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Proverbs 8:34-36 Blessed is the man who hears me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at my door posts. For whoever finds me finds life, and will obtain favor from Yahweh. But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul. All those who hate me love death.” Psalm 84: 11 For Yahweh God is a sun and a shield. Yahweh will give grace and glory. He withholds no good thing from those who walk blamelessly. 12 Yahweh of Armies, blessed is the man who trusts in you. 1 John 5:5 Now who is the one overcoming the world, except the one believing that Jesus is the Son of God?

Tuesday 16 January 2018

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538  22/7/2013We the Gilgal Theological Seminary
Pastor. Robinson 
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Dear Sir,

We the Gilgal Theological Seminary was started in 1991. many students were
graduated from this institution and have been ministering in different parts of
India. Students are arriving to our Seminary from different parts of India such
as Nagaland, Burma,Jammu, Orissa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Now we need 12
thousand volume of theological books for the students and the teachers .

At present the students are unable to write their assignment because of
shortage of books. So we request you please to support sufficient books for
our Bible college as free of cost.

If you are willing , we mostly welcome you to see our bible college and our
mission field directly. If you send the books to our college, please send it in
the name of our organization name called GILGAL MISSION INDIA TRUST, then only
you can get exemption from the government tax.

We are praying for you and your ministries. For more information please visit
our then you go to ministry, then you can
find out our bible college details and syllabus.

If you are sending books to our Seminary, we are so happy to receive it. God
bless you. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.


Pastor. Robinson

537  21/7/2013Thank you for your previous books & DVDs.
Paul C 
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Thank you for your previous books & DVDs. They have "done the rounds" of my son
Aaron`s Christian School staff. I seek to buy more & would appreciate any &
every DVD you might have (1 copy of each, please. I'm not greedy, just want to
further the Truth like you do) I'm a Disabled Pensioner but still manage to be
many peoples first point of contact when Biblical questions are asked in a large
area. I have over the last 20 years built up a large Library of books & some
DVDs which I lend out to Home Groups etc..
Thank you &
may Yeshua Messiah bless you both,
Paul Calbert.
PS. There are 2 books I recommend you both read as soon as you can & understand
the Covenants making the path to Marriage with THE BRIDEGROOM. The books are
"Here Comes the Bridegroom" by Judy I Grehan & "The Covenant & Metaphor of
Divine Marriage in Biblical Thought" by Sebastian R Smolarz. Others truly of
importance are the "Lost in Translation" Vols. 1,2 & 3 by John Klein & Adam
Spears & Covenant books by Henry Clay Trumbull. These are so important because
"official Christendom" either have ignored, forgotten or by dint of the enemy
been deliberately. Without going through the 4 main Covenants one cannot enter
into the Divine Marriage arrangement & will instead be laying palm fronds for
Bride & Groom at the time, though in Spirit Bodies, not able to get to the
Wedding Ceremony, which is or should be the goal of all of us. I hope you pass
this on. Much Wheat for the Kingdom will be harvested if more of us seek this!

536  19/7/2013I just placed an order for 2 DVDs.
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I just placed an order for 2 DVDs. My order number is 485. Then I noticed that I
could have ordered five for the same shipping price. Could you add the following
three titles?

1) Buried Treasures Episode 2
2) What remains of Sodom & Gomorrah
3) FREE 4 DVD's Pack

535  19/7/2013my friend,
pastor Calvary Atamudzi. 
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my friend,
how are you and Madam EMMA? thank you for the news l read from your research work. we thank God for his favour on us and ministry as well as the ministry to these children at our school.
please lam sharing with you this film to pray for us willing to partner with us.
yours in his service,
pastor Calvary Atamudzi.

534  19/7/2013Ordering Books and DVDs
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533  17/7/2013Your website
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Hello Simon,

I spent some time reviewing your website and the material you have posted. I'd like to offer a few thoughts if you are open. First, a little background on myself: I am a believer and have been one for over 35 years. I am somewhat of an amateur historical researcher, mostly into the writings and research of others since I have not conducted any of my own research. But there is a rich treasure trove of information spanning many hundreds of years both in the sciences of archeology, history and linguistics from the research of so many others. My professional career has been in public relations, marketing, communications and web design. How people, products and events are presented and received by an audience is the focus on those disciplines.

My considerations on your website have to do with establishing legitimacy for your topic.
1. While you have a lot of material spanning a great deal of subjects, some of it has been clearly shown to be either inaccurately identified or hoaxes. The inclusion of these illegitimate items in your site casts doubt upon the items that have a more legitimate standing. In the light of current evidence you would do well to reconsider some of the more controversial fringe items. For example, while not accepted by a great deal of Egyptology traditionalists, because of the quality of his research and his professional credentials, David Rohl's work stands well to scrutiny. On the other hand, the Shroud of Turin does not for a variety of well-established accepted reasons.

2. My other consideration is the appearance of your website does not match the seriousness of your topic. It looks too sensational. I would go for a more low-key professional indexed format. There are many free Dreamweaver templates available that would do the job will. As far as the writing style, it too is a bit too sensational for the topic. The material speaks for itself. You cannot convince someone to believe by the force of your words, and you should not attempt to do so. In fact, it is not necessary. No matter how good your arguments are, someone else will come along with a better argument. Therefore, it must be the Spirit within our spirit that speaks the words that win the souls of the sons of peace.
I would say that it would be better to simply present the material, and allow it to speak for itself. People already know of the controversy. As Paul said in 1 Cor. "It is not our custom to argue."

I'm aware this critique was unsolicited , and I hope it is taken in the spirit it was offered. Grace and peace, brother.

532  16/7/2013I must say I am most grateful to God Almighty for people like you in our generation.
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Dear Brown,
I must say I am most grateful to God Almighty for people like you in our generation. People who give there all for the seek of the gospel. My only prayer is for God to sustain you unto the end in Jesus name. Amen.
Permit me to promise God and you that the materials you will send to me will be used to the glory of God. I strongly believe that it will not only benefit me
but every one that will come in touch with the materials through. Once again thank you and God bless you.
Here is my contact.

531  16/7/2013I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.
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I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.
By His grace, I am the President of a non interdenominational and a non profit
evangelistic ministry called Rebuilders Int'l Ministries (RIM), Nigeria. In RIM,
evanglism and misions i our watchword. But we discover that we in RIM cannot do
this work alone. For the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.
It pains us so much that the big churchs and men of God in Nigeria have all
forsaken evangelism and missions. They are all after big Cathedrals, private
Jets, expensive cars etc. Am not saying those things are bad. But they are being
pursued at the expense of souls. For what shall it Profit a man to gain the
whole world and lose his soul.
Please, it is with heavy heart that I write to seek your help in recieving free
evangelism materials. Thousands of souls are reached monthly but we lack the
materials to back them up.
I will be most grateful if my request is granted.
God bless you.

530  13/7/2013I have a passionate interest in bible archaeology
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I have a passionate interest in bible archaeology - and am building a website dedicated to new bible archaeology discoveries by amateurs and professionals alike. I came across your work documenting the great stone in the Garden Tomb, which is fascinating.

