Simon Brown.

Proverbs 8:34-36 Blessed is the man who hears me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at my door posts. For whoever finds me finds life, and will obtain favor from Yahweh. But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul. All those who hate me love death.” Psalm 84: 11 For Yahweh God is a sun and a shield. Yahweh will give grace and glory. He withholds no good thing from those who walk blamelessly. 12 Yahweh of Armies, blessed is the man who trusts in you. 1 John 5:5 Now who is the one overcoming the world, except the one believing that Jesus is the Son of God?

Wednesday 17 January 2018

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288  21/8/2012Hi. Peaple of God
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Hi. Peaple of God you are dowing a good job, may God be with you.
Because you are doing a good job fore us poor peaple who are in
zambia to know all this. Thunk you in jesus name amen.

287  16/8/2012We have Translated the film in our own Language
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Dear Brother in Christ
We have Translated the film in our own Language and the believers in our church has thrilled by viewing all the scenarios.Our place is totally downtrodden and people coming to the church are very very poor in condition, and through the prayers only we are over coming all the difficulties.Hence by seeing this kind of picturesqueness messages they get inspiration and strengthened by the grace of our living GOD.Many many thanks for your kind help,and we will continue to pray for all your ministries
Thanking you

286  16/8/2012Dear Brother in CHRIST
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Dear Brother in CHRIST
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.
Hope you are doing well with family and kid by the grace of Jesus.This I am communicating that,its past so many days I am not having direct contact with you,but I have received the message from your end.In our daily prayer we are remembering you all and hope you will be receiving the blessing from the heavenly Father.Please remember and courage there are people in this country who are all praying for you.May the prayer help you to do more HIS work in the days to come
Thanking you

285  9/8/2012Today is the Message of God...
Pastor yousaf. 
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Today is the Message of God...
Jesus has new life.Jesus has everlasting life.Jesus has salvation for all sinner people.Jesus has authority heaven and the earth.Jesus has authority final judgement.Jesus has given authority forgiven all sins,Jesus has authority everlasting kingdom Jesus is Lord of lords and King of kings.Jesus is the first the last the beginning and the end.Jesus said I\' m the light of the world.Jesus is the light.Jesus has authority all angels,Jesus has power on all evil spirits,Jesus has authority bread and water.therefor Jesus is the Lord.This is christian nation believe.Amen
God bless you through this message.
Pastor yousaf.

284  9/8/2012O wow
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O wow Simon where do you gather your info!! Well done you...

283  9/8/2012well done,
Rosie and Roly 
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Dear Simon, Emma and Lauren ,

What a wonderful blessing your presentations are!!

Lauren, your speech delivery is so clear - well done!! Following in your mother's steps.......

Simon, your research and all the work involved is marvellous - well done, friend

Love from us both

Rosie and Roly

282  9/8/2012I am very happy for this .
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Hi, i am very happy for this . Plz send me some more. May God be with u amen.

281  6/8/2012Thank you
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Thank you so much for your help,I really apreciate it. And thank you for what you guys are doing in helping people on the right path,you are doing an exelent job!

280  2/8/2012The Kola Superdeep Borehole.
Peter Savodnik 
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Dear Sir/Madam, I'm a journalist with The New Yorker magazine. I'd like to ask
you a few questions about the Kola Superdeep Borehole. Would yo have any time to

Thank you.

Peter Savodnik

279  23/7/2012Im just inquiring
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Hi guys, im just inquiring into the authenticity of revelation tv. and there
reliance on this doc mc murtry.He leans heavily on other christian scientistes
like ken ham, ron wyatt, kent hovind,ect.,who made discoveries before him,and he
never gives them any credit for there discoveries,then calls them charlatons.
Why have you not had your materials shown on revelation t.v.recently?Are these
guys secret catholics or what? and why are they upset and arguing with men like
bob mitchell,jacob prasch,and many more.Are these guys scincere or what? its
rather wierd they have set up in spain,a staunch catholic country. Could you
please enlighten us and give us your opinions. God bless you all and keep up the
good work,much love to you all at "REAL DISCOVERIES.".CHRIS. 

278  18/7/2012greatful if you can help me
David Osborne 
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Dear Sir i am only out of prison after serving 8yrs 6mths. i am living here at
this hostel
and i am unemployed at this time. I would be greatful if you can help me out on
the posting charges.
Thank You
David Osborne

277  18/7/2012Many thanks,
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Dear Simon and Emma.
Many thanks, the order arrived today, that was very quick, thank you.

