusted.

Right now, you are in elementary school, grade one really, but you act as
if you have graduated.

You have not. You are wrong. In your wrongness you are doing much harm.

Nonetheless, like the harm that was done to the body of Jesus this harm is
not, though it may well appear to be, mortal.

--Reg Hartt

> Subject: Re: The Pagan Trinity
> Simon,
> I like you. I like what you are trying to do. The truth that sets us free
> does not lead to the confessional. I parted company with Constantine and
> Rome long ago.
> I take my direction from Jesus. The hardest of his teachings (and, as I
> wrote, the one just about everyone ignores) is "Resist Not Evil."
> I first read those words in the Wilhelm/Baynes Edition of THE I CHING which
> adds that when we do evil the favour of resisting it directly we give it
> the weapons with which it overcomes us.
> I have a multitude of NEW TESTAMENT translations. All of them, being from
> the hand of man, are open to error. The very word "Testament" is proof of
> that. A scribe's error changed "COVENANT" to "TESTAMENT." The error has
> been with us ever since.
> Is Jesus God incarnate? To my mind, yes. To yours, no. If it is not true in
> time God will make it clear to me (although it is extremely clear to me now
> HE IS/I AM). If it is true, in time God will make it true to you.
> In THE SHROUD OF TURIN we have a perfect testament NOT MADE BY HUMAN HANDS.
> The biggest impact Constantine had was to state that JESUS IS THE ONLY
> The entire NEW COVENANT makes it clear that Jesus is THE FIRST of the
> begotten children of God and that we, you, I, and everyone are through
> faith on his name begotten children of God.
> Constantine did that because he could not rule an empire of equals.
> Nonetheless, as we know from Scripture, Satan (the Adversary) must first
> get permission from God before he can act.
> That means that whatever happened, whatever happens it is by the will of
> God.
> If God allows Satan to bring his power against me it is because God knows I
> can withstand that power.
> For nearly twenty years I have had an adversary who has used every vile
> scheme he can conjure up to bring destruction down upon my house.
> My house is built on a foundation of rock. The storm brought against it has
> been full of magnificent fury.
> What this person has done is to make me stronger, through faith, than I
> ever dreamed I could be. He has also given me through his determination to
> destroy me the great gift of a deeper understanding of the word.
> We are called to love those who do us harm. Those are easy words to say.
> The trick is to put them into practice.
> Anything less is hypocrisy.
> Someone asked me once what I thought the best revenge. He flew into a rage
> when I replied, "To have former friends friends again."
> --Reg Hartt

923  14/5/2016Re: The Pagan Trinity
Reg Hartt 
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Let's move on to FAITH which, clearly, you lack for with FAITH comes that peace which passes all understanding, that PEACE which allows the storm to rage.

Did Moses have a Lexicon when told from the Burning Bush, "I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you.'"?

Do you or I need one (yes, I read it)?

The answer is no.

As I said, you are in first grade but act like you have graduated.

Too bad.

922  14/5/2016Re: Study of Oahspe Looeamong, Constantine, and The Roman Empire
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Constantine was political leader not a Pope.
He was violent and got batized just before his death.
He was a murdered.
You can find on line all you need,

921  14/5/2016Re: Great defenders of Trinitarian faith were popes?
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Yes, of course and the so called Protestants also follow the Pope!

920  14/5/2016Constantine
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Constantine was a Roman emperor and never a Pope!
He certainly helped the churches to unite in the Trinitarian view of God
Please read When Jesus became God, by Rubenstein.


919  14/5/2016Re: The Pagan Trinity
Reg Hartt 
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The word "Pagan" simply means "not committed." There are and were no Pagan religions. It was a Roman term meaning those not in the army. One can not borrow from what does not exist. 

918  12/5/2016Re: This will SHOCK you to the core. The TRUTH of How the Gospels were created. What the Church DO N
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917  12/5/2016Re: This will SHOCK you to the core. The TRUTH of How the Gospels were created. What the Church DO N
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dear Simon
i see your slide into apostasy is getting worse - you are not only denying the Deity of Christ but now attacking the integrity of the New Testament itself
please take me off your list

916  12/5/2016You have no need that any man should teach you
Reg Hartt 
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1 John 2:27King James Version (KJV)

27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. ( ... 1+John+2%3A27&version=KJV).

To accept this calls for Faith. To reject this is to show complete lack of Faith.

Yesterday while out posting flyers for my programs I approached two Jehovah's Witnesses who were street proselytizing to invite them to see THE SHROUD OF TURIN.

They rejected the flyer I offered them. They said, "We have THE BIBLE as the word of God."

Of course, I expected their reaction to be what it was. Long ago I was told not to waste time speaking to Jehovah's Witnesses nor to Scientologists. Nonetheless, it is my time. I will spend it how I choose.

I said to them, "Do you know what Moses said before he was taken to glory? He said, "

Deuteronomy 30:11-14King James Version (KJV)

11 For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off.

12 It is not in heaven, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go up for us to heaven, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?

13 Neither is it beyond the sea, that thou shouldest say, Who shall go over the sea for us, and bring it unto us, that we may hear it, and do it?

14 But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it. ( ... my+30%3A11-14&version=KJV).

I include the link to Biblegateway so that if The King James is not suitable for you, you can pick an alternate which is more to your liking.

I added that today Moses would say, "This word is NOT found in a book lest you ask, 'Who taught us to read?"

Your failure is a common one:

John 1:1-13King James Version (KJV)

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

2 The same was in the beginning with God.

3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

7 The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.

8 He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

9 That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. ( ... ohn+1%3A+1-14&version=KJV)

The Good News (Gospel) of Jesus is not just that he was/is the Begotten Son of God but also that we are, even to those who believe on his name, "born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."

Jesus is the FIRST of the begotten children of God. We, you, I, are also BEGOTTEN BY GOD.

The slaves, the lowest of the low, of First Century Christianity understood this. In Jesus they knew themselves raised not only to equality with their masters but also and more importantly with the very GOD who has begotten us.

Now it takes FAITH to accept this. It takes FAITH to live it.

Were such FAITH easy to come by all would have it. Such FAITH is not easy to come by.

In fact, I have found at this moment no one other than myself who has this FAITH.

Paul wrote, "If God is for us who can stand against us?"

All of these continued attacks on the Roman Catholic Church, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity on your part demonstrate not FAITH but rather lack of FAITH.

We are here to save. We are not here to condemn nor are we here to judge. We are here to save.

Saving another means giving that other the great patience that GOD has given us. This is why God loves a person who has sinned much and had a change of heart for the better over one who thinks they have sinned little. As Jesus said, "Those forgiven much, love much. Those forgiven little, love little."

THE BIBLE as we have it is a testament, however it may or may note have been inspired, created by human hands. As such, inescapably, it is prone to error both of composition and of translation.

THE SHROUD OF TURIN is a work not created by human hands. As such its testimony is clear, loud and shining.

As I look upon what Jesus suffered at the hands of those who opposed him with all that they could muster I find that the forces I find myself opposing pale by comparison.

I gad two dogs I raised from pups. One was always eager to be with me. The other, by nature, was contrary. He wanted to go his own way.

One day while walking them freely (without leashes) I found the contrary fellow across the street.

When he saw that I had seen this he shrugged his body as he said, Damn!" Then he slowly and begrudgingly started across the steet towards me.

At the same moment, in the distance an approaching car sped up. I could see that the driver meant to kill my dog.

I started to shout, "STOP!" Then, in the instant before I did I realized that my little fellow thought me angry with him. If I did that he would be killed.

What to do?

I did not even ask the question. At once I dropped to the ground to his level. I said, "Good dog!" I smiled.

At that his personality changed completely. Instead of trudging he sped up just enough that the car in passing (which did not slow down) just grazed his tail.

Through a change pf heart and through understanding on my part he was saved.

I did not acquire a replica of THE SHROUD OF TURIN to anchor my faith, to put my finger in the wounds on the body of Jesus.

My FAITH was anchored years ago.

I got it so that I could listen to what it has to say to me.

I do not need Science to confirm to me that this is the cloth that wrapped the body of Jesus in the tomb. Nor do I need Science to prove to me beyond doubt that the image on it is the image of Jesus at the precise moment of his resurrection.

I knew these things are true long ago just as I know, from trusting Moses, that the word of God is not found in a book. It is found in my heart and on my tongue.

What is clear to me is that you, Simon Brown, do not know this.

If you did you would not concern yourself with things which are only distractions.

The Son Of Man came to save sinners.

This anti-Roman Catholic agenda you carry condemns.

Get rid of it.

--Reg Hartt

915  12/5/2016Re: your Scripture verses. WHO ARE THE 5 FOOLISH VIRGINS? FIND OUT NOW...
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A man is a spirit who lives in a body and has a soul. Thus a man is a person of three dimensions -- a trinity.

It's quite amazing that each of us simple little humans can be a trinity, yet the infinite Almighty God cannot be.



914  6/5/2016Re: your Scripture verses
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Thank you Simon.

Are you aware that most people ignore KEY salvation verses and passages in the Bible? Like Luke 14:25-33, namely verse 27 which says: And whoever does not bear his cross, and come after Me, cannot be My disciple. We must follow Him, conducting ourselves as He conducted Himself.

John 3:16 is a truly great verse, but universally misunderstood. If we ignore Luke 14:27, we cannot receive the benefit of John 3:16.

The popular "Roman road to salvation" leaves out some of the most important parts of Romans, such as 2:6-13, 8:4, and more.


913  4/5/2016Subject: your Scripture verses
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Dear Emma:

I really appreciate your website!

As I heard you speak on one of your webpages, I was amazed that you shared some of the same Scriptures I like to share with people, namely verses like Isaiah 2:22, Psalm 118:8-9, Psalm 146:3. As you know, there are many more like these. I wrote a Bible study on them entitled GOD MUST BE YOUR ONLY TEACHER, which includes salvation verses mostly ignored today.

You're the only person I'm aware of (besides me) who likes to share the above verses. As you know, such verses are largely ignored today.

Keep up the good work!


912  22/4/2016about the trinity?
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Hey friend…. I wanted to connect with you as an explorer… as i respect all your discoveries… and you have helped me see things never seen before. Perhaps you see something now that you want to share with me about the trinity? Maybe you discovered some new truths? Can you help me see your views on this?

I love you! Hey, while you are praying, mention my mum she is slowly drifting off into the Lord’s care..

911  21/4/2016John
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910  21/4/2016Cheap goods
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909  18/4/2016John
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908  14/4/2016Subject: Enquiry Daniel
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I am unemployed and i want to lead people to christ With a few of your Dvd's But i need your assistance with shipping if you can do that for me that would be great! God Bless


907  10/4/2016Subject: Re: Hello Mr. Simon & Emma
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Hello Mr. Simon,

I was extremely amaze watching the documentary "the true tomb of Jesus and the GREAT stone to the tomb" I thank you and the team for sharing such wonderful and tremendous discovering video on youtube.