Would you be able to tell me more, and send me some information and photos and diagrams on how you measured it, that I could use? I would like to credit the discovery to you.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,

Erin Script Consultant
Award Winning Screenwriters
Tel. 310-713-0417

screenwriter - ghost writer - treatment - life story to screenplay - book to screenplay - manuscript to screenplay - reality tv show - scripted tv series - screenplay analysis - full story development - live readings

529  8/7/2013Dear Dr.Kent;
Pastor Eddie. 
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Thank you for giving us teaching DVD lAST year.Your DVD hAS BEEN using for
evangelism,many peaple converted to Jesus.Dr.L would like to request some movies
that we could use for evangelism like Daniel and lasarus.we would like to rquest
also the book you offer sodoma and gomora.Many pastor here lending DVD to use
for their evangelism.eas snd us some and mail to.Pastor Eddie.pHILIPPINES.Thank you very much.

528  7/7/2013I want to say thank you.
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I want to say thank you very much for the wonderful dvds and what a beautiful book which arrived a few days ago, I will pass them around . thank you Jesus for leaving evidences to prove your word the Holy Bible true and for using your people to share these truths, amen.

527  5/7/2013Thank you so much for your quick response.
Pastor Samson 
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Dear Brother Simon,
Thank you so much for your quick response to my request.
In fact all of your research are of much blessings, and has wonderful revelations and our people like to watch them more, hope one day God will send you to our nation and spread this gospel with films for us to show.
Much blessings to you, your family and co-workers.
Pastor Samson KENYA.

526  4/7/2013I got my order from you
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A few words to let you know that I got my order from you ,thanks very much, I really enjoyed the dvds and will pass them on to family and friends .

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Hi Simon,
Been some time! Thanks for setting the record straight. I always believed Ron. And now yours.
South Africa

524  2/7/2013Dear Brother Simon / Emma,
Pastor Samson 
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Hope you are doing well in the Lord, many thanks friends for much encouragements and wisdom that we recieved from the CD'S you blessed me with some times last year they are of much blessings to me and my colleague.
My huble request is that i have blessed my friends with the CD'S and now left a lone with none would you please very kindly sent to me again even four coppies as before. Hope in future after settle i will be able to purchase from you.
May God bless you whe continuing with your research.
God bless you richly .
Pastor Samson KENYA

523  1/7/2013was originally written in Hebrew?
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Dear Sir,
Love your website.
Has anything been found that would prove that the new testament was originally written in Hebrew?
Also, I am looking for proof that Firstfruits and Pentecost were intended to be celebrated on the first day of the week.


St Louis,

522  28/6/2013I received package,
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I received package, thankyou very much and thankyou for postage refund, i not expecting that refund. God bless

521  28/6/2013Could you send me that DVD
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Hi Simon.

I am from Montenegro

I have seen on your website that you are sending dvds and books for free.

My friend translated your documentary about Sodom and Gomorah

Could you send me that DVD
and your book about Sodom and Gomorah ... mGomorrahBook-500x500.jpg

And it will be great if you send me this book

If you have third extended edition, i see that you have first edition on your webiste for free.

I would pay shipping, but here in Montenegro we dont have paypal, and i dont know how to pay.

I will be grateful if you would send me that for free, without paying shipping.

If you are willing to send me those 2 books and DVD, tell me, and i will send my adress to you.

Your discoveries are great! Keep up the good work!

Sorry if i made some grammar mistakes. :)
Sent to: Simon Brown

520  28/6/2013documentary video of archaeological proofs
Pastor Ron 
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I am working on a documentary video of archaeological proofs of the Bible. May
I use about 2-3 minutes of your footage of Sodom to show the ashen walls and
sulfur balls? It would include, of course, proper credit for the footage.

Thank you,
Pastor Ron

519  24/6/2013Greetings in the name of our lord and master jesus christ.
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Greetings in the name of our lord and master jesus christ. My name is
obiajulu from lagos nigeria, am unemployed and needed most of your free
aticles. Dvds,book and children book thanks .

518  21/6/2013Thank you for these wonderful historical truths.
Pastor Joseph Agius 
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Dear Brother,

Thank you for these wonderful historical truths. I wish I can have the time to read and watch all that you publish. I am not sure if I told you, but I am enrolled in an M.Div. program. As you know study takes lots of time.

Have a blessed weekend my Brother.


Pastor Joseph Agius

517  19/6/2013THANK YOU IN GOD`S NAME
David - Botswana 
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I greet you in God`s name, i was listening the DVD watching the presentation of Ms. Emma Brown yeasterday but i was so impresed for this dvd but i request you if possible if you can make a clarification about the garment of ARON as do you have a picture the same as the one i have seen but my request is that send me the picture of Aron and other disciples of Jesus Christ i want to make a frame in my house.This is very important to me and my friends,because i like to teach others but the important thing is to know the word of God.I will try to watch it again so that if i have questions i will send it to you.

I was watching the crucification of Jesus Christ,it was very bad so this gives me faith and i believe in Jesus Christ,so i love Jesus with all my heart.

Thank you in God`s name

David - Botswana

516  18/6/2013Thank you
Mr. Loso 
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Thank you for sending me the good dvd`s,this dvd is very important and very good to my life.

Mr. Loso

515  12/6/2013Possible dinosaur sighting in Africa.
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Hi Simon,

Gilly here. Hope your health is improving greatly.

I thought I would inform you of an expedition coming up next month incase you or someone you know would be interested in going and filming. It is a French team going in search of a possible dinosaur sighting in Africa. I have watched several documentaries on it and it definitely sounds legitimate. There is an unexplored 55,000 square mile area in Africa which straddles 3 countries including the Congo (from what I remember). Tribal people have drawn what they have seen and it definitely resembles a sauropod.

The website to register for the expedition is and it is 10,000 euros. ouch but I would imagine it would be an amazing trip.

And a documentary filmed about it is

Hope you don't mind me passing the info on to you. It would knock evolution right out of the picture if a sauropod is found, and I would imagine that evolutionists would try to quash any proof.

Bless you and Emma and your ministry


514  11/6/2013I SAY THANK YOU
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In Jesus name i can say thank you,hope to receive the important DVD`S you send to me i thank you i will try to watch them as becase it is very important i will teach people about this important information so that people can know about Sodom and Gomorar so i thank you for this gift,if you have something to give fill free to give me because i want to know about manythings of the past.Lets God bless you in his name. Thank you.

513  7/6/2013Mr & Mrs
Brian & Maureen Newton 
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Thank you so much for the books and DVD's that we have received. They have been a real blessings to us. The Chinese found ark high on Ararat appears to be a genuine find and could be the Ark even though the Americans have tried to rubbish it.We were certainly impressed by the up to date research on the shroud that we have always believed to be the shroud of Jesus.Thank you for making all this available to us. We are only disappointed that some Christians tell us that they don't have time. they are too busy to watch. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. Shalom Brian & Maureen.

512  7/6/2013The Exodus Case?
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How much is the freight on The Exodus Case? I live near Stockholm Sweden.

511  5/6/2013Sodom and gormorrah?
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Hi Simon,

Did you see any brimstones in the other 2 cities besides Sodom and gormorrah ? There has been 2 other researchers contesting different locations of Sodom. One of them is from the Creation ministry.
The brimstones is the key. These experts looked for pottery and other dwellings and bones artefects as sign of large cities combined with layers of ash of burning.
But they forgot after fire of brimstones rained on those cities, God 'overturned' the cities as stated 3 times in bible. This means the ground swallowed the cities and any trace of any existence just like the in exodus to the pits of hell.

Do you have independent proof there are still brimstones in those 4 cities ? These will really open the eyes of the sceptics.