276  16/7/2012Re: Ordering DVDs etc
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Dear Sir.
Ordering DVDs Etc.
Postal addresses.
Posting to the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey, has to come via UK., but there is there is no way one can select these Islands,
after selecting UK. on your address site. Adding a UK county first could get the mail lost sadly.
Please could you add these Islands into your mailing lists please.
We would appreciate this please.
Many thanks you.

275  16/7/2012shipping costs
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I was charged the same shipping costs for the phamplet "101 scientifice
discoveries" as i was for the book "the exodus case". I do not want a refund
as your ministry is so generous. i just want to make you aware of the error so
it can be corrected for futue orders. THANK YOU!!!

274  16/7/2012Stand fast & Firm, the Rock will hold & anchor you
Paul C. 
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Dear Simon,
I Pray for you & Emma that current problems are overcome & that the adversary is cut off from troubling you.
Fear not for The Almighty is with you & our Advocate & Judge Jesus/Yeshua is with you. You may not think or feel so at this time but I remember Job, please Pray as I do that this turmoil leads to even better things for you both.
I have no problems in this matter & have learnt some patience & merely want to encourage you to stand fast & firm.
Regards, Blessings & Agape Love,
Paul C.

273  13/7/2012Articles
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is there a link 2 share these excellent articles blessings

272  13/7/2012I am so so happy
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dear brother simon
thanx for the dvd s wish i had received , i am so so happy , i truly love you
and your team so much for doing this great work of GOD , always remember you are
so deep in my heart en let me know when ever i can be of some help.

lots of love

271  13/7/2012I asked questions,
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Dear Simon,
I went to 2 Bible Colleges in the 1990`s. I asked questions, which were dismissed or unanswered. An example was "Discuss the Arguments for "Higher Criticism". I replied in my essay with half an A4 page pointing out Scripture of Jesus Himself, such as John 5:46-47.
I was also told that the Creation took Billions of years & that Genesis & Exodus were allegory & myth. I had to leave because the seed of corruption had not only been sewn but probably fruiting then as now.
Fear not, for The Lord is with you.
I met Ron Wyatt in Adelaide in the 1990`s & believed him. I have followed his trail & trials since.
The Scripture that holds firm my faith regardless of criticism includes Matthew 23:2 to 3. Today's Church leaders are where the Sanhedrin & Pharisees were at.
I was a highly trained Nurse versed in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Dr. Paul Ekman`s work. I knew Ron was not lying or puffing himself up.
Hold onto your faith & marriage relentlessly because the complainers, I have found are often doing the adversary`s work, knowingly or not or are jealous even of true believers.
I pray for them & forgive them as Scripture & Jesus say. Sometimes they are blessed in a way that cannot be just good coincidence, sometimes unfortunately they receive back what they put out. It is in God`s Hands.
Hold on, HE is coming soon & HIS rewards will follow & be bestowed on those who unwaveringly stand on the ROCK.
Persecution often means you are on the right spot & the adversary`s people, knowingly or not do this.
My best regards & blessings to you both,

PS- When working at an Adelaide Psychiatric Hospital I discovered & it was verified by 2 close friends that the senior management were deeply involved in black magic. We each found our cat skinned & nailed to our front doors as warnings. One of the managers left the Hospital employment one day & publically stated he was a High Druid Priest in Adelaide's "Advertiser" newspaper..

270  13/7/2012The words were the truth.
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Dear Simon,
The words were the truth & I believe were given to me by The Almighty because you are so rare. I to thank our awesome Lord God for HIS being & your actions in faith,
Regards & blessings,

269  13/7/2012You can certainly add the following to your feedback-
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Dear Simon,
You can certainly add the following to your feedback-
I found this site through links to another excellent website, but I was not prepared for what I saw. It is amazing that there is a "website", which is really people practising their/our faith & following The Messiah`s way! That is not to take money, but give away books & DVDs freely in True Christian manner.
In these last days, I can only pray, bless & thank you all in The Messiah`s Holy Name,
Paul from South Australia

268  12/7/2012the shipping costs of your books & DVDs to Australia, please?
Paul Calbert, 
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Hullo from DownUnder,
I'm a Disabled Pensioner after working as a Senior Nurse in Adelaide`s Mental
Hospitals & a stint as General Nurse also. I learnt, saw & experienced a lot in
the Mental Hospitals,dare I say, seeing peoples eyes change to Lizard & Cat like
eyes, extraordinary strength, "shape-shifting of bodies. Even I could only
comprehend this years later & am not the only Nurse to see these things.
Years into my work I did alot of night duty(7pm to 7:15am)& learnt that the
Administrators & some others were Satanists. This was verified a few years later
when a retired Nurse admitted to our local paper, "The Advertiser" that he was a
High Druid Priest.During this time I was not the only Nurse to have my cat
skinned & nailed to my front door.
I am Christian now & give books & DVDs to people to spread the Word & am a
"mini ministry" or "library" for others who seek the Truth.
Can you please tell me the shipping costs of your books & DVDs to Australia,
My regards & blessings,
Paul Calbert,