If is possible to see video of "the great stone at Mount Nebo" then I'll be very happy, however I thank you once again for the uplifting video which elevated my heart in the LORD.

Thank you.

Warm regard,
Nigerian living in Turkey

906  9/4/2016John
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Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thanks bkecdggaggdeefck

905  9/4/2016Cheap goods
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Hello! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be okay. I'm undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts. kbgdfbcfeddg

904  3/4/2016still need to know god more and understand
brian stemp 
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hi simon I am so interested in what you say,so I wold like your info more please

903  3/4/2016Re: New message via your website, from
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Thank you so much Brother Simon Brown, got very quick and favorable reply... God Bless you and your Ministry abundantly. plz pray for our Ministry and Orphna home in India.

with kind regards


902  3/4/2016The Exodus Conspiracy
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I watched all nine parts of this. It was uploaded by Tribal Yisrael X, a sect which believes unless a Judahite or other Israelite is black, they are liars. I do not believe in racism, and we have Jews of every color, let alone the other tribes that will return as well as those adopted in back in the Torah and explained by Saul/Paul in Romans 11, meaning they are part of the commonwealth of Israel. Anyway, The Exodus Conspiracy never came out due to so much information and wrong time frame for the Exodus that they changed the name to Patterns of Evidence Exodus. A well done documentary Timothy Mahoney, using Kevin Sorbo as narrator. Mahoney went on a twelve year search the world over looking for the truth. It rather makes the nine part you tube rendering lame, though there is truth to it. It breaks my heart that many of the movement's like the one who put the nine part Exodus Conspiracy despise those of us who are not of like color. It is sad, yet understandable. We have evidence that dark skinned Israelites were sold by African tribal chiefs to white Europeans to be slaves. I am Hebrew and Gentile, and a believer in Yeshua/Jesus. Blessings to both of you.

901  20/3/2016Proof of your theory.....
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Hello Simon,

I have seen your docu on u-tube about Sodom and Gomorah is ie a great discovery.
This week earlier i saw this Docu below, it could be a proof to your theory.
Look very good on the “patterns”. ( at 29.05 min i twill be clearer 

With high regards,


Fundamental Network

900  7/3/2016Lot's Wife
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To Mr. Brown: First of all I wish all is well you. In your book ''Our Search of Sodom and Gomorrah'' you invite readers to contact you if they have queries or add information or even feedback.
In pag. 82 and I quote '' We showed him a picture....... if this was a cave modified fir human habitation,where was the entrance? I do not understand Mr. Tubb illogical affirmation or I am not getting the point of the entire top paragraph.
Any news whether salt can actually change color or could it be that the statue you propose in the book really is Lot's wife? Because on surfing the internet there seems to be another statue which is slimmer and taller with a cilendre stone on the head.
My only concern is that if too many people go there there will be no more brimstone left.
My Regards to You .

899  25/2/2016Subject: King Tut and his father
Daniel Inabnit 
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I do believe King Tut was more than likely the first born of the pharaoh of the exodus. However I think scripture precludes that pharaoh surviving the Red Sea crossing.

Ex. 14:28 And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them.

Ex. 15:19 For the horse of Pharaoh went in with his chariots and with his horsemen into the sea, and the LORD brought again the waters of the sea upon them; but the children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea.

I might add that paternal DNA are not fool proof and are not accepted in all legal systems.
Paternity Tests: Blood Tests and DNA. Paternity can be determined by highly accurate tests conducted on blood or tissue samples of the father (or alleged father), mother and child. These tests have an accuracy range of between 90 and 99 percent

On page 164 of the book by Dr. Lennart Moller - "The Exodus Case" (excellent on Sodom, Gomorrah as well) there is a peculiar letter that is quite amazing. Highly recommend this resource!

May God richly bless you,

Daniel Inabnit

898  23/2/2016Subject: Akhenaten (1350s - 1330s BC)
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When I saw the dates (Akhenaten (1350s - 1330s BC)) it reminded me of this:The fulfillment of the 70 Jubilees began in 1416 BC when the children of Israel entered Canaan. It will end 3,431 years later in 2016 AD when God’s children will enter heavenly Canaan. Here is the link: ... om/70jubilees/abolish.htm

Thanks for all your work Simon- blessings!!!

897  16/2/2016Re: enquiry Christa your full postal address.
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Secondly do you'll have cash on delivery option?


On Tuesday, 16 February 2016 11:40 PM, Diana wrote:


I want to grow in God so i saw abt the free copies of book and dvd you'll are giving , can u plese tell what will be th shipping cost to India,

I am from Goa , India. my name is Diana


896  11/2/2016The Surprising Origins of the Trinity Doctrine
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That is true Simon but how does that make Jesus a created being ?
Surely that just confirms his deity ?

I've been looking at what you have been researching recently and some of the the things that you now say you believe

And that you now believe that Jesus is not God manifested as man But a created being !

and I have no desire to enter into some long drawn out debate over this with you Simon
But I will tell you this Simon and that is That I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT JESUS CHRIST IS GOD MANIFESTED IN THE FLESH !

this is a Fact based on my own personal super natural transformation that the very foundation of my faith is based upon !

My faith was built on this very revelation and if this is not true then my faith is in vain and my salvation and transformation is no more than a positive state of mind !

A mindset that I have created for myself !

Well I know this is not possible as I know that I myself could not bring about the changes that have taken place in my life NO WAY PAL !

I have also seen similar transformations in others that will testify to you the same thing !

So I'm not sure where you stand on this subject now as it seems to me that you are bouncing all over the place from one point of view to the other !

My advice to you simon would be to put your ministry to one side for 6 months and stop all this pointless debating online and actually take the time to read Gods word from Genesis to revelation and at the same time seek God through prayer and ask him to Give you the revelation of his Word


It really is that simple mate !

Simon this is what being in the word is all about !

Only when you are truly in Gods word and seeking God in prayer can you receive this revelation and understanding of the full context of what the scriptures are saying !

Doing endless study and research online and debating with fools and trolls is NOT BEING IN GODS WORD !

You might also find that if you do take the time to do this God will also place it upon your heart to prepare yourself and your family to survive the great tribulation and make it through to the POST TRIBULATION RAPTURE !

The same way that God told Noah and his family to prepare to survive the flood which was their GREAT TRIBULATION !

This is all Scripture my friend but to personally understand this you must be In Gods word daily seeking the revelation that can only come from taking the time and effort to seek God in this way !

Simon I like you mate you have a good heart on you but I fear that your obsessiveness to prove all things to all people at all times has opened you up to deception from all the false Christ's that The apostle Paul and the Lord himself warned us about that would arise In the last days to deceive us away from the simple revelation that Jesus Christ is God manifested as man !

Please don't bombard me with endless doctrine on how I am wrong and you are right as like I said my faith is based on The very revelation of Christ's deity !

What you chose to do and believe is up to you and I prey you seek God on all this diligently and that you too receive this revelation and that you start to prepare you and your family to survive the great tribulation that is now upon us !

Simon I have no need or desire to discuss the divinity of Christ with you or with anyone as I have my own personal transformation to rely upon and I seek the truth through my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and his word !

If you truly believe that Jesus Christ is a created being then you have already become deceived and I can no longer walk with you as the word says not to associate with fools !

Sorry Simon but this is a total deception and I prey you see this and turn back from the path you are on.

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Simon, 7th day adventists are Trinitarians
Adventism is nothing to do with it.
You are rejecting Matt and Luke.
The firstborn is a preeminent Son and Jesus is that
Since you are interested in begetting tell me about Matt 1 :18 20 and Luke 1:35 and I John 5:18
Paul is the last place for you to start!
Then tell me about Ps 110:1
You believe Jesus was an angel!!! You don’t seem to want to say this.
But you imply this
You know he was never God, and so who and what he in the supposed Preexistence?
Please answer,

894  11/2/2016Yeshua
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John 20:28Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”
John 17:11I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one.
Zechariah 3 Then he showed me Joshua(A) the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan[a](B) standing at his right side to accuse him. 2 The Lord (Yahovah 2) said to Satan, “The Lord (Yahovah 1) rebuke you,(C) Satan! The Lord (Yahovah 1), who has chosen(D)Jerusalem, rebuke you!
No can see God’s face yet so many have- this is Jesus, no one has seen the father except Jesus


893  11/2/2016Re: Permission
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Dear brother Brown,

I was amazed by the full story on the tomb stone! I send you the link to the short clip, mentioning the vital evidence of the stone. Can I get your permission to use that clip and add subtitles to it? I would like to make it available to Dutch people ... I would like to make the clip publicly available on YouTube. Is that okay with you? At the end of the clip I will mention your website and your name (so people can buy the original DVD movie).



892  11/2/2016Jesus & The Father.
Send Email to %s ... n+14%3A+8--14&version=CEB

John 14:8-14Common English Bible (CEB)

8 Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father; that will be enough for us.”

9 Jesus replied, “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been with you all this time? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.

That is about as clear as it can get.

Not only that but also this is even more bold: (

John 1Common English Bible (CEB)

Story of the Word
1 In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God
and the Word was God.
The Word was with God in the beginning.
Everything came into being through the Word,
and without the Word
nothing came into being.
What came into being
through the Word was life,[a]
and the life was the light for all people.
The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.
6 A man named John was sent from God. 7 He came as a witness to testify concerning the light, so that through him everyone would believe in the light.8 He himself wasn’t the light, but his mission was to testify concerning the light.

The true light that shines on all people
was coming into the world.
The light was in the world,
and the world came into being through the light,
but the world didn’t recognize the light.
The light came to his own people,
and his own people didn’t welcome him.
But those who did welcome him,
those who believed in his name,
he authorized to become God’s children,
born not from blood
nor from human desire or passion,
but born from God.

When we understand this we, too, can say, "I and the Father are one. Before Abraham was, I AM."

Blasphemy? No. The truth? Yes. -Reg Hartt

Go to BIBLEGATEWAY for alternate translations.