KInd Regards

510  2/6/2013Thank you for your informative website
Anthony J.Roche 
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Hi Simon, Many thanks for the abundance of material you publish on your site. I am particularly interested in the 'Shroud of Turin' and am hoping to increase interest in it here in Ireland. May The Holy Spirit sustain and guide you in your endeavours. Anthony

509  28/5/2013God Bless You
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I love your website. Thank you for all you do to bring the gospel of Christ to the nations. God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!
508  27/5/2013Thank You For Sharing The Gospel
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Hi Simon and Friends,

I believe in what you are doing and occasionally share your videos on our FaceBook page to encourage others and reach others with the Gospel. We now have over 100,000 friends on FaceBook and are pleased you have a YouTube Channel to share.

507  26/5/2013Thank you so much for these wonderful DVD's and books
Brian & Maureen. 
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Hi, Thank you so much for these wonderful DVD's and books that we have received. They have been a real blessing to us. It is so exciting to read & hear all about a the excavations proving that Biblical towns and cities existed. We particularly enjoyed the research on the Shroud of Turin. We read about it years ago but haven't caught up with the latest although we do take the Daily Mail. Thank you for allowing us to copy them. What surprises us is the apathy we are finding in the Church, how people are too busy to read and watch films like these. We are getting back to looking at our Jewish roots and it is wonderful how the Lord has led us to your web site. Praise His Holy name. May Almighty God bless you in this ministry. Shalom, love & blessings in the name of our blessed Lord and Saviour Yeshua Ha Machiah. Brian & Maureen.

506  24/5/2013I came across your website and im really interested
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Hello Mr & Mrs Brown,

My name is Nanise Kutani and i live in the Fiji Islands. I came across
your website and im really interested in the videos that you have. To
be honest i shared the discoveries with my family. We cannot afford to
pay for the shipping costs because im unemployed at the moment. Please
if its possible i need the Free 4 DVD's Pack for me and my family.
We thank the Lord for these
discoveries and it has drawn us back to our bible. God bless you and
your ministry.

With regards,

505  22/5/2013the Mokele-M’bembe in Africa?
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Hi Simon!

Have you heard about the Mokele-M’bembe in Africa? It is a creature sighted in Africa by some of the jungle people and it apparently resembles a sauropod. It would be amazing if there still were a few remnants from the would stick a big finger in the eye of the theory of evolution and old earth theory too! lol!

Here is a youtube clip taken from an American history channel I believe.



504  20/5/2013Garden tomb is Biblically correct.
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Greetings in the name of Jesus,
Please allow me to say that your video of the garden tomb is Biblically correct
and was very easy to understand for the lay person. I was greatly impressed
with the You tube videos of the Garden tomb.
The sacrifices in the Old testament Tabernacle were done on the North side of
the alter and outside the gate and brought into the sanctuary. If those
sacrifices were a symbol of Christ death then Paul in Hebrews states that Christ
was crucified north of the temple and outside the city walls and skull hill and
the garden tomb fit precisely the shadow of the Old Testament sacrifices.
The pastor of the 1st Baptist church in Jerusalem makes the above case in
I am making a power point presentation with all of the information that I have
gathered about the Garden tomb.
Please sir, my problem is I do not have the money to order the DVDs that I need
from you, Is there any way that you can send me, an internet copy for my work of
the Garden tomb? If you could, you would receive credits and the video would
not be altered but added to the end of my presentation.
My email address is USA
May God bless you and the work that your are doing.
Your brother in Christ,
503  12/5/2013Praise God
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Hi Jeremiah,
Just minutes ago;I watched part of the info you presented on your website;very interesting.
You may wonder if I'm the Yvonne from Sydney, yes;I'm the one you talked to last night in Sydney.
God Bless!

502  4/5/2013blind man
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great video

501  2/5/2013simon brother can you send some discs. please.
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Hello brother simon,

simon brother can you send some discs. please.

these want.

The Evidence and The True Face of The Shroud film

Archaeological Discoveries


500  28/4/2013Very Nice
Jose Arredondo JR 
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I have watched several of these Videos, But I have some questions while watching thee Videos many are incomplete or show for about 3 minutes then go blank, I have tried to see videos in order but many are missing or don't Play or show at all, This website is very nice but lacks organization and complete Videos. But Thanks I really like what I have seen so far. I am not Being Mean nor am I insulting anyone But I would like to see all videos.

499  23/4/2013thankyou
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fascinating watching your finding the tomb stone. Well done.
498  22/4/2013Please send the DVD of the Sodom and > Gomorrah.
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Wow thank you in God`s name hope that dvd will motivate me and my
family and other people who love god like me.

497  19/4/2013God bless you brother!
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God bless you brother!
I'm wondering if you're familiar with Robert Reiland's book "Jesus and the
third temple"?

496  19/4/2013Thanks again for the informative information.
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Thanks again for the informative information. Brother, I admit that I do not have the time to read and watch all there is, but I know where to find the information now if and when I need it. Thank you for sending these amazing studies. Anyone studying Biblical Archeology will find your work as an endless resource.
Bless you all and have a great weekend.


495  19/4/2013Please can you help me by sending me one dvd.
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Please can you help me by sending me one dvd of the sodom and gommora histry so
that i can use here to teach other people but i will place orders when i have
money to buy but right now i don`t have so i request you to donate just one dvd

494  14/4/2013Hi, I have the shipment
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Hi, I have the shipment for order ID #382. I just got it from my mail box now
when I got home.
It must have been delivered late Friday, after I checked my mailbox. So I do
have it, thank you very much.
Also thank you for the extra DVD's, this was a nice surprise. Bless you. From
493  12/4/2013Bible College
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What a great work you are doing, may the Lord bless you in abundance.

We have a free Bible School and also a free dvd project like yourself.

What are the chances you send me one of each dvds for duplication and
give away poses.

Please let me know what the cost would be.

Stay blessed.

Jasobeam Ministries - Bible College (Acrd: WWAC)

492  11/4/2013Enquiry Steven
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Do you ship and take orders from the U.S. ?

491  11/4/2013the parables of Jesus
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I want to have the parables of Jesus... but I still dont have money to pay the shipping costs. I've just graduated from my 3 years academics in college

490  11/4/2013shipping cost here in the Philippines?
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Good day Mr Brown,

May I ask how much is the shipping cost here in the Philippines?

Thank You.

489  11/4/2013The Shroud of Turin Speaks For Itself
Scott Leikam 
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Wanted to let you know that I ordered your book from Amazon and should be receiving it any day. I would like to urge others to do the same:)
488  9/4/2013sodom and gomorrah dvd
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Dear Mrs. Brown,
I have tried 3 times to order the sodom and gomorrah dvd you
made-would love 5 copies and am more than willing to donate for each,
but I am in the USA-maybe that is why it will not work.

please advise me on what to do


487  5/4/2013Visiting Sodom and Gomorrah
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Hi Simon,

I am planning on a visit to Jerusalem this coming June 3 through 13. Also may be interested in another trip that would line up with your itinerary.

I would be interested in any info regarding trips to these sites.

I am a retired airline captain, in good health, used to "roughing it", located in Miami, Florida, access to airline pass privileges that allow me and one other person to travel to Israel cheaply ($180 round trip/person from the USA).

Thank you for any information you may provide.