267  12/7/2012i would be very greatful
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i would be very greatful to recieve your powerful articles but i don!t know how

266  12/7/2012Sodom and Gomorrah
Joe Long 
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I visit an individual who is basically unable to move which prohibits him from
interacting with the Internet. He does have TV/DVD players. Sodom and Gomorrah
is one of his favorite Bible stories. When I saw your website (found it looking
for Lot's wife salt statute) I was excited that I could get your "Sodom and Real
Discoveries Near The Dead Sea" for him and play it. But I discovered on checkout
that we need a Multi Region DVD player. We don't. My question to you is do you
have ANY similar DVDs that we can play here in the land of your cousins. -
Thanks. Shalom, Joe.

265  11/7/2012Ron Wyatt
Jeff Baggaley 
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The Lord saved me back around the New Year. Ron Wyatt\'s discoveries factored
significantly during that time. I see that you have continued and extended Ron\'s
work in some areas. That is awesome!
The Lord had to break me before He could save me, so divorce, loss of
everything, bankruptcy and so forth. I was going to take you up on your superb
offer, until I saw the postage fee, and I could not even afford that. But then I
noticed that it says that if you are unemployed to contact you anyhow- I am
unemployed in addition to the rest- so I am doing just that ;0)
Do your DVDs work in Canada? If yes, I\'ll take one of each as well as one of
each of your books. I can\'t thank you enough for this. May the Lord bless your
continued ministry!
Jeff Baggaley

264  3/7/2012Thankyou
pastor Heinrich 
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simon and the one about Hell , if you want to from time to time you can send dvd s off to me , and I well spread them for jou , I truly hope one day to meet you and give you a hug with the great love off God hour lord jesus christ , just know in my heart you all are so spesial , be highly blessed and realy hope one day to bless you all , lots off love pastor Heinrich
Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom - let your email find you!

263  3/7/2012Discover the truth about HELL/HADES
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262  3/7/2012Thankful to you & your team those who proved us through the newsletter information
Pastor yousaf 
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again we are thankful to you & your team those who proved us through the newsletter information and share with us bible thinks,
because in the holy bible the Lord Jesus Christ said"Then Jesus came to them and said"All authority in heaven and on the earth has been given to me.Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,Baptising them in"the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit,and teaching them to obey everything,I have commanded you.And surely I"m with you always, to the end of the age.
we are all the son,s of Lord Jesus Christ.
so remember us in your daily prayer,
God bless you through beautiful message of God.
Pastor yousaf
you can also join us on Facebook,

261  3/7/2012Its amazing and great discoveries,
Martin Mbogho Mwaisakenyi 
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Hi, Simon, Its amazing and great discoveries, the Lord God is helping to unravel the mysteries.

Please send me the DVD, Discover the truths about Hades/Hell.


Martin Mbogho Mwaisakenyi
P.O. Box 45, Mghambonyi
Taita- Taveta County

260  2/7/2012Translation of your DVD with our local langauge
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Dear Brother in CHRIST
With reference to your kind mail,I have already sent reply stating the date which I have received your Free DVD units.This parcel was received by me on 2/6/2012.Many many thanks for your kind help.Further to continue with the Translation of your DVD with our local langauge I come forward to do this service for the sake of My Loving Lord Jesus.Please accept my request and look forward for your kind reply.
One more thing I would like to intimate that,due to server problem many of the mails are getting bounched and not able to deliver in time and causing many types of disturbances.Hence I request you to kindly send me all the mail to my new mail ID: only. This will enable to receive the mail immediately
Thanking you


259  1/7/2012John the baptist and the golden bell wow what a finding.
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Dear simon i received the dvds that you send thank you so much,thank you also
for all the prayers. I also received the e mail on the bones of john the baptist
and the golden bell wow what a finding.Is there any dvds on it if there is
please keep me in mind. God bless keep well izabella

258  29/6/2012We are thankful to you for your newsletter,
Pastor Yousaf 
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we are thankful to you for your newsletter,I request you special pray for my church ministry,pray for my family.pray for my financial keep us in your daily pray.God bless you all.
Pastor Yousaf