891  11/2/2016Is Jesus GOD?
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Dear Simon,

I am concerned with what you have posted in your latest email blog. I believe that you are a generous guy who wants to find truth and not just accept others’ opinions. Your email is not clear and seems to say Jesus pre-existed Abraham but was not God in the eternal past. If this is so then it is a serious error and is something the early church had to face. The divinity of Christ (and the Holy Spirit) as a distinct person in the Godhead is a mystery that defies human comprehension and is something theologians wrestle with.
You seem to be hinting that Jesus was a created being and use the Colossians 1:15-21 scripture “… “And He is the image of the invisible God, the first-born of all creation. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities — all things have been created by Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the first-born from the dead; so that He Himself might come to have first place in everything. For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross; through Him, I say, whether things on earth or things in heaven.”
To be first-born in ancient cultures was not a term that was primarily time related but was positional and referred to authority and place of importance.
Six times the Lord Jesus is declared to be the first-born of God (see Romans 8:29; Colossians 1:15, 18; Hebrews 1:6; 12:23; Revelation 1:5). These passages declare the preexistence, the sovereignty, and the redemption that Christ offers.
The interpretation of Col 1:15 you seem to be offering is an error that Jehovah Witnesses fall into. It makes the pre-existent Word of God a created being.

You have made something of the greek word for I AM not being in capitals in the Gk. text. I believe you will find that no word in the Gk. text is in capitals as NT Gk. does not have capitals or punctuation marks. This argument is therefore irrelevant.

Jesus knew what He was doing when He used the “tetragrammaton” - the name of God from Exodus and He knew what response religious Jews would have when He used it.

John 1 is very clear (unless you use the Watch Tower Bible) that Jesus was the divine Logos and that as the Word of God He created all there is and upholds all there is by the Word of His power. He 3:3 He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high,
Vines expository dictionary says:
Only Begotten:
is used five times, all in the writings of the Apostle John, of Christ as the Son of God; it is translated "only begotten" in Hbr 11:17 of the relationship of Isaac to Abraham.
With reference to Christ, the phrase "the only begotten from the Father," Jhn 1:14, RV (see also the marg.), indicates that as the Son of God He was the sole representative of the Being and character of the One who sent Him. In the original the definite article is omitted both before "only begotten" and before "Father," and its absence in each case serves to lay stress upon the characteristics referred to in the terms used. The Apostle's object is to demonstrate what sort of glory it was that he and his fellow Apostles had seen. That he is not merely making a comparison with earthly relationships is indicated by para, "from." The glory was that of a unique relationship and the word "begotten" does not imply a beginning of His Sonship. It suggests relationship indeed, but must be distinguished from generation as applied to man.
We can only rightly understand the term "the only begotten" when used of the Son, in the sense of unoriginated relationship. "The begetting is not an event of time, however remote, but a fact irrespective of time. The Christ did not become, but necessarily and eternally is the Son. He, a Person, possesses every attribute of pure Godhood. This necessitates eternity, absolute being; in this respect He is not 'after' the Father" (Moule). The expression also suggests the thought of the deepest affection, as in the case of the OT word yachid, variously rendered, "only one," Gen 22:2,12; "only son," Jer 6:26; Amo 8:10; Zec 12:10; "only beloved,"Pro 4:3, and "darling," Psa 22:20; 35:17.
In Jhn 1:18 the clause "The Only Begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father," expresses both His eternal union with the Father in the Godhead and the ineffable intimacy and love between them, the Son sharing all the Father's counsels and enjoying all His affections. Another reading is monogenes Theos, "God only-begotten." In Jhn 3:16 the statement, "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son," must not be taken to mean that Christ became the Only Begotten Son by Incarnation. The value and the greatness of the gift lay in the Sonship of Him who was given. His Sonship was not the effect of His being given. In Jhn 3:18 the phrase "the Name of the Only Begotten Son of God" lays stress upon the full revelation of God's character and will, His love and grace, as conveyed in the name of One who, being in a unique relationship to Him, was provided by Him as the object of faith. In 1Jo 4:9 the statement "God hath sent His Only Begotten Son into the world" does not mean that God sent out into the world one who at His birth in Bethlehem had become His Son. Cp. the parallel statement, “God sent forth the Spirit of His Son," Gal 4:6, RV, which could not mean that God sent forth One who became His Spirit when He sent Him.

Yet He laid aside all His right to be equal with God as He was the exact form of God and became flesh and a true Son of Man and now has incorporated a glorified human being in the Godhead. How amazing is the Lord, O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!
This is of course a massive subject that has exercised minds for millennia. When I get a bit more time I’ll send you some excellent material by a friend of mine (now with the Lord) that proves Christ’s Divinity.

Don’t forget Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Love to you in Him


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Hello Simon,
I pray you are well, and thank you for continuing to share the word. I did have to pause when I read this recent email. Although I don't believe that this is an issue of salvation, I do believe the word is clear when it comes to the divinity of Jesus. I believe it's difficult to defend the theological idea of Jesus and The Father being separate when we read the beginning passages of Revelation. I believe this is Jesus revealing himself to be the God of the Old Testament through the many passages when "the LORD" declares himself as the "first and the last"...

With meekness and love, Robert

John 1:1
1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2The same was in the beginning with God. 3All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.4In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

John 1:14
14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Isaiah 41-4 "Who hath wrought and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? I the LORD, the first, and with the last; I am he.

1The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John: 2Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw. 3Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.
John Greets the Seven Churches
4John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne; 5And from Jesus Christ,who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, 6And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. 7Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.
8I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.
John's Vision on Patmos
9I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. 10I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet, 11Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.
12And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks; 13And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. 14His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. 16And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.
17And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: 18I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. 19Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter; 20The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.

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Dear Simon
you should not do your theology by reading random articles from the internet because there is all kinds of rubbish out there claiming to be true.
you should read proper theology books - the 4th century theory about the trinity is a classic example
- just because many anti-trinitarian cults (eg JWs) put this about on the internet does not make it true.
the biblical evidence for the Deity of Christ and His equality with the Father is massive.
you should read: 'Jesus the evidence' by Josh Mcdowell for a starter

dear Simon
if you read any proper church history book - as this article also agrees - the roman catholic church as we know it now (with the pope) did not even exist in the 4th century - that was a later development - so using arguments that try to evoke people's anti-catholic feelings are deceptive.
if you read the scripture and the church fathers before nicea you will see the deity of Christ has always been the belief of the church
Nicea simply confirmed it in the face of the recent Arian heresy.
again i urge you to read proper theological/church history books when you do your research rather than just internet surfing
for example 'Jesus as God' - by Murray Harris, deals with all the pasages where Jesus is called Theos = God in the new testament.
in John 20:28 when Thomas said to Jesus, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus received His worship and His declaration as true, and held him forth as an example of faith,
then in v31 John says his book was written that we might have this faith in Jesus as Lord and God and through this faith possess eternal life.
whatever your position on the Trinity to reject the Deity of Christ is a deception of the most serious nature.
2 Corinthians 11:4For if he who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted—you may well put up with it!


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Blessings Simon,

Hope all is well with you and your wife. I have a couple of comments on this particular post.

Whenever someone takes the words of the KJV back to a Greek source I have to ask which Greek lexicon? Most use the corrupt and more recently found Vaticanus and Sinaiticus as sources.

Also, Exodus 3:14 in whole states "And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

Have you ever read my novel The Throne of God? I wrote it 20 years ago after being inspired by a message I either heard or came to me so strong I thought I heard it. It was "he sitteth in the temple" referring to scripture from 2nd Thessalonians.

I am now writing the non-fiction version. The two things about that statement I heard is the message that the antichrist goes into a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and sits in the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant and that the vernacular of the statement with "sitteth" being used confirms the providential care of the KJV of the Bible.

This is also the message in Jude. I don't think it's any coincidence that Jude immediately precedes Revelation. Jude tells us to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the Saints. Then he brings into remembrance the Exodus and Sodom and Gomorrah; two of the recently found discoveries.

Just using using deductive reasoning I have to believe there is one Word of God in the English language that is inerrant. You can't hold up a KJV and a NIV in each hand and say both are inerrant. They have different words and meanings in enough scriptures to warrant a copyright for the NIV. There is no copyright for the KJV.

Pointing from the words of the KJV translators, who unanimously agreed using all available manuscripts and translations from other languages some of which were not available to recent revisionists, to a singular Greek lexicon to me is suspect.

I hope you take this in the spirit it's given. I really appreciate your work and thought I owe it to you to share my thoughts.

I'll share more on my book as I finish or as asked.

God Bless You, Brother,

Val ... sunderstood-greatest.html

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I now can't direct people to your now heretical site. I want no part of this rank devilish heresy. I am informing Michelle to remove all links.

Subject: read this only an infidel would no unsertand this plain scripture

Psalm 45:6 Interlinear: Thy throne, O God, is age-during, and for ever, A sceptre of uprightness Is the sceptre of Thy kingdom. 45:6-7

With Hebrews 1:8 God calls the Son God or Elohim!!! God is speaking and addresses The Son by saying "O Elohim."

ll Peter 1:16 referring to Jesus on the holy mountain when His Shekinah or Glory (Doxa-God says "I will NOT share my Doxa Glory with anyone else"...there is no OTHER god/God besides Me...before Me or after Me ") shone through even brighter than the sun ;calls Him a title only ascribed to God. He calls Him His" Majesty." Same Greek word in Hebrews 1:3 b The (Gk.) Majesty clearly refers to God. If Jesus were not God this would be blasphemy. It is a grave sin to worship anyone but God yet all of the angels (who were created by Jesus the Son) "worshipped" Him and continue to do so. Heb.1:6 The Seraphim whom the Son created worship Him saying Holy THREE times (TRINITY) over and over. See Rev.4:8 Holy three times and over.
John says Isaiah SAW the Son in this vision "I saw the Lord[Son] sitting upon a Throne..."! Isaiah 6 1-8. with Jn. 12:41

You have gone so far that you deny the Person of the Holy Spirit too? Be very careful on this too -if you have-but especially this Matthew 12:31-32 ;Mark 3:22-30; Luke 11:14-20
He speaks as does Jesus and READ what the Sprit says too. Rev.2:17;11;17;29; 3 :6 ;13:22 ;14:13 22:17 ;Isa. 40:13-14 with l Co.2:10-16 The Spirit is called God by Peter Acts 5:1-4 Verse 9 He can be tested. He can be blasphemed- as given already -a Person just as one can do this to God. He even choses missionaries ! Acts 13 :2-4; He has joy l Thess.1:6 ;He leads Rom.8:14; He makes intercession for us.*;26;He has a divine Mind.v27;Eph.430 He can be grieved. Personal pronouns are used of Him and in many other places. Jn. chapters 14-16

Rev.5:1-14 they Worship and praise the Lamb or the Son. verse 8;14 Jesus is 'IN the Middle' Gk. of the throne and they are worshipping Him that sits on the throne!!! Rev.. 7:9-17; Rev.1:8;10-11 with 17
This praise is for God only; but since the Son is Deity He accepts this adoration. He is 'IN the throne' and He is also in the CENTER v.6 of all that is in heaven!!!