God bless,


486  5/4/2013I would like to thankyou
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I would like to thankyou for promptly sending my book and dvd , i read the book and found it spell binding but, my dvd , when i put it in the player to watch it,. the player said "incorrect Disc " I don't know what that means but i do know that it wouldn't play the dvd at all.,it treated it like it was no good and wouldn't play it.
I also am interested in your other books , my daughter Amanda is ordering the exodus case for me is there two books on somdom and gommorah ? is the real discoveries under the dead sea is it a book or dvd, is the jesus tomb a dvd too? because i am interested in getting all you have to offer here the only problem is , will the other dvds work or will they say the same thing as my sodom and gommorah one does. " which is incorrect DVD. please let me know what to do, Thankyou

485  31/3/2013"Shroud of Turin"
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Hi Simon and Emma Brown,

I just watched your Youtube video about the "Shroud of Turin" with guest speaker Barrie M. Schwortz. When I heard about the blood type on the shroud being type AB I remembered the blood type found on the "Ark of the Covenant" when it was discovered by Ron Wyatt also was/is AB. Ron Wyatt went even further with his testing and found that the blood after diluting it and keeping it at body temperature was alive and had 24 chromosomes.

With that being said, is there any way that you can get in contact with Barrie M. Schwortz and see if he can have the blood further tested and do what Ron Wyatt did?

Ron Wyatt talking about JESUS blood sample

God Bless,
Sharon Abd El Gabbar

Matthew 11:28-Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

484  30/3/2013I trust you and your family are keeping well,
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Hi Simon,

I trust you and your family are keeping well, have you done your trip yet to the Sodom and Gamorrah site yet?

It might not be this year for me but you never know, but do you know what the prices are for your package tour?

Also do you have any more pictures of any other biblical artifacts I might be able use, to help convence the doulting Thomas's of which I used to

be one until I saw yours and Ron Wyatt sites.

What I would like to do is find a piece of brimstone to show the congregation the power of God when he touched the earth.

In the next few weeks a table is being set aside for the DVD's, lefflets and that truly marvalous Exedus book you set me so I hope

to send you some feed back on how they get on.

Thanks Simon,


483  27/3/2013Hi simon, i know its late in the day but,
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Hi simon, i know its late in the day but, if your not doing anything to-night and fancy a trip to Dorset there is a meeting being given by Geo-engineering expert David Lin on the subject of "Global warming and Government manipulation of the weather", using the said method. If you know of anyone in the area please notify them about this very important meeting exposing the government scam to push up prices on energy and foods ect.,ect., and even control over the masses,and maybe polishing off a load of people,(havent felt right since i moved down here from london 20 years ago). As Kissinger, the arch one worlder and Bilderberg group member said,"Control the foodstocks and you control people,control the worlds oil and you control nations." I rest my case on that one! The address for to-nights meeting is,TRENT VILLAGE HALL,TRENT,SHERBOURNE,DORSET.THE START TIME IS 7:O CLOCK P.M. .....THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDS, THEY HAVE BEEN VERY ENLIGHTENING...MUCH LOVE TO YOU BOTH AND YOUR FAMILY...CHRIS

482  26/3/2013Clinging to the papal error of natural immortality and man's
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As spiritualism more closely imitates the nominal Christianity of the day, it has greater power to deceive and ensnare. Satan himself is converted, after the modern order of things. He will appear in the character of an angel of light. Through the agency of spiritualism, miracles will be wrought,the sick will be healed, and many undeniable wonders will be performed. And as the spirits will profess faith in the Bible, and manifest respect for the institutions of the church, their work will be accepted as a manifestation of divine power.
On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 6:03 PM, Richard <richard> wrote:
Clinging to the papal error of natural immortality and man's
consciousness in death, they have rejected the only defense against the delusions of spiritualism. The doctrine of eternal torment has led many to disbelieve the Bible. And as the claims of the fourth commandment are urged upon the people, it is found that the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath is enjoined; and as the only way to fre...e themselves from a duty which they are unwilling to perform, many popular teachers declare that the law of God is no longer binding. Thus they cast away the law and the Sabbath together. As the work of Sabbath reform extends, this rejection of the divine law to avoid the claims of the fourth commandment will become well-nigh universal. The teachings of religious leaders have opened the door to infidelity, to spiritualism, and to contempt for God's holy law; and upon these leaders rests a fearful responsibility for the iniquity that exists in the Christian world.

481  26/3/2013Hello Simon
Ken Jones 
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Hello Simon

Your emails are encouraging and the information full of eye opening stuff. However would it be helpful to say there are a lot of people out here that find it frustrating to have to download lots of u-tube as it costs money. Pensioners have limited resources ( cheap internet connections)
Please don't take this as a negative comment just letting you know there are some cheapies out here, you information is smashing and I know God will bless you both in your work.

With Kind Regards
Hello Simon

Your emails are encouraging and the information full of eye opening stuff. However would it be helpful to say there are a lot of people out here that find it frustrating to have to download lots of u-tube as it costs money. Pensioners have limited resources ( cheap internet connections)
Please don't take this as a negative comment just letting you know there are some cheapies out here, you information is smashing and I know God will bless you both in your work.

With Kind Regards

Ken Jones

480  26/3/2013Hi Simon, Shroud of Turin
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Hi Simon,

The christian community appreciates your work on bringing out evidence of judgement on sodom and gormorrah . You and your family are to be commended for that. There is however an issue of concern. How you do read the commandment of Yahweh on not making any images of any creature in heaven including image of God or his son ? Do you think a All knowing Yahweh who raised Jesus from the dead will unknowingly imprint radiation markings on linen so that people can mock Yahweh as a God of image maker .

I understand people can use occult powers to create such supernatural artefects to fool scientists. You probably aware the knights templars were occultists who piss on the bible and practice sodomy. Why would a omipotent God create an image of himself and then fall it to the hands of occultist 'knights' . BTW these knights were persecuted by the catholic church for their satanic rituals and they went underground and formed the illuminati with zionists 300 yrs ago.

No doubt science evidence can be manufactured supernaturally by such as Pharoah's magicians to even impress Nasa technician. The second commandment issue is Jesus long hair?? Contrary to Paul's commandment of men must keep short hair. Further in rome men wore short hair.

When people of the world look at christians they will judge our appearance and our antics to see if we are the true light of Christ. The word 'witness' unto Christ in Greek means 'martyr'. This is why early christians willing to burn at the stakes as they refuse to compromise. Or else God will have to apologise to these martyrs when male christians cannot even obey to keep short hair.

Also did you find any large amounts of herbs and ointments of aloes and Myrrh on the linen cloth brought by Joseph and Nicodemus. Jesus was covered and smeared with TONS of these herbs ointment and there should be massive stains on the linen cloth. I was informed by a researcher ....
STURP team NEVER found any oil, spices, aloes, myrrh or anything like that, even if they search very hard to see if there was still some traces of those kind of products.

In addition the real accurate image of Jesus can be found at the British Museum a rare coin minted by christian emperor Justinan with Christ with wooly hair on one side with inscription 'King of Kings' and the Justinan face on other side as emperor. The Cambridge Encyclopedia wrote: "Whatever the fact, this coin places beyond dispute the belief that Jesus Christ was a Negro.