And much , much more. I have to work I am prez of my own company ,otherwise, I could spend more time and post more details, etc.. I just post enough when I can.
John 1: 1 stands John calls Jesus God!!!
You are wrong wrong!!! Stubborn as a "novice" as Paul says and are 'lifted up in pride.' It's waste of my time. Paul says an Elder is to give 'two warnings' to a heretic then' reject' them. You are being 'led captive' by Satan to see and belittle Jesus WHO is VERY God!!! You refuse counsel. You know more than all Greek and Hebrew scholars and all placed together.
You will not see as he has blinded your mind.


886  5/2/2016urgent request
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Dear Simon and Emma Brown

I'm Paolo Benini, evangelical pastor, passionate in biblical archeology, my main study are the Dead Sea Scroll discoveries,

This Morning i traid many time to bay from your Web side "The Exodus Case", I did all my best to buy, but I d'nt reach my goal. Please let me know how to do.

Becasue I'm frequently in the US let me know if is better to ship me in Switzerland or in the States?

I need this book to make gifts to missionairies students I'm training for church planting.

Thank you and God bless you,


885  30/1/2016Enquiry Online Service
Online Service 
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What religion you are guys? Awesome site. :)

884  23/1/2016Re: Real Discoveries Online Store - Order
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Dear Simon and Emma

Thank you for the book, it arrived safely today and will be flying out to Jerusalem on Monday. i have watched your hunger for real discoveries grow and grow over the years to become a vital ministry that provides evidence of the truth and trustworthiness of the bible and our Lord. Fantastic, may you receive more revelation on new discoveries that will convince the world of everyone’s need to receive Jesus as their Saviour and Lord


883  14/1/2016permission to include clips from Bible story video for ministry training purposes
Jonathan Woodard 
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Hi Simon,
My director is making a non-commercial video training series for oral learners (including illiterate people) who wish to receive Bible and ministry training. In some cases, these people are the best qualified of their people group to present the gospel to their fellow members (eg. tribals)
They may not be ones to process and present the gospel using higher critical thinking. They may be illiterate, or have a third grade education. But they can tell stories of the Bible and make disciples, and even function as a minister. Sometimes they already do. But ideally there would be a unique type of training made for them. We have already received invitation to begin production within languages of S. Asia and Africa.

We have been taking clips from various Bible films with permission, and are presenting ministry training courses using video clips from these Bible films.

Would you allow us to use portions of the Rich Man and Lazarus video ( to form parts of this training course? It is called Oral Learners Bible Institute. This tells about it. The script to one of the lessons dealing with this account from Jesus is here: ... Th131%2016-30/Th131-29%20[The%20Temptation]%20ED.pdf The scrips for the first course is nearing completion, and are hosted here:

We’re seeking to use the video clip portions of the Rich Man and Lazarus video without the audio. The presenter would read the lesson material. We are seeking videos and clips to overlay on the lessons at a certain portion of the narration. We have very precise lessons that are 8-10 minutes long, ending with questions that help them process the lesson and prepare them for an oral exam with their proctor.

Once we are done, we are open to other evangelistic organization requesting to use the materials for their training. Each video would provide attribution (and website when available) to the film clip included.

For those videos that clips from the Gospel of John would be included in, it would be about be between 20%-50% of the 8-10 minute video. We would use the portions of the video without English writing, and not the audio from the video. It would be the portions of the video that line up with the Bible story that is being narrated.

Jonathan Woodard
Oral Learners Initiative
International Ministries

882  9/1/2016Subject: Re: Is Soul Sleep Biblical?
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Good article Simon and good work my brother I especially like your mention of us also being a trinity made up of body, spirit and soul as this is a great description of the trinity within us as like you sated we have also been made in the Mage of God !
This is you at your best Simon so keep up the good work and stay true to what you know in your heart and the knowledge of how very real our Lord Jesus Christ is as he Truly is our personal Lord and saviour !
Amen x ... n+Brown.&utm_medium=email

881  6/1/2016Who do you say that I Am? (Matt 16:15)
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Hi Simon,

I have been impressed and pleased with your excellent efforts to spread the information about the Shroud of Jesus. I consider the Shroud as the single most important witness the world has - a Silent Witness (as the original video documentary from 1978 calls it) - and you are extremely blessed to be one of the leading ministers promoting this important subject.

I will try my best to watch and listen to the comments of the scholars on the videos you forwarded.

In the meantime...
If I can give you my unprepared, un-researched brief statement of understanding on this subject, I hope it is correct and in-line with Scripture...

Perhaps the greatest mystery of the Bible is "Who really is Jesus Christ?" This is openly expressed by Jesus Himself in the New Testament in the following very important passage:

Who do you say that I Am? (Matt 16:15)

It is a matter of Biblical fact that in many passages of Scripture, that Jesus Himself is telling us that He is God (came from Heaven, pre-existed since eternity, He is the Alpha and Omega - the First and the Last [a title reserved for YHVH], and many other examples). Also, His enemies believed He was blaspheming when He forgave sins and when they said to each other: "What need do we have of any other witnesses - He has openly blasphemed" (Matt 26:65).

Also, His followers (disciples) understood Him to be God in the flesh.

For me, this understanding of Who Jesus Christ really is (God) - is probably the most important fact a person must come to grips with. It is clearly evident that many denominations do not have this understanding (Jehovah's Witnesses and many others).

Traditional Jewish understanding is clearly based on a Divine Messiah - YHVH coming in the flesh - to rescue (Save) mankind. Although many Jewish people today do not have this understanding, it is the understanding of traditional Jewish history and is written in their literature in many places - and there are many teachings available on this subject within the Jewish-Christian ministries.

For me this understanding is most important - Jesus is God Who came in the flesh...

I don't know much about the doctrines of the Trinity - 3 persons? etc.

The Bible clearly mentions the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - but I avoid calling it a holy trinity simply because the Bible does not call it a holy trinity. My preference is to not use the term "holy trinity" simply because the Bible does not use this term.

However, there is evidence in Jewish understanding that the number 3 is significant with respect to the knowledge of God - and this is based on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - this now is going into higher levels of study (Kabbalah/esoteric study). For me, I keep my understanding as simple as I can make it - based on Biblical facts, and for me - I don't use the term trinity, even though I know the Bible mentions the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for thinking of me, Simon...

880  22/12/2015Subject: Fwd: SIMON BROWN: Tribulation-Now Radio Ministry Show Invitation
Nancy Varner 
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Hello brother Simon,
This is Nancy from Tribulation-Now Radio Ministry. I help John (the host) to schedule guests and we were hoping you would join us live on the air to talk about your book, Discover the Truth About Hell/Hades. We would be honored to have you as a guest.

Please contact me, or John (contact information below); We would LOVE to hear from you!

Thank you so much and God Bless you.

​​Includes the Shocking Discovery and facts about Luke 16:19, The Rich Man and Lazarus
Could THE SOUNDS OF HELL be genuine?
Is there life after death?
Why did Jesus warn us so much about Hades and HELL?
What did the profit of God Enoch believe?
Who wrote the Enoch fragments agreeing with a literal story of The Rich Man and Lazarus, HEAVEN and HELL?
Why did the famous historian Josephus and or Hippolytus of Rome write a letter to the Greeks warning them of HADES/HELL?
What was the Bosom of Abraham?
Follow us as we look deep into the scriptures and discover the shocking evidence of life after death.

In God's Unfailing Love, Nancy
"Nothing in all creation is able to separate us from
the love of God that is in Christ Jesus" Romans 8

879  10/12/2015I Am that I Am
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Thank you for this video, and collection of scriptures. Very helpful to me.

878  7/12/2015Subject: Enquiry kathryn
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I am interested in the Parables of Jesus by Don Schwager. Are they available in book form? And if so
what is the price?

877  7/12/2015Real Discoveries.
Mistie and Ryan 
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Hello Simon,

My husband and I have come across your videos in your travels. They are wonderful. We would loved to have been able to visit these places from the Bible.... is not very safe at this point.
Anyhow, we wanted to thank you and your friends for sharing your love of Christ with the world.

God Bless,
Mistie and Ryan
Nevada City, Ca

876  29/11/2015Subject: Re: What is the odds of these 17 Prophecies in the Old Testament about the coming Messiah?
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18. And the chance, Simon , of having the largest rolling grave stone in all of Jerusalem Bless,
Howard ... ese-17-prophecies-in.html

875  25/11/2015Enquiry Faith
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Dear sirs,

I would like to receive the 4 DVDs for free (Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.) to the following delivery address:

Ulm University

I am looking forward to receiving your interesting information material which I need to keep my faith in Jesus.

Best wishes,

874  12/11/2015Subject: darkness
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what if God had sent a total eclispe of the sun at the death of Jesus

isnt this possible

just wondering after going thru 4 blood moons

jan ... torian-outside-bible.html

873  10/11/2015Subject: Enquiry Pastor Eddie
Pastor Eddie. 
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Dear sir.
We would like to request dvd title. Lazaros phenonenah that we will use for evangelism.Thank address.
Pastor Eddie

872  6/11/2015Subject: Thank you very much for the books
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Dear Simon

I have received your books you have sent me and all arrived safe and sound.
I and my family including two of our two young daughters are bible following disciples and keep the commandments and the biblical feasts as mentioned in the bible.

Its a blessing that your books are now helping some people who are being called to come to Yahweh and respond to that calling wisely. I wish I had lots of funds and could spent all the money on bibles and other materials to wake people up before the door is shut.

The books were not for my benefit but for other callers of Yahshua. I strongly believe that they will be blessed but mainly see for themselves that there is all physical evidence perfectly preserved for all to see.

It would be great to be in touch with you and it would be a blessing to meet you and your beloved wife one day.
I would be interested to go with you to Israel if that was possible. Of course it all depends on the cost and as long as it's not expensive.
Thank You very much for the books. Much appreciated.

May Yahweh bless you and let his face shine upon you and give you Shalom.

Shabbat Shalom
Have a great Sabbath
Best regards
Ivan Kokles

PS.If you on Skype it would be great to add you on.

871  22/10/2015Enquiry JOHN
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sir, if it is free "the DVD that makes us know about sodom and gomorra's
history" can you send us a copy with the book? to the following


870  13/10/2015Israel tour to Sodom
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Hello Mr. Brown my wife and I will be in Israel from November 9th thru 19th, we
have a free day by the tour to do what we please on the 18th which is Wednesday,
I will rent a car and travel to Sodom and Gommorah hopefully, will you be in
Israel around then?

869  12/10/2015appreciating your blog
Isabelle Esling 
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Hello Simon, we sometimes interact on google plus about the Shroud of Turin.
My first real encounter with Yeshua started with the Shroud of Turin last year...our Lord came to me and saved me...i have written my testimony about my powerful encounter in a book entitled An Encounter with Yeshua, published in June 2015 (i am currently working on the sequel)...i am thirsty to learn more about the Shroud and i find your blog very informative. I also learnt a lot from David Hines' videos on You Tube...well, thank you so much for all your info and keep up all the good work, warm regards from France, Isabelle

868  10/10/2015Subject: Going to Israel.
John Thomo 
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Hey Simon, John is my name. I am farm Australia. I have watched your DVD several
times. My brother and I are heading to Israel to do a tour with Dr Chuck
Missler. It just so happens we fly out on the 25 October 2015, 10 years after
your first adventure over there. We have a couple of days before the tour kicks
off and would love to try and find Sodom and Gommorah. We have a basic idea
where to go. Any chance of getting some correct directions.? We are going to
Eliat via Basheba but gave a few days there so keen to have a look. Thanks for
your help. Blessings John.

Did the rock on your video end up being salt?
Lots wife?

Sent from my iPad ... rchive/1110155535765.html

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Sunday 2nd August 2015

Simon - Greetings in JESUS name!

NDE/OBE Evidenced in the Bible

I have an urge to encourage you on your article/blog regarding Jonah, who you suggest may have had a 'near death experience,' (NDE).

Please note; I am not a Pastor but I am a 'sheep' of the flock that tends/feeds the ‘lambs’, (i.e. the children). I am a born again believer, baptised in water and of the Holy Spirit 19 years ago; but only renewed since 3½ years.

Once the Lord had re-established me, He placed me at my current church where I have attended for the past three years; of which approximately two years has been spent in Sunday school teaching. Recently I finished teaching from the Bible, the story of Jonah to Sunday school children. I reasoned that it was a very good example/lesson to use in order to highlight the importance of ‘obedience to God.'

During the weeks while I was reading and teaching children the story of Jonah, it never occurred to me that he had a NDE. I naturally presumed it to be a miracle that he remained physically alive in the belly of the whale.

I didn't teach the Sunday school children that Jonah had a NDE, (well, I hadn't even realised it myself at that point) but funnily enough, at the end of one session (while still on the subject of Jonah), I found myself sharing with the children, the NDE of Tyrone Williams. I first heard him speaking as a guest on and then watched him on you tube telling his story, as a lesson/warning, to young people. Sharing his story with the Sunday school children was means to stress the importance of being obedient to God.

One week on, I decided to listen to the Old Testament Bible, on audio tape cassette! (Yes... tape cassette - Ha!). I had been re-listening to them in sequence over a long period of time and I had reached tape No. 35 out of a total number of 36 tapes.

It happened that this particular tape (No. 35) included the Book of Jonah. "That's strange," I thought... "I've just finished teaching Jonah at Sunday school...what a coincidence;" and I chuckled to myself thinking that I knew the Scripture of Jonah very well by now, even word for word in some places! Ha!

Whenever I put on any of these Bible cassettes, I always play the same tape over and over for weeks and weeks! - because I'm quite aware of the fact that my ears are not capturing all I’m hearing at any one time - especially since I'm generally busying myself about the home while listening.

Anyway, a few nights further on - I can't remember if I had been playing the cassette immediately beforehand or not - but as I was walking down the hall headed for bed, it suddenly dawned on me that Jonah had a NDE. Before going to sleep that night, I sat up in bed thanking God for this Revelation.
The next day or so, I was stirred to re-read the prayer of Jonah again. In doing so, this time I was able to see (and became even more convinced), that Jonah actually had a NDE! In amazement, I wondered if anyone else may have had the same thought as me, so I Google searched the words, 'Jonah Bible Near Death Experience.' I selected your link because of the title...'Is Jonah From The Bible The First Ever Recorded-Near-Death Experience?' Having read your personal viewpoint on Jonah’s NDE, I received it as confirmation from the Holy Spirit that what I had perceived was true. I now believe that Jonah did die physically.

My first real knowledge of NDE, was emailed to me around Dec 2011, by a friend via you tube video link and it was entitled, '23 Hours Dead' (Angelica Zombrano). At first, I wasn't sure whether I should believe it or not, however, what I had seen and heard left me troubled and I could not shrug it off or deny Angelica’s witness as truth even if I tried. I suppose I didn't want it to be true because it exposed me to be one of those Christians in line for Hell. Angelica addressed the required standard for entry into Heaven - which is far higher than that which many Christians commonly believe - and it dawned on me that I was definitely falling short of the mark!

Earlier that same year I had embarked on a three month partial fast Feb-Apr 2011. I desperately sought breakthrough concerning a prolonged relationship in which I had become more and more uncomfortable. I knew it was not pleasing to God but had allowed myself to be hooked and deceived. Prior to, I was in this same relationship but we had separated after just 1 year - a few months before my Salvation in fact. But soon after my Salvation, I began constant prayers for us to be restored together as Christian husband and wife.

Approximately 4 years later (just as I was about losing interest) the person re-entered my life - I believed it to be an answer to prayer from God! This entanglement was then drawn-out for between 12-13 years! ...and all during these years (while in sin!), I had been praying and believing for the Salvation of the individual involved. In hindsight... how naive/foolish! At the end of my fast, I sensed strongly, God pointing His finger at two things... i) to come out of the relationship (this, not for the first time); and ii) ...get rid of my TV! It was a struggle but I progressed at will and by the end of 2011-2012, I was delivered from both distractions by the Grace of God!

At this same time, God brought my attention to the controversy regarding the silent/pre-rapture of the saints, which up until 3½ years ago, I never knew such disagreement even existed! In the past, I didn’t study or even read the Bible as I ought; but on discovery of the argument surrounding this topic I was compelled like never before, (distractions now aside!), to diligently study the Bible, (II Timothy 2:15). In so doing, the Lord revealed to me from His Word and then confirmed it through Christian teachers/preachers (of 'sound doctrine'), that the silent/pre-rapture (‘told’ to me and which explanation I naively believed), was not the TRUTH – anyway, this is another subject entirely!

Looking back, I recognise that having cried out to God in sincere fasting/repentance, He responded and began to wake me up from my spiritual slumber with the video 23 Hours Dead and by unearthing the Truth regarding the rapture. Also in exposing wrong doctrine/influence of false teachers, pastors and so-called prophets I, in the past, would listen to. The Lord was taking me through a renewal of my mind!
Still, as I viewed other videos of Christians/non-Christians who had NDE/’out of body experience’ (OBE), receiving Revelation of Heaven and/or Hell, I began to query whether or not this was Biblical? I pondered the following Scriptures...

1. Jesus said, the maid is not dead but ‘sleepeth.’ The people laughed him to scorn because to their understanding, the girl was dead; and indeed she was dead physically! But Jesus’ perception was different to theirs, (Luke 8:52-53).

2. Everyone knew Lazarus was dead and after four days all hope of him being brought back to life was gone. Jesus spoke that Lazarus’ sickness was not unto death (John 11:4) – yet Lazarus had died! ...but then later on Jesus himself, (in order for the disciples to understand), spoke plainly that Lazarus was dead, (John 11:14) ...even still, Jesus knew that Lazarus would awaken as if awakening from natural sleep. He knew the death would not be permanent (John 11:11); and was purposed for Glorifying God when Lazarus would be brought back from biological death to earthly life, (John 11:4).

After studying certain Scriptures, I was a little more convinced that NDE/OBE was in line with the Word. As recorded in Luke 8:55, the maid’s spirit returned; inferring that her spirit had departed, albeit the above Bible references are without report of a spiritual Heaven/Hell encounter.

In answer to my query, “Is NDE/OBE Biblical?" The Lord gave me closer answer from the Book of Job. The illustration given by Elihu explaining what God often times does with man, (through dreams, visions and deep sleep, in order to save him from Hell), is comparable to NDE/OBE (Job 33:15-30) ...not stating that Job had a NDE/OBE but rather that the passages can be seen to depict near death occurrence, especially in verse 21-24, although not exclusive to these verses.

Correspondingly, I also read...

• Paul was caught up to Heaven in a vision but he did not know whether he had come out of his body or not - signifying that OBE is possible – and is not alien! In Paul’s experience he received Revelation from the Lord and even though he knew it to be Truth, he refrained from boasting of it so that no man would exalt him or think more highly of him that they ought. (II Corinthians 12:1-7).

Incidentally, while merely reading the Word in an unassuming manner, a sudden thought surprised me...Paul’s experience was at the time of his stoning when he was left for dead, (Acts 14:19). I had no great interest or understanding to calculate the time period of Paul’s experience but what I find intriguing is, I have since learned that some theologians accept the same theory as true - owing to their studies and calculations!

• Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, saw into Heaven. He had a vision while still in the body, just before being stoned to death. (Acts 7:55-60). Then his spirit left his earthly body (permanently), and he was received of God; (verses 59-60).

• In the Book of Revelation, John also was given insight of Heaven and Revelation of things yet to come. Contrary to Paul, John was instructed to write in a book (publicise) much of what he had seen. John’s body was ‘as dead’ (Revelation 1:17) - ‘lifeless’ - but he returned to life.

Jonah’s experience is the most recent addition revealed to me but I’m sure there is much more overall, yet to be made known by God, to His People concerning His Word. I mention the above accounts as Scriptural confirmation of NDE/OBE.

With respect to those whose comments I read on your website...

My immediate response to the point raised, concerning Jonah being able to swim in the blood vessels of the whale, was..."what?" ..."for three nights/days...and how did he breathe then?" As I continued reading I must confess, it did amuse me when I read that you had expressed similar reply!

As well...we cannot suggest that Jonah did not die just because the Bible does not state, in exact words, that he did die. Note; when Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den, the Bible specifically makes known that he did not die as would be expected, but instead an angel showed up! (Daniel 6:16-24). What takes place in Verse 24 is the ‘expected’ outcome when thrown into a lion’s den! Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, when they were thrown into the fiery furnace, it is made clear that they did not die, as we would suppose, nor was their clothing even singed, but instead Jesus showed up! (Daniel 3:20-27).

In contrast, the case of Jonah, whereby realistically we would also suppose him to die; (the grave showed up!). Why does the Bible not emphasise that, miraculously he was still alive in the belly of the whale, as with the examples of Daniel; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? ...and since the Bible does not emphasise that he was still alive, why do we suggest he survived three days and three nights in the belly of a whale!!!? The idea is absurd. One possible reason for this notion is that because Jonah prays from the belly of the fish, the carnal mind automatically leads us to understand that he is conscious and therefore still alive.

However, if we pay closer attention to Jonah’s prayer we will see otherwise. Verse 2 lets us know he was actually and realistically in Hell. We should also consider, Daniel; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were innocent; whereas Jonah was boldly defiant and guilty before God.