Here is an actual painting of Jesus Christ 'Last Supper' inside the catacomb

479  25/3/2013Why Did God Choose Adam’s ''Rib'' to make the ''Woman''?
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hello beloved God bless you so much and make your work continued to grow since i meet you and the teachings with this that you have recovered have help me so much to learn many things which idid not know people in Africa my country G hana they also bless. please i love to print many of your dvd and cd to share for free because here they can not buy it if you could help me to do this i will be very happy God bless you
478  25/3/2013Joseph's Tomb
Ron Robinson 
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I read on your site: "A few years ago the tomb was opened. It was found to contain a body mummified according to the Egyptian custom and in the tomb among other things was a sword of the kind worn by Egyptian officials."

Could you please send me the source of this information and the exact year if possible?

With Much Appreciation,
Phyllis Robinson ... =92&keywords=Josephs+Tomb

477  23/3/2013LEARNT SO MUCH
pastor calvary 
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your friend pastor calvary.

476  21/3/2013101 Scientific booklets
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Hello there. I have ordered a few of your books and dvds before - thank you so
much - and I am keen to order several 101 Scientific booklets to give out to
friends (and leave one or two in waiting rooms perhaps). If I were to order five
or six, how much p&p would that cost please?
Many thanks indeed, Rachel

475  20/3/2013Hello Simon & Emma,
Frederick D. 
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Hello Simon & Emma,

I have received my order, Thankyou very much.

Continue your good work,
Frederick D.

474  18/3/2013Thank you.
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Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for sending the DVDs of Real Discoveries.

with regards,

473  11/3/2013Dear Sister Emma,
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Yesterday we shared much about the discovery videos which you sent to us in fact after watching them for over three hours we prayed very much thanking God and crying with Jesus on the cross, after that we prayed for you, your family and all the discovery team, may God bless you and enlarge your vision. Hope one day you will visit us with this wonderful revelations.
Again i said thank you.
God bless you

472  4/3/2013Testament Facts to spread the news to our christian and other friends.
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For quite some time i am on search for the discoveries on net regarding the OLD
Testament Facts to spread the news to our christian and other friends. I
appreciate you efforts and also generosity allowing to produce them by copying
and distribute to convince others about the words of GOD. I noticed that you
mentioned to play the videos we nees a multiregion DVD player. Is it not
possible to view in DVD player and laptoops/desktops. Pls clarify on this. once
yi get the clarification i will order for them. I will be happy if you could
categorise the list of films essential.

Once again i congratulate you for spreading the word of GOD through your site
with service motto

I look forward for your reply
with regards,

471  4/3/2013Am to acknowledge your kindheartedness and above all,
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Dear Sirs:

Am to acknowledge your kindheartedness and above all, your matchless endeavors in raising christians'faith onto the four corners of the world.
Am sending you my postal address as required two days ago, to be provided with my longsince-desired free DVD's films.

Please Sirs,miss no characters in re-writing this address on my parcel .
May God bless all your hands' works and gratify the utmost desires of your heart.

470  4/3/2013Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
Samson Oyediji. 
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Dear Sir,
Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ, who Has called us into the ministry of reconcilation.
I praise the Almighty God for you and your great ministy that He has
committed into your care.May the good Lord continue to bless the labour of your
hands, and may the fruits of your ministration abide forever. The Lord will not
forget your labour of love. A book or remembrance has bee open for your sake.
I have a burden for the lost souls and deep committment for telling the
world about the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, which is goodnews.
Please sir, kindly assist me with the following gospel materials which I
can use to win souls for Christ.
*TRACTS IN LARGE QUANTITIES (for winning souls for Christ)
AND VCD (for my personal use, which will make me to be more effective in my
ministry and ministrations to lost souls).
*DISCIPLESHIP MATERIALS( which can be use to nuture converts, so that they
can mature in christian faith).
*HOLY BIBLES (for distribution to those who cannot afford to buy one)
*BOOKS AND ANY OTHER CHRISTIAN MATERIALS (which can be use to organise
christian home reading library).
I will be glad if my requests are favourably considered and granted.You
can forward my requests to my postal address:

Remain blessed in Christ Jesus.

Yours in Christ vineyard,

Samson Oyediji.

469  2/3/2013hello, i would like to draw a picture of lots wife
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hello, i would like to draw a picture of lots wife over looking sodom as the
fire and brimstone rained down, i think that the picture would be beautiful even
though it was a punishment God makes everything so pretty and i saw whe ron
wyatt went and lit one on fire and it had a beautiful blue flame, so i was
wondering if i could have a picture of lots wife on the hill and the picture of
the city below and all so that i can paint a story picture , would you be
willing to send them to me?

468  2/3/2013my friend
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my friend
how is madam Emma doing and her health we never forgot her and your ministry in our humble prayers.
are these facts true (state)? your ministry is a blessing to me .
keep my ministry of grace life and the school.
yours in his service,

467  1/3/2013Want your free DVD's in a hurry
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Dear sir
I am a church leader, and wholeheartedly interested in your bible proving free DVD's.
I am currently in a french-speaking country and am willing to know about the possibility to be sent the below-mentioned DVD's in a french version.

I am waiting for your soonest reply, before I send my shipping dues.
I shall be ever grateful to you, if you would be pleased to grant me this favour.
I convey to you every heavenly blessing, as your reseaches are faith enhancing in every christian life.
May God bless you .

Even if you dont see any possibility to gratify my wish, I will be pleased with the english DVD's and then work on translating them into french for my fellow church goers.

466  1/3/2013my order,
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I have received my order,for order # 338,The Parables of Jesus.Thanks.

465  26/2/2013Hello and great blessings to you Simon.
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Hello and great blessings to you Simon. Simon do you have available the original
tape of Ron Wyatt\'s findings? I would like very much to view it. It does not
seem to be available anymore. What would it cost me Simon? I am responding from
my daughters\' PC but I check it once a week. Still on short term disability but
I hope to return soon. Please let me know. The videos you sent have been a
great blessing to this community and the pastors are so pleased to present these
to their congregation. I can\'t thank you enough. May our Soon Coming King
continue to bless you and the rewarding ministry he has placed in your kind
hands. Thanks again and please find out for me how I may obtain Ron Wyatts\'
original video where his wife speaks and the music accompanies each chapter. The
music fits the presentation very well. Have a blessed day...

464  26/2/2013Thanks for the books and dvd`s
Richard Alan 
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Hi Simon Brown and Wife Emma

1 Thessalonians 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.......

Nehemiah 9:14 And madest known unto them thy holy sabbath, and commandedst them precepts, statutes, and laws, by the hand of Moses thy servant:

Praise The LORD that He The LORD has given you & your wife and ministry team the opportunity to prove the Bible History True.

Though am much grieved and concerned that after all this privilege that you and your wife Emma and many others have been found to have the two major Lies of the evil one "The Devil" The enemy of souls and of righteousness being taught by your ministry here at the end of the world.

Hope this promises comes to life for you and your loved ones.
Psalm 72:14 He shall redeem their soul from deceit and violence: and precious shall their blood be in his sight.