Jonah 2:6 informs that Jonah went to the bottom of the mountain... a name/place synonymous to Hell. His soul fainted within him, (Job 2:7). Surely we can only deduce that his life came to an end. His soul went to Hell, while his dead body remained purposely preserved in a whale, provided by God.

Jonah was conscious... yes! ...conscious in the spiritual realm! ...conscious of the fact that his fainted soul was in Hell; therefore he prayed in repentance. However, God never intended for Jonah to remain in Hell but gave him a glimpse of it as a lesson/warning for him to repent! (Job 33:29-30). Since the whale which God had provided (i.e. the grave) released Jonah at His command (Jonah 2:10), we know that in His Mercy, the Lord did not intend to condemn or deliver Jonah’s soul to Hell as his final dwelling. The miracle was not that Jonah remained alive in the whale but that he was raised from death/Hell to life!

I acknowledge that holding to such reasoning places me among a minority; but even if 1,000 "mature Christians" all share the same view on a matter, this does not necessarily mean the viewpoint of the minority is incorrect. Additionally, Roger, ‘throwing weight,’ by implicating numbers of people in agreement with him, is attempting to gain ground by use of force and intimidation which is not of God.

Simon, concerning your article(s), or whatever you sense the Lord is instructing you to do? ...Do! It is better for you to obey God and fear Him rather than man, (Jeremiah 1:8 KJV and v17 NIV).

If certain that God has revealed something and has confirmed it several times over, by His Word - and even through a few men of ‘sound doctrine’ - then despite the majority opinion of men – I’m persuaded to agree with and obey God because God is Greater than man! (Job 33:12)

Other debate rendered suggests it was 'Hebrew poetry.’ In exclamation I reply - but how could that be when Jonah was literally thrown into the sea?!!! Keep in mind he was in direct disobedience, facing an actual and imminent death dark situation. Even the sailors prayed to Jonah's God that they would not be held accountable for taking his life! (Jonah 1:14). To them it was obvious that if they threw him into the sea he would die and that is literally what happened. Then Jonah reports himself to be in Hell. He was not speaking poetically!

On the other hand; and in response to Bob’s question ...Hezekiah even though he was very close to death; I do not affirm that he actually died, (unless God should reveal otherwise). He was indeed delivered from the Pit but not in a literal sense. However, if Hezekiah had died, he knew most certainly that his soul would have been delivered, (literally), to the Pit; hence he remarks, (poetically speaking), the Lord delivered him from the Pit. (Isaiah 38:17).

Another possible reason why people reject that Jonah died is because, (as Bob remarked), if Jonah had died, it would mean that God had given him a ‘second chance,’ which wouldn’t be fair since the ‘rich man’ wasn’t given a ‘second chance.’ To this I respond rather bemused...“fair?” ...“fair?” ...this is carnal reasoning! Not everyone who is sick unto death has the same chance Hezekiah had...does this seem fair? (Isaiah 38:1-7). God chose the nation of Israel to be His People. Does this seem entirely fair to other nations? In assuming, that the parable of the ‘rich man and Lazarus’ is what Bob is referring? ...I will return to the ‘rich man and Lazarus’ later.

Bob continues...the idea of God giving Jonah a ‘second chance’ raises all kinds of problems? But what are the problems it raises? Is the death of Jonah also unaccepted, possibly because it would bewilder our Christian belief that there is ‘no second chance,’ (i.e. no chance after physical death)? I have always received this teaching as so, but these days, I like to search the Scriptures for myself, with my Teacher - the Holy Spirit - to learn if what I’m being taught is Truth or not, (Acts 17:11), (I John 2:27). As yet I’ve not been able to find in the Bible where it specifically says there is ‘no second chance,’ (i.e. no repentance beyond physical death).

Is there a particular verse or verses in general that implies ‘no second chance?’ I am not heavily disputing it; but sincerely, I would just like to know where I can find it in Scripture? I am aware that the Word says “today is the day of Salvation,” (II Corinthians 6:2), which means, (for our own sake), it is very important that we do not defer Christ’s gift of Salvation but rather that we accept Him today - now! ...and if we choose Him today, we do that which is safest, secure and that which is best.

The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us to accept the Salvation of God in youth, before evil befalls; before the body returns to dust and the SPIRIT shall return unto God; and in essence – before Christ returns, (Ecclesiastes 12:1-7). It is fundamental to teach/instruct everyone to come to Salvation now. However, if God does not say in His Word that there is absolutely no repentance beyond physical death and, as revealed in Scriptures NDE/OBE do exist; then in His Mercy and at His own discretion God can intervene/return from the grave who He Wills, (Romans 9:15-16). Nevertheless, I hasten to add that repentance permitted and accepted after death/NDE is certainly an exceptional occurrence - not the rule!

I am also aware that an argument substantiating ‘no second chance,’ is the Word of God which says, “it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the Judgment,” (Hebrews 9:27); ...but could it be that man has narrow-mindedly interpreted this it referring to death as we understand death?...especially in view of the fact that all those who Jesus and the disciples, (by the Power of the Holy Spirit), raised from the dead lived again and so died, physically, more than once.

Likewise, anyone who dies today and who God chooses to bring back to life, (for His own reasons/purposes), is given a ‘second chance’ and ultimately will die, physically, again. That is; if their death should happen before the return of Christ! Note; those in Christ who are still alive at His 2nd Coming, will never die! (John 11:25-26), (I Thessalonians 4:17) ...this in itself brings a whole new outlook to Hebrews 9:27.

So, what does Hebrews 9:27 actually mean? How is it correctly divided? Firstly, I determine that God has established it so that no man will live forever in an earthly shell. Everyone will leave from their earthly bodies through a permanent physical death or through rapture. In such way, God has appointed every man once to die. ‘Once’ - also referring there is no reincarnation. But it appears misunderstanding is placed on the ‘once to die’ and then the Judgment and due to this, it has emerged that there can be ‘no second chance’ (i.e. no chance after physical death – at all), only the Judgment.

Secondly, a ‘death’ pronounced as definite by a doctor, may not be viewed as ‘death’ through the eyes of God, (Matthew 9:24). Yet, when ‘death’ (according to God’s rendition of ‘once to die’) does arrive - that is - ‘your soul shall be required,’ (Luke 12:20), God charges that soul to either Heaven or Hell and the decision is final - no return to earthly vessel is possible. In such instance those who die outside of Christ - whose spirit is dead at physical death, are delivered to Hell awaiting Judgement and their ‘second’ death is the Lake of Fire, (Revelation 20:14-15).

Death is... not necessarily when the physical body dies but when God calls for the return of the SPIRIT of a man, (Ecclesiastes 12:7) ...physical death then follows and is secondary to this. Hence we should receive now, the gift/call of Salvation; before that call for the spirit/soul comes, (Luke 12:20).

Alternatively, if God should not yet require the return of a man’s spirit/soul, then through prayers, repentance and in His Mercy, He is able to prevent a physical death; or even if death is not averted, He can literally instruct that soul back to its earthly body, (Luke 8:55). Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life! (John 11:25).

God is not limited by the occurrence of physical death or the grave. Figuratively speaking, Abraham received Isaac back from death but Abraham knew that God was able to literally bring Isaac back from death. (Hebrews 11:19).

We do not fear them that kill the body - that is all they can do, but God has ‘Power’ to bring back to earthly life or to carry through to eternity. God alone has power over body and soul, (Luke 12:4-5). It is a mistake to impose wrong perception and our own limitations of physical death upon God.

Alive is... to be in Christ. A common error in the Christian belief is that all have opportunity to come to repentance as long as they are still alive in body... until the last breath is drawn - only then is it too late! This teaching is conflicting because, for example; a blasphemer of the Holy Spirit is not only spiritually dead but is also already eternally dead, with no further chance for Life in spirit, (Matthew 12:31-32), (I John 5:16). An unbeliever, having remained stiff-necked after many reproofs, too, becomes doomed for sudden and eternal destruction, (Proverbs 29:1). Additionally, when God eventually hands those over to reprobate mind because they continually refuse to give up their sins, they then have no further chance to repent. They are eternally dead since now they will remain living in their sins until bodily death. (Roman 1:24-32).

Therefore, even before physical death happens, some are already eternally dead with no more openings available for them personally to repent – though alive in body, they are not only dead in spirit, (Luke 9:60), but eternally dead. Hence, who may appear to us as alive in body, may already be eternally dead in the eyes of God; and who may appear to us as dead in body may yet have chance to Live in the eyes of God! Knowing as God knows requires Revelation from the Holy Spirit, (Matthew 16:17). Note; although Jesus knew it, the disciples did not discern that Judas Iscariot - a fellow disciple! - was a thief and a ‘walking dead’ man. Immediately Judas willingly betrayed Jesus...‘woe unto him’ was made manifest (Matthew 26:24); so before Judas committed suicide he was already spiritually and eternally dead. Even though remorseful, he could only repent himself in suicide! (Matthew 27:3-5). That was the end for Judas but God’s Mercy continues to others... His Love endures forever!

Now, returning to the parable of the ‘rich man and Lazarus’, (Luke 16:19-31). Indeed the ‘rich man’ went to Hell without - it appears - being given a ‘second chance;’ (i.e. no NDE). However we can be sure that he would have been given by God, many ‘Fair’ chances to repent while on earth but he defiantly refused every opportunity - consequently his final and everlasting position when his soul was required - Hell!
Some individuals, by Mercy of God, have had opportunity to repent during NDE/OBE (some while physically dead, comatose or while experiencing a dream/vision etc) and have returned to life or awakened to affirm their repentance and to follow it through in Christ Jesus; whereas for others, their physical and spiritual state, is final upon clinical death and they go straight to Heaven or, in unrepentant cases, Hell without further opportunity to repent. This may not seem fair to us - but God is most certainly ‘Just’ in whatever decision He makes and His ‘Judgment’ is ‘Fair!’ (Isaiah 55:8-9), (Romans 9:14-16). Every soul has ‘FAIR’ chance for Salvation; albeit the calling may be arranged of God in differing ways.

The parable of the ‘workers in the field,’ (Matthew 20:1-16), pertains to how ‘rewards’ will be assigned in the Kingdom of God. Verse 16 ‘ the last shall be first and the first last...’ Verse 9-10, the labourers all received the same pay regardless what time of the day their work commenced. This too may not seem fair. Nevertheless, God is undoubtedly ‘Fair’ ...who is ‘man’ to question the righteousness of God and to grumble against His decisions or His actions? (Matthew 20:15), (Romans 9:14).