The ministration of holy angels, as presented in the Scriptures, is a truth most comforting and precious to every follower of Christ. But the Bible teaching upon this point has been obscured and perverted by the errors of popular theology. The doctrine of natural immortality, first borrowed from the pagan philosophy, and in the darkness of the great apostasy incorporated into the Christian faith, has supplanted the truth, so plainly taught in Scripture, that “the dead know not anything.” Multitudes have come to believe that it is the spirits of the dead who are the “ministering spirits sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation.” And this notwithstanding the testimony of Scripture to the existence of heavenly angels, and their connection with the history of man, before the death of a human being.
The doctrine of man’s consciousness in death, especially the belief that the spirits of the dead return to minister to the living, has prepared the way for modern Spiritualism. If the dead are admitted to the presence of God and holy angels, and privileged with knowledge far exceeding what they before possessed, why should they not return to the earth to enlighten and instruct the living? If, as taught by popular theologians, the spirits of the dead are hovering about their friends on earth, why should they not be permitted to communicate with them, to warn them against evil, or to comfort them in sorrow? How can those who believe in man’s consciousness in death reject what comes to them as divine light communicated by glorified spirits?

463  26/2/2013shipped to the US?
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Hi, I there any way to have items shipped to the US?

462  24/2/2013biblical archaeological
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Dear Simon, wishes to you in Jesus Christ Holy Name. For nearly a year I have been truly enjoying all the biblical archaeological from your ministry and it has been a true source of strengenth to my hearers at the Bible study and to me. Also, last year i was able to buy many Dvd series of 'Sodom& Gomorahh' etc,etc. These dvds were a true source of encouragement for all of us here in Chennai City in S.India. I work among the underprivildged people in Chennai. And it is a challenge in many ways, especially financially. So Im unable to buy some of your Dvd documentaries. One that really which caught my attention was of the'Shroud of Turin'. So i humbly request you to consider my situation and can you to send me free of cost the Dvd ' Shroud of Turin' and other latest release through your ministry. This will help me to translate it in tamil and explain it well to my hearers. If it is possible then following is my full address - India. Thank you - jared.p

461  23/2/2013Muchas gracias por los DVDs.
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Hola Simon. Soy Hugo. Muchas gracias por los DVDs. Son bastante, he aprendido mucho. Quiero darle muchas gracias, un abrazo.

I can give these materials also. With this we learn a lot. Thanks For All Simon. Goodbye and a hug.

The Evidence and The True Face of The Shroud film
Archaeological Discoveries
The Exodus Case

460  23/2/2013Record amount of enquiries regarding Ron Wyatt and Noah's Ark. PART 2.
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and then campare it with exodus 25:10 And they shall make an ark of shittim wood: two cubits and a half shall be the length thereof, and a cubit and a half the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the height thereof.
Using the 20.6" cubit we get a length of 51.5", a width of 30.9" and a height of 30.9" compared to Ron's rendering from memory of length 51.25", width 30.25" and height 29.5". I work with a tape measure everyday and I could not have come closer than Ron did, now I am assuming Ron did not know about Solomon's gate giving us the 20.6" cubit back then when he saw the ark. Further Ron's ark of the covenant show the cherubim standing at each end as a true shadow picture of the true mercy seat as seen in John 20:11-12 Now Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb and saw two angels in white,N)" seated where Jesus’ body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot. Most "Jewish" renderings of the ark have these small cherubim on the top of the mercy seat which to me is obviously wrong as this supposed to be the throne seat with 2 crowns on it, crown 1 (Abba) the father, and sitting beside him to the fathers right crown 2 Yehovah who has become our Yeshua (Psalm 118:20-23 and Isaiah 12:1-2
I thought I would throw the Yehova/Yeshua thing in just for fun, now I'll add to that fun: Who wrote the 10 commandments with his finger the father or Yeshua? The answer is found with the adulteress woman: John 8:2 amplified: Early in the morning (at dawn), He came back into the temple [court], John 8:5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? John 8:6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. John 8:8 And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.
I believe you have been to the temple court, did you see any sand boxes? I believe the "ground" is solid stone as made by Herod, so the next time you go to the temple court go look where Jesus would have sat down teaching where the scribes and Pharisees brought the woman and see if you can find what Jesus wrote with his finger, I suspect you will find 10 words.
My hopes and prayers for you and Emma are that you are well and that you are showing the LORD you love him by keeping his commands as your ticket to health, Deut 12:32 do not add to or take away from his commands (christmas and easter are adding to his commands- see the rest of Deut 12), Happy Purim!!!

459  23/2/2013Record amount of enquiries regarding Ron Wyatt and Noah's Ark.
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Hi Simon, I thought I would throw my 2 cents in with the most important thing being a cubit is 20.6" based on Solomon's gate:

The length of the Ark poses "a fundamental problem with the Biblical account."
Presumptions that the cubit of Genesis is 18" is used in some suspect Bible interpretations actually giving the length as 450 feet instead of the 300 cubits of the text. The cubit of Moses was the cubit of Egypt where he was trained. That cubit was brought to Egypt by the descendents of Noah's son Ham. This cubit has been proven at Solomon's gate to be a 20.6" cubit and was used to build the great Pyramid of Giza. This perfectly fits the length of the Durupinar remains and supports the deck area dimensions considering the site's external forces and dynamics.

Here is the link I got this from:

If you look at the renderings of Ron wyatt's ark of the covenant images and dimensions as found at this link: ... art=15&ndsp=22&ved=1t:429,i:172&tx=99&ty=60

458  23/2/2013UPDATE ON 23/2/2013 from John Locke. Noah's Ark.John Lock. 

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UPDATE ON 23/2/2013 from John Locke.

Hi Simon:
Here is some of the evidence and research I promised to send you:

John Morris did tremendous and thorough research on Mount Ararat. But he 
did NOT find the Ark. It seems conslusively that it is not on Mount Ararat, 
and Morris did us all a favor by proving that fact. That is because, in my 
opinion, it landed on the mountain(s) of Ararat then slid downward to its 
final resting place in Duripinar, where after 5,000 years of exposure to the 
elements, has left its footprint for all to see. It is important to 
remember the Bible does not say the Ark landed on Mount Ararat, but 
"Mountains" (plural) - literally the range of Mountains in Easter Turkey, 
the Mountains of (ancient) Armenia. Science tells us that civilization 
began there. Evidence of that civilization has been found by David Allen 
Deal. See note below:

Here are a few quotes from Impact Newsletter, Institute For Creation 
Research, 2100 Greenfield Drive, El Cajon, CA 92021:

From No. 116 - Noah's Ark: The Search Goes On by John D. Morris, Ph.D.
Under "The Cummings-Irwin Group"
page iii - "The Ahora Gorge, without a doubt the most rugged area on the 
mountain and the site of most earlier investigations, has been ruled 
"The North Canyon area was carefully checked and found not to contain the 
page iv - "...the specific object of their quest, which is in the far 
reaches of the Ahora Gorge, was studied through a telescope. It was 
determined not to be the Ark."

From No. 125 - The Search for Noah's Ark: 1983 By John D. Morris, Ph.D.
page iii - "...very little snow remained below 14,000 ft. elevation while 
the glaciers had receded back farther than in anyone's memory. The 
conditions seemed optimum for a discovery....Despite the favorable 
conditions, no remains of the Ark were discovered. Those sites thought to be 
the most likely resting places for the Ark were thoroughly investigated and 
page iv - "....The obvious thought has now crossed each explorer's mind - 
perhaps the remains of the Ark are not really on the mountain at all." Yet 
the overwhelming evidence remains.3 Something must be up there. But where? 
Seemingly every possible location has been checked. On the other hand, it 
may be that our methods are no longer productive."

3. Referenced: Adventure on Ararat, John D. Morris (San Diego: Creation-Life 
Publishers, 1973)
Ark on Ararat, John D. Morris (San Diego: Cration-Life Publishers, 1975).
Has Anybody Really Seen Noah's Ark, by Violet Cummings (San Diego: 
Creation-Life Publishers, 1982).