When a person dies in body, we perceive this as the end of their earthly life; but this is not always so, as in the example of Lazarus. Though the body may well be dead, God knows, in some cases, that it is temporary death and is not the end for that person. God knows that, (at this point of the person’s life), He does not intend to deliver their soul into either Heaven or Hell eternally; but instead, on occasion, will allow a person to have a glimpse of Heaven/Hell, (for His reasons/purposes), before returning their spirit to their body; as in the example of Jonah. We also know that some people may be returned from death to life without any kind of spiritual experience, as in the case of Jairus’ daughter. In reference to the latter, some such individuals, even without having a conscious experience in the spiritual realm, will nevertheless acknowledge their return from death as the Mercy of God and repent. Still others will deny it as being a miracle sign of the Mercy of God and will continue as before in their sins.

Rather than doubt NDE/OBE because it raises problems for the so-called ‘no second chance’ theory; it should be received (so long as it is in line with the Word), as a warning, a sign or message, given to man from God, for a calling to repentance and saving of souls. I conclude that unless God has determined a soul to Hell as a final abode, repentance is possible even though – by intention of God – that person is clinically/biologically dead ...He is able to return their spirit to their dead/sleeping body, from the spiritual realm, by His Mercy. But if the book is closed on a person’s life, (i.e. the soul has been summoned), and God has Judged to deliver that soul into Hell or Heaven, then that decision and place of dwelling is permanent for the individual. There is no coming back to an earthly body – the ‘rich man’ could not return to earth (Ecclesiastes 3:22), nor could he relocate to Heaven, (Luke 16:26) ...there is no purgatory!

In Luke 16:31, the rich man was told, ‘...if they will hear not Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead.’ In saying this, Jesus is referring to Himself. There were those who would not believe Moses and the Prophets concerning Him – and surely enough, when He arose from the dead many refused to believe. The same is true today... even though someone legitimately returns from death with testimony, in accordance with God’s Word...still there remains disbelief! (Job 33:13-14).

Despite Scriptural evidence of repentance occurring beyond physical death (e.g. Jonah); and despite reports that rare chances have been given to some people, by the Mercy of God, (through NDE/OBE, dreams/visions etc), allowing opportunity for repentance... Let me make my views perfectly clear... any person who believes they can deliberately wait until beyond the grave or for dreams/visions etc, before they repent are in a very dangerous position and are heavily deceived. Similarly anyone who is intentionally and calculatedly ‘putting off’ their own Salvation for a later day is at great risk because their soul is not secured in Christ and tomorrow is not promised, (Proverbs 27:1), (James 4:13-15), (Luke 12:20).

Please note that all Scriptures quoted are referenced from the KJAV, unless otherwise stated. This is due to the fact that, (also at the time of my spiritual awakening 3½ years ago), I sensed the Holy Spirit affecting me to switch from NIV to KJ; only I wasn’t sure which I was supposed to use...KJAV or NKJ? Or whether either one would suffice. Initially, I was reluctant to change at all because I struggled to understand the language and was not keen about switching to either. I had been using the NIV for over 15 years, ever since my Salvation and so I was much more familiar with the Word from this translation.

Nevertheless, in obedience, I began using the NKJ (Holy Bible), since this was the version I had to hand. Not long after, it was pointed out to me, an icon (situated on the spine and first page of my NKJ), which I knew to be a symbol related to the illuminati. The exposure really made me feel uneasy so that I no longer wanted to read from it. In the end though, putting aside my feelings, I simply decided to remove the offending icons using a pair of scissors and continued my reading from it – although, still, I was not completely at peace about this. My concern was that other ‘ills’ might possibly be within the pages? Then, as I continued to read from it, I soon came across a verse of Scripture which immediately ‘shot’ out at me as incorrect! My reaction was... “uhhhh? ‘Joshua?’ should say ‘Jesus?’” (Hebrews 4:8). Compounded with other signs, this finally caused me to very quickly purchase a copy of the KJAV.

As I began to compare various versions, I could now appreciate why the Lord had stirred my heart to change. Sincerely...I had no prior knowledge of any discussions surrounding the translation of Hebrews 4:8! However, more recently, (18th Aug 2015 to be exact!), I discovered that such is a long standing debate. In view of this, I declare and accept as Truth, the verse translated in the KJAV because it was the Holy Spirit who, afore, guided me to read as I did from the NKJ; and caused me to discern the incorrectness so that I would no longer continue with it. (Nb. ...and I think it worth mentioning that in over 15 years of reading from the NIV, I never noticed the error but at the time of my spiritual awakening it was discerned. The intent of it is to bring about, deception, division and confusion.

Even so, I do not suggest everyone should switch, but for me personally, I have done so after receiving direct inspiration from the Holy Spirit. I observe KJAV to be a more accurate translation which aids in giving a more correct interpretation; therefore I now consult other versions watchfully! Moreover I am really surprised at how quickly I was able to adapt and grasp understanding of ‘old English’ language to the point where I now love it! ...Great is the Grace of God!

Initially I had a strong urge about sending you this email but as time passed I became a little unsure because I pondered the relevance of it all ...and does it really matter whether Jonah died or not? It’s not a debate that affects our Salvation it? However, it came to mind that in these last days, through ‘near death’/’out of body’ experiences,’ Love (i.e. God) - not wanting that any should perish - is sincerely warning and urgently calling people to repent and be saved now! (II Peter 3:9). He is also shaking Christians, who are in a false sense of security, to wake up and repent of sins too. God is making known that NDE/OBE exists in His Word, so that we might believe the NDE/OBE testimonies relating to the Glory of Heaven and take heed to the warnings/witness concerning the horrors of Hell before it is too late!

If someone has to be feared with the realities of Hell or even the flesh injured (as in the case of Tyrone Williams), in order to be saved from an eternity in the Lake of Fire! This is act of be it, (Jude 1:23), (Matthew 18:8-9), (II Corinthians 5:10-11).

Of course we have to test the spirits from which these ‘near death’/‘out of body’ experiences come... Does it line up with the Word of God? What are the resulting fruits? Does it exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and Glorify Father God? Not all NDE’s are of God; indeed not all reports are even true happenings! we also need to ask God for His Spirit of Discernment to distinguish Truth from lies so that we are not deceived, (Hebrews 5:14).

My niece, convicted by the Holy Spirit after watching ‘23 Hours Dead,’ gave her life to Christ - Amen! ...and for me personally, ‘23 Hours Dead’ was an instrument of the Lord brought to my attention to awaken me from spiritual slumber - Amen!

I hope this commentary will be of use and encouragement to you – I pray the Holy Spirit will reveal and bring correction to anything I may have misunderstood, misinterpreted or wrongly assumed - so be it in Jesus Name!...

...and may God continue to open our understanding to better understand His Word, (Luke 24:45), (Philippians 3:15-16).

“Time is short - remain in the Blood!” - Amen

A servant of: Yahweh and Yahshua the King!

866  7/10/2015Subject: Enquiry yemisi
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peace be unto you am writing to ask your help in firm of literature and CDs to
help my xtian growth
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Lagos Nigeria

865  6/10/2015Guest Post Request
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I’ve been following your website: for quite some time now, and I love your content and the lessons you share with your readers. Every time I read a post, I feel like I’m able to take a single, clear lesson away from it, which is why I think it’s so great.

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864  26/9/2015Jesus Tomb
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Moring Simon,
I am writing for you from South Africa, I watched your video on this subject and it was really inspiring. I have one question for you.
What do you think why was Joseph never laid to rest in his own Tomb. ?
Regards and greetings in the name of Jesus

863  21/9/2015Subject: Re: Enquiry Rahul. films.
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Dear Brother,

Can you send all the videos loaded into a Pendrive??

Can you provide me a link to download the High quality Videos to display them in church??

Please reply.


862  15/9/2015Great stone.
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Dear Simon

me thinks that 1 of the most powerful messages that
you have transmitted in your video of the GREAT stone
is for people to walk upright, well done

Kind regards

861  5/9/2015Re: New research by others confirm the GREAT STONE of Mark 16:4, at Mount Nebo.
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Dear Simon

[1] Why would THIS stone necessarily be the one at the entrance to the tomb of Jesus - and not anyone else's tomb?
[2] Why do you say " Catholic Christians" ? This is an oxymoron - there is no such thing as a practising Catholic being accepted by God as a "Christian."

Blessings in Christ Jesus


860  2/9/2015[Tomb door]
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Thank you for making your findings accessible in youtube, and for all the work producing it!
(i apologize in advance for using your images of your video in this particular email to communicate something that i think might of been overlooked)

I believe that there is yet another aspect that confirms that the great stone is from the garden tomb,

if you look at the length of the channel of a typical complete tomb entrance (channel + door found in the same place, channel_A attached), and then look at the length of the channel in channel_B one
can see that the channel in the tomb garden had to be exactly that length to accommodate proportionally the door when opened in the same way as the other tombs.

Notice where the end of the channel is on the left of channel_A with respect to the position of the door when fully opened, and then check the end of the channel on the left of channel_B. In other words, the length of the channel is also giving a direct measurement of what the size of the door would be like when in an open position. And that size is identical to the door you found.

Kind regards
João ... ce-of-great-stone-at.html

859  24/8/2015Shroud.
Carmel Gleeson 
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Hi Mr and Mrs Brown. I am Textile designer that contacted Barrie Schwartz about 2 years ago with info I think has been ignored on the Shroud of Turin. I am not sure if he took it seriously in which case he should have. I am writing this before I watch your research film. If you have already researched what I am telling you, all and good if not..then you need to go back and check using this additional info...please be patient and I think you will understand why its important.
so as brief as possible bare with me a little intro
All histories that are oral and then written are often incredibly correct..the bible is one such as this..the shroud history is such as specialist fields are Textiles and legal and historical research..but in these fields I have worked in a tiny field..both old..In textiles I worked and taught an ancient method derived from the Syriac monks .. .my legal and historical research..has been taking oral histories of the indigenous peoples of my country and from those researching the legal records through to Land Court cases..I am also of Irish origin so oral history and the knowledge of how to listen to it is ingrained and inbred.