From No. 231 - The Search For Noah's Ark: Status 1992 by John D. Morris, Ph. 
"...This evidence consists primarily of reports by individuals who claim to 
have seen the Ark. Unfortunately, none of these accounts have been 
substantiated by documentation. Thus, all are to some degree questionable, 
and each should be held lightly."

David Allen Deal added to the research of Ron Wyatt. He visited the 
Durupinar site multiple times and found evidence of the original 
civilization, the actual landing place of the Ark wherehe believes the 
animals dispersed, and more important research. His book is available on ... evidence+david+allen+deal 

Here is his book's description: "
THE ARK OF NOAH DISCOVERED IN TURKEY IN 1948 Nearly everyone has been 
fixated on Mount Ararat as the location of Noah's Ark. The Bible states the 
Ark came to rest in the "mountains of Urartu" not "Mount Ararat." Seventeen 
miles south of the Ararat volcano two-thirds of the way up on another 
mountain approximately 8000 feet in height is a mass of cohesive convincing 
evidence that the ark landed there on Mount Mashu. Evidence even includes a 
538 foot long impression of the ship's hull. Gilgamesh having visited 
"Mashur" described this place accurately. The city's name "Mesha" ("saved 
from water") is even mentioned in Genesis 10:30. Noah's Ark was discovered 
6200 feet above sea level in mid May of 1948 by a local Kurdish shepherd boy 
named Reshit Sarihan who lives to this day (Sept. 2000) in the village of 
Nisir (previously called "Nasar" but changed to "Uzengili`" after the ark 
was discovered. - One should take note that "Nasar" was the Babylonian name 
for Noah's city). Heavy rains in May of 1948 combined with three noteworthy 
earthquakes exposed the ark impression from the collapsing expansive and 
loose mud that had entrapped it for nearly 2 thousand years revealing the 
ark impression standing up out of the terrain. In Josephus' time 
(1st-century A.D.) the Ark of Noah was well-known because he mentions in 
Antiquities of the Jews that people were still visiting the place and 
removing pieces of bitumen from the ark for amulets against imagined evils. 
Many still resist its proper identification. Turkey oddly refuses to let 
archaeologists excavate to scientifically determine authenticity. You can 
decide for yourself after reviewing the massive evidence presented in this 
book. A large number of exciting photographs drawings and inscriptions would 
seem to verify the author's conclusions." Paperback 195 pages



457  18/2/2013John Locke. God proved me wrong. Ron Wyatt was telling the truth about Noah's Ark. MUST READ
John Locke 
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After my research I met David Allen Deal - who did more extensive research of the Duripinar site and wrote a book - It appears his website is no longer there, but I found this article with a bit of his finds: He found multiple gravesites and the remains of homes that the first civilization apparently built. I have his book containing his research, and have communicated with him frequently, but not much in the last few years. Blessings, John.


456  18/2/2013God proved me wrong. Ron Wyatt was telling the truth about Noah's Ark.
John Locke. 
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Comment from John Locke. God proved me wrong. Ron Wyatt was telling the truth about Noah's Ark. MUST READ. Durupinar is all that is left of Noah's Ark. I did not used to believe this. I did a two year research project to DISPROVE its validity - and God told me I was wrong! I then prayed: "Then, Lord, the wood that was shown on TV recently has to be proved fake, as well as Jim Irwin's claim." Within 3 days, God supernaturally sent me the proof I asked for. The first was proved a fraud. The guy had burned wood then claimed he found it on Ararat. Second: Jim Irwin's wife was on National TV and said: "It was not what they thought." 1. Pre-flood geology was different than now. 2. The Ark landed higher on the mountain, then slid to its final destination, where its side was pierced where it "came to rest" upon the mountains of Ararat. 3. It was and has been exposed to the elements for about 5,000 YEARS. All that is left is its footprint, and the settled remains left in the shape of a ship. What else would you expect after 5,000 years? God in His mercy had to correct me. There is no boat in ice. Glaciers move and destroy everything in their path. Even John Morris' research and expeditions , when the ice had melted back further than it had in years, and he searched the claimed locations, saw nothing then proclaimed: "But it has to be there." No it doesn't.. Though Wyatt may have done some things he shouldn't have, or whatever complaints people have about him, he did important work proving the Bible. Blessings, John.


455  17/2/2013you are just blessing my heart
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Dear friend,
you are just blessing my heart and learning to lead my ministry.your doing a great prayer for you is that the Lord gives you grace and hearlth to travel for this ministry.we are also doing our part here living for the less previleged in the society.l believed lam called to lead underprevileged people to experience God's grace life.
hi to Mad.Emma.
yours in his service,

454  17/2/2013DVD's arrived this week
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Hi Simon,

DVD's arrived this week, thank you for the extra's. I have been in awe and my faith has been lifted as I watch these DVD's. One day I hope to go and see these sites, but for now I am blessed by your work, and thank God for you, your wife and team, keep fighting the good fight.


453  16/2/2013registered
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I want to join.I have not registered yet.I need a user name,and a

452  13/2/2013I requested a number ov DVD's
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Hi there,
I requested a number ov DVD's etc afew weeks agoand haven't yet received them.
I have received Dvd's in the past to pass on to friends and have found them most
helpful to me to better understand the things of God.
I received a receipt for £20.00 which I hope willcover postage.
Look forward to hearing from you


451  11/2/2013Amazing
Maria Lopez 
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I have checked out your website and think it is scary and fascinating and I believe it will help those that do not believe start and those that use to believe come back to God.

450  10/2/2013I am so glade to see all this
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hi,simon i thank you for the work you are doing i am so glade to see all this.i
want to order for more 10dvd of part 1&2 and also some books .i will send you a
cheque of 20pound via your address.thank you so much .

449  6/2/2013Hello Brother Simon,
Pastor Samson. 
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Hello Brother Simon,
Many thanks in deed my friend, I am very much glad to inform you that i have received the envelope with CD'S Thank you again and may God expand your territory and make the gift in you move a cross the world to help many before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Brother lets be in touch for through this we may learn much from your revelation.
Greetings to Saints in your Ministry Hope God will bring you this side of Africa with this wonderful teachings.
God bless you richly Pastor Samson. 

448  5/2/2013I got the book and the DVDs!
Timo Maaranen 
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I got the book and the DVDs! And this fast… on tuesday!

God will bless you!

Regards Timo Maaranen

447  4/2/2013Received the DVDs.
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Hi, just received the DVDs. Thank you very much. God Bless!


446  4/2/2013My Brother,
Pastor Joseph Agius 
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My Brother, Your newsletter never sizes to amaze me. I also love your website designs. Well done.

445  31/1/2013pl. send mentioned dvd
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pl. send mentioned dvd and I will pay the charge at my home because truly I
don't know how to send pl. do my favour.

444  31/1/2013I would like to have free dvd and book
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i would like to have free dvd and book
443  29/1/2013dollar amount
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What is dollar amount to pds so i can firgure out the cost for shipping free
vidoes etc Thank you Shalom Alechem

442  28/1/2013Sodom and Gomorrah DvD?
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I am interested in the Sodom and Gomorrah DvD?