The Shroud of Turin is a sulphur discharge its Brimstone....but it has been done exactly as all the first records of it state it direct application ..out of the water..from the direct application of the cloth to his body... to his face...out of his sweat...on the one mentioned that was made when he was alive and from his body after he was it possible yes... do I know how it was done and could it be repeated..yes..does the evidence in the cloth match this yes..does the residue left in the cloth match this..yes...does everything ever recorded and said about the shroud in ancient times match this yes...are there other Coptic or Syriac artifacts that would reinforce that they had this knowledge... exist or been found there a clear and accurate historical trail to demonstrate that they had this knowledge..yes and there are Roman illustrations to show this..which pre date the birth of Christ..
Would the methods of sulphur and the types of sulphur they used at that time..on linen..create both a liquid and gas deposit on the cloth to the depth and in the manner which it is found on the cloth ..yes..would the colour of the sulphur deposit..after discharge and 2000 years be what we see today..straw colour..confusion whether it was burnt..illuminating each grain...absolutely yes...but first originally and for many many many years decades possibly hundreds of years the original would have been illuminated more would have would have had a golden aura and a blue or green intense aura where now we see only the straw or ochre and radiating well beyond... depending on exactly what linen it was. the colour is glows ..yes like radiation..I have done it hundreds if not thousands of times using the very ancient way and am one of the very few people alive on the planet who has..I know this because when I taught it in a University Textile dept it was already banned all over the planet because the fumes are caustic...and that's 40 years ago..would the cellulose in the fibre be affected like it is by sulphur if they used the method I know of..yes..all the science matches ...and more....

if you look very hard at the ancient history of illuminated scripts you will notice something very interesting...they follow the same path as the Syriac monks.. Ethiopia is the key in that trail...I believe illuminated scripts actually derive their origin from the cloth..Antioch is where the cloth was first taken to it is also where the artist, the disciple and the doctor, the monk who are all the one and same person I believe came from and went back to..who is mentioned in all the first recordings of the shroud.....and a big clue is in his curing of Pauls bacterial conjunctivitis with sulphur. But that is just my theory

But the biggest clue is if modern humans just stop getting so complicated and stick to the original came out of the water....It did come out of the water...and the other cloth that they talk of..she put a cloth to his face to wipe the perspiration and voila...nothing absolutely nothing else makes an image like this..a 3d image like this other than sulphur..and the other clue..the strange marks...if you read the early histories and understand that it is oral history where time sometimes gets condensed...see the story of the same ..apostle. same name...putting the cloth into a hole in a wall with a flame that doesn't go out and closing it in.... not for one second forgetting that the Syrians are the people with whom all and every bit of the remnant of the Greek Alchemist, Mathematics, geology..history..all the Greek knowledge resided after their fall..its from the Syrians that the Romans got it and after their fall ..the Arabs got it and then the Crusaders got it...from the Syriac monks....look up all European and Arab scientists and discoverers of early times and look up the languages they learnt..why learn Syriac/Syrian?..its because the books that were taken from the Arabs by the Crusaders and the knowledge carried by fleeing Syriac monks across the world held all the ancient Greek chemical and scientific knowledge plus all their own experiments with it themselves..alchemists and not in some stupid spooky modern just google syriac or syrian and greek and sulphur..and read..wet sulphur and dry sulphur..two different types of sulphur from two different types of rock...and there you will find the anomalies of other residue that analysts have used to shout..paint..its not paint its residue from one of the types of sulphur that they used to fumigate the cloth with..Finally did the doctor, disciple, monk know what he was doing...yes...of course he did..thats why he put it in a hole in the wall with a flame burning and closed it off for quite possibly days..its possibly been on a frame folded and suspended and has probably sagged a bit ..thats a clue that would indicate they knew....the thing is ..not to get complicated..discharge in its most archaic and simple form which I practiced for 30 or more years is an incredibly powerful last piece of evidence..the many people have waived this off..oh that's what they would have put on his body to heel the wounds or some such rubbish..he is jewish he would have been washed..completely and absolutely washed and nothing put on his body..he is wet..then the shroud is wrapped on him..they believe he is dead...the Talc is exactly the residue that would be found of sulphur of the two types of sulphur used..what the Syriacs call wet and dry sulphur......the image is of his body in a state of Riga is where it possibly gets a bit tricky and someone would have to know very well what they were doing..or the miracle arrives...however the artist being the same person as the doctor and the disciple and the later monk is too much of a coincidence.. and then later the same apostle and his wife being struck dead by Saint Peters anger..and then the very ancient monastery bearing the wifes name..and also how they die..I am not sure..something here rings...of another hint..but I will get into that another time......if you just take the words as truth and do not play around with them..but just understand the way oral history works .
No one has seriously studied the sulphur..yet if they did..and then looked at how cloth of this era was fumigated and treated with sulphur and at what stage this occurred in the production of Linen then they would understand why it is crucial to the understanding of the does not make it less a miracle..less special..Its about the words..just believe the came out of the really did..thats all you need..fumigate the raw cloth with the right two types of sulphurs,,by suspending it over a frame work just like the Romans illustrated they did...leave the cloth to dry....wet the body the cloth on both sides of the the cloth gently onto the body or bind it on with strips of cloth..then leave it..if there is no light and its dark and will happen...afterwards if as I said to Barrie ..the cloth is taken off and Ironed with the tools they used back then,,and especially if they used the Egyptian metal irons..remembering that Irons were buried with women as part of their grave goods so a very special part of the household. Then it would have been revealed to Mary his Mother or her household out of the water..again if she is using the age old method of ironing linen......or as I am inclined to think we just believe what is written about it and the artist monk apostle doctor mentioned in all the early histories although some span a few hundred years and we accept that this is fragments of the original story filtering down ..then he took it and put it into a closed hole in a wall with a flame underneath on a wrack and left it there for a few days...then washed it..gently..possibly or even didn't wash it...I didn't always wash my cloths especially the linen.. as long as heat is either directly applied to the dry cloth.... or...the cloth is put into a dry steamer or dry heat chamber..the image will come out and be fixed absolutely and utterly permanently...except the Halo ..the super intense blue green halo will I think fade over time leaving just the talc...when we are using no colour on a raw bleached cloth... then this is what you would get..a 3D image of the body it covered...Initially the colours would be very very bright.. brown ochre and straw yellow with a golden halo easing into a brilliant green or bright blue halo ..over time the green or blue fades..the surface only is affected as if each grain is slightly backlit or irradiated ..all the things the science has all sulphur..but maybe we are so complicated nowadays we cannot just believe the words...
I live in New Zealand..we have Weta Studios here..If you would like to see if we can repeat this I am sure they would be very happy to help us...after all this time and all these greatest minds..think about it..what more simple message could God send for man at this time than for us to understand that he has written a message in came out of the water...only one thing can do that.. leave a 3D image out of water. that will last thousands of years and still hold the picture....and that is Brimstone."The breath of Jehovah, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it."...its not a black hole its not radiation its not a painting its less a miracle but made by the artist sent to paint Jesus by the King of Syria who was the doctor physician alchemist apostle that Jesus had sent home Syria to cure the king who is the same apostle who cured Paul of conjunctivitis for which sulphur is used ..who with his wife so offended and enraged Peter in Antioch after the death of Jesus by selling something (land? inheritance? something special that they had inherited or been given?) that they dropped dead from what sounds suspiciously like mercury poisoning finally it is a great mystery and we are at a time when understanding the messages given to us is crucial..
.because I am one of the few people alive on this planet who has worked with the original Syriac sulphur and used it in the most ancient of ways I have known since I first experimented and read old texts of recipes that the Shroud was made like this..I assumed a Textile expert somewhere would figure it out..but they haven't...I know you all may want a miracle but its not one its man..a man..who has absolute belief working with what he believes is the breath of Jehovah himself to capture the last image of his son..and he did..and we are so far from the path we cannot see it or understand the simplicity and the clarity of the message or the image. because we do not believe the words....out of the water,,by the breath of Jehovah/Yaweh..comes this..look at that boys face..Brimstone is what Jehovah/Yaweh/God uses to rid the world of evil..water is what he has blessed us with..all I am asking is that you listen..if I am right and I am 100% certain..just start googling putting in key words like sulphur roman and linen and cotton..then all the other bits..if I am right then we are being given a huge message at a very important time..he used Brimstone and Water..what is the message?..Kind regards Carmel

858  10/8/2015The Large Stone covering the Tomb of Jesus!
Dr.Howard Davis 
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I don't know if this will go through as I got a 404 at their other site.
But,the passage in Mark 16:4 says in Greek which I have read since '63 "having looked up": this shows in Greek the two women(who were prob.5 ft.) had to 'look upwards' to view the stone implying it was very tall. It says about "the stone" "for" gar.Gk., which was missed in English, but it means here "INDEED!" Then Mark uses 'megas' Gk. we get our word mega- ton, etc., meaning something of very great size. And finally he says in Greek "extremely" or to the uttermost. So there are four Greek words to describe just how massive that stone was! So I translate;:And having looked upwards they are viewing that the stone has been rolled away, YES,INDEED it was extremely great in size!"
So looked upwards-this stone was very tall in height -"rolled away" showing it was round -not a square plug stone as is being taught today in some quarters- great in size or megas Gk. massive-and to add to the picture Mark is painting for us this massive stone was 'extremely' large. Going back in time then Mark is saying this stone was much larger than the stones that covered tomb doorways! up to the time he was writing his narrative!!! Mark is known as a 'detailed writer.' He certainly shows us this trait here!
I always wondered what happened to this massive round stone and Simon led by the spirit of God found it in these last days when as Daniel says 'knowledge will be increased.' In Hebrew increased means to 'shoot an arrow.'It is increasing fast!
I feel a team of Byzantines- hauled the large stone by oxen(?)as possibly then it was in danger of being destroyed by ------- or some other unfriendly forces and took it to Mt.Nebo -Moses area, and this it where it was later found maybe in a cave and then erected into a display only for Simon to find!!! These same men may have covered over the tomb with dirt,etc., to further protect the site. Then later Gen.Gordon discovered it and had his men remove the debris and uncover the tomb and general area.
Of interest the boyhood home of Jesus may have been discovered in Nazareth. Inside stone doorway has a round stone next to it to roll in front of the room!

It too was protected by the Byzantines having built over it a structure.

857  8/8/2015Re: Has The Staff, or Rod of Moses been discovered?
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wrong dynasty by my calculations the exoduswas at the end of the 12th dynasty
derek ... or-rod-of-moses-been.html

856  8/8/2015Subject: staff of Moses.
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wouldnt the staff of moses still be in the ark - i thot it was there with the ten commandments, a pot of manana and moses staff - maybe it got removed


jan ... or-rod-of-moses-been.html

855  7/8/2015Hello Simon and Emma! Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Pastor Bolton 
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Hello Simon and Emma! Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus. I am a pastor in Harrogate with a PhD in Jewish-Christin relations post Holocaust. I only found your site this evening and am thrilled at what I read. Your theology and archeological results on all I have read so far line up with my own thoughts on these matters (rare for me to find like minded people!), though I am only an avid amateur on many of these things. But how encouraging! I really bless your humility, service and wonderful work in all these areas. I look forward to learning more from your exciting research. Thank you for your investment in the Kingdom of God.
Every blessing,
Pastor Bolton
Community Church

854  4/8/2015Subject: I'm very interested in the great stone
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I saw the video on YouTube and then found your website. I tried calling the
number and it doesn't work. I'd like more info and introduce you to the people

Paul Kellogg


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