441  27/1/2013A Quantum Hologram of Christ's Resurrection?
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Dear Brother Brown,
please send me one (1) of the dvd of the Hologram as it can not be
gotten here in Ghana.It will be great a blessing to believers here.
Below is the address:THE PRESIDENT
REGIE ... rchive/1112252793831.html

440  26/1/2013DVD's
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You DVD's look very interesting and I was wanting to place an order, your website said it is 5 pound to ship up to 5 DVD anywhere in the world, but when I went through checkout it said it would cost 12.86 pound. I am from Australia, I'm not sure if I have done it properly or not, could you please let me know how it works.

God bless,


439  25/1/2013I forgot to mention.
John Locke 
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I forgot to mention. We would place the videos without any editing, and, if
allowed to place on Roku, a special "Real Discoveries" page, with your website
link. We are already connected with Dr. Richard Kent. Thank you for your
consideration, as your videos are very useful and helpful, and needed. 

438  25/1/2013permission to use some of your videos on our Network?
John Locke 
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Hi - Is it possible to get permission to use some of your videos on our Network?
1. We broadcast on over 35 IPTV Networks 2. We have video-on-demand pages 3.
We are building a Roku Channel (over 1 million owners currently). We do not
charge but also cannot pay. We only want to reach the lost, teach and feed the
saints of God. Let me know if we can use any of these on all or some of the
above outreaches. Thanks for your consideration.

437  25/1/2013all DVDs and Books
no name 
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I would like to receive all DVDs and Books from you.

Please tell me...

1. All DVDs(18?) + shipping costs = ???

2. All Books(3?) + shipping costs = ???

3. Your PayPal address = ???

Thank you.

God bless you.

436  23/1/2013An outstanding powerful healing gift. By Caspar, who was raised from the dead.
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Thank you for sharing the "Caspar" email. It reminded me of something I wrote
years ago after I went through the emotional roller coaster of divorce/missing
my kids. One of the things I wrote went something like "why do we get so angry
and emotional and clog our own arteries and cause our own heart attacks, we make
ourselfs sick with our thoughts" When you research sickness and healing in the
scriptures it seems to have alot more to do with sin or missing the mark than
germs and viruses as in Exodus 15:26 "If thou wilt diligently hearken to the
voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and
wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of
these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the
Lord that healeth thee." I think sickness and disease fit with this statement-
\'In the absence of prophecy, the reward or punishment itself serves as God\'s
messenger.\' A couple of years ago I went on a 40 day fast (water only), after
the fast I seem to have become sensitive to some of the toxins in our daily
lives, things like second hand smoke and perfume, these carcinogens were giving
me strong alergic type physical reactions causing me to activate my flight or
fight response (mostly flight), however some times flight can\'t happen, so I did
a little research about how your brain works- sending signals to your
subconscious and now instead of running away from these smells I try to control
the thoughts/signals I send to my subconscious and control my fight flight
response which keeps my physical symptoms from happening. This controling your
own thoughts is not so easy, it is somewhat akin to controling your emotions,
having said that I have found that it is easy to say "control your emotions" but
to do it is not a simple matter- instead of trying to control your emotions one
can control the thoughts/signals you are giving yourself that cause the
emotions, kinda like backing up a step in the equation. My point to all this is
the connection between physical symptoms are alot closer linked to our thoughts
than one might typically think, example: if someone were to say to me "I have
cancer" and I were to say "why did you give yourself that?" or "why did you
think yourself into having that" they might think I\'m nuts, not realizing the
truth to the statement. I don\'t buy this positive thinking or the law of
attraction stuff like in the book "the secret" what I do believe is serving God
and diligently seeking him with all your heart, mind, soul, strength and wealth
all your everything will lead us to all truth and health because by His stripes
we are healed, made whole, given eternal life, saved from our sins (missing the
mark) and saved from the wrath to come. In your email you talked about the
leppers that were healed and one came back, it is my understanding that all the
lepers were healed but that one that came back was made whole- he got his nose
and fingers back! Well here\'s praying for you Simon and you Emma that you may be
healed and made whole and we know we have what we ask for as long as it is
within God\'s will, in the power and authority of Yeshua our messiah I pray

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434  22/1/2013Praise God for your ministry.
Daniel Wilson 
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Hello there,

Praise God for your ministry, I am starting up a little ministry of my own here
in little old Ireland and presenting some of the same topics in this website. Is
it possible if you could send me a copy of the Exodus Case, 101 scientific facts
and if possible some of the DVD's? I am more than happy to pay for the shipping
and a donation.

God bless

Daniel Wilson
Righteousness is Love Ministries 

433  21/1/2013iam a nigerian
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sir i mail from my phone nd so i wl be brief. iam a nigerian i am a yoruba by tribe. we av 3 major tribes in my country.i will be glad to interpret for u. in yoruba tagetin about 40million ppl. yorubas ar also in benin republic. make ur findings on d net about my tribe nd let me kno wot u feel.

432  20/1/2013Ms.
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I think your enthusiasm is wonderful. But unfortunately, when the Bible is studied correctly, it doesn\'t say that the soul departs from the body at death. The Bible says that the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. The Bible describes death as a sleep: Psa. 13:3, Dan. 12:2, 1 Thes. 4:14, & 4:16-18, 1 Cor. 15:51, John 11:11-45. May God richly bless you as you do a thorough study of this most important topic.

431  19/1/2013An outstanding powerful healing gift. By Caspar, who was raised from the dead.
Michael in Braintree 
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Dear Simon ( and for Emma to read too )

I read this in your email . . .

" Since I have met Caspar, although my knee is not yet completely healed, he has made me aware of thoughts and feelings I did not realise I had ,which are based on anger and resentment. It does seem true to me that although we repent and confess our sins, we are not always truly forgiving in our hearts, as Emma my wife has also confessed to me that she is not doing; and this has now made me realise I was still bitter towards certain Christians from whom I sometimes received feedback that was heavily critical of my work, and they also have mistreated and hurt me at times."

I have tried to write something so i might also help you . I hope this is going to help you.
It is about you making sure you are a loving person. Love other Christians. Christians are all on/at different levels. Some are like on a higher spiritual level than you. Some are like on a lower spiritual level than you. Even the best of us aren't perfect. Many times Christians may have said hurtful things to you in the past. Maybe Christians will say hurtful things about you in the future. When they do don't dwell on it. And if ever a Christian looks down on you it is because he has not yet evolved himself. Hope the man evolves into a fine man who does not look down on you. If a Christian hasn't got a nice attitude to you then wish him well rather than "hope he has bad weather on his wedding day".
Do things unto the Lord God . If men don't like it what you do it should not matter to you if you are doing it unto God. Please God not man.

With love from Michael in Braintree

430  19/1/2013I recieved your dvds and book yesterday.
Walter Vanderlee. 
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Hello Simon, I recieved your dvds and book yesterday. I am very happy and impressed with them, thank you. May God be with you, Walter Vanderlee.

429  18/1/2013Dear brother Simon,
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Dear brother Simon, I am very happy to read your message this morning God bless you so much for the wonderful work you are doing for Christ, for the DVD need more because i strongly belives that it will lead many to Christ here in africa, i need the evanmgelism dvd like sodom and Gommorah, parables of Jesus, 101 scientific fact,23 minutes in hell, 8 year old encounter with Jesus, buried treasure, truth about hell i need this DVD MORE TO SHARE HOPE THAT I WLL CONTINUED TO GIVE YOU THE RESULTS GOD BLESS YOUMY ADDRESS,


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