257  22/6/2012Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ,
Nata Anthony 
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Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
Having come across what we had been looking for ages,i am privileged to say
that we found them in your website
we have an Evangelistic Youth Team and your free Articles and DVDs could be of
great help in accomplishing the great mission according to Mark: 16:15-18 and
therefore i request your organization to give a helpful hand by sending the free
articles and DVDs to bring the lost souls back to Christ.
My address is
Nata Anthony

256  21/6/2012Good Morning
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Good Morning
Mr. & Mrs Brown
Am sending this email because I have not received the DVDS you sent out on June 8,2012. I was trying to see if the postal service was late or not however I have not gotten them as yet. Looking forward in getting them.Am make copies of the ones you sent me earlier to share with my Bible study group. Thanks once again for sharing the word of GOD that you share with so many people and MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS you and yours.


255  19/6/2012facts on the bible.
pastor Calvary Atamudzi. 
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Dear pastor Simon,
l have been serving God for over a decade now in Accra, Ghana west Africa.l want to sharewith you june news letter.l want to thank you for these historical facts on the bible.
yours in his truth,
pastor Calvary Atamudzi.

254  18/6/2012Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
David John Camit 
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Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
I'm missionary David John U. Camit from the Philippines. I’m 24 years old. I
came to know the Lord as my personal Lord and Savior last 2002. The next year, I
surrendered my life to study in Bible school. By God's grace, I had finished it
last 2007 and I worked as a full time church worker at Calamba, Laguna. Right
now, I’m a Missionary Pastor here in Springs Valley Baptist Mission in Ilocos
Norte - northern part of the Philippines.
We started the work last August, 2010. In behalf of the work here, I’m really
praying materials that can help me on my personal studies and spreading God's
Word in our place. As I do researching over the net, I'm blessed when I saw your
website about your graciousness to help other ministries for sending such kind
of materials. Glory to God!
Sir/ma’am, we’re just praying that we can avail those DVD’s and books with free
shipping fee because we don’t have the capacity to pay for the shipping. You can
reach us through this email and Facebook account:
I hope for a kind consideration on this request. If our request will be granted,
all those materials that you will send will be labeled as Mission’s properties.
Thank you so much sir/ma’am. God bless you all!
In Christ,
Ptr. David John Camit

253  18/6/2012We have received your free gift of DVD/CD yesterday.
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Dear Brother in CHRIST
Thank you very much for your kind help made to our church. We have received your free gift of DVD/CD yesterday. Please donot forget us in helping with this kind of materials. We are very egar to uplift our church believer to the expected level of our Heavenly Father. Once again on behalf of our Pastor and Church believer I thank for the gift. May the blessing of GOD is always over you and your family
Yours loving brother in Christ
Paul - India

252  16/6/2012interesting viewing
Karl Snook 
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Hi Simon,

Thank you for the DVDs it's made very interesting viewing

God Bless

Karl Snook

251  16/6/2012i received the discs.
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Hi guys

i received the discs.

thank you very much for your work


250  15/6/2012Something to think about.
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Dear Simon

I have received the dvd. Thank you.

I have only been able to watch a third up to now. All very interesting.

I must state that I am not big on getting people to repeat the "sinner's prayer" and then declaring to them that they are saved as a result of praying the prayer. I have seen too many false conversions as a result of people placing their faith in the fact that they "said the prayer."!

Prayer saves noone, faith is what saves! Believing that Jesus died on the cross to redeem us and that He rose from the grave.

Repentance infers a turning away from our former way of life and turning to Christ; it also infers true contrition and regret on the part of the person calling upon the name of the Lord Jesus.

I, personally, would never recommend that a person find a church where he/she will feel most comfortable in. This can often mean that they are simply settling for somewhere they are not challenged, reproved and/or convicted. Truth makes people uncomfortable.

I'd rather have sound doctrine over fab music any day. Praise has its role, it is honoring to God. However true Worship should never be thought as being synonimous with musical excellence. True worship is living in obedience to Christ, as it is written;

"I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service." (Romans 12:1)

We only ever read of the Lord and His disciples singing on one occasion in the entire New Testament.

something to think about.

In Christ


249  11/6/2012I want to be ready for Jesus when he returns
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I am just want to ask you guys to pray for me. I want to be ready for Jesus when
he returns and to hear the trumpet sound. I want the strength to follow him and
not the things of this world and be a great witness for him leading many souls
to Heaven, I am so foolish. Many he help me and thankyou for praying for me,

248  10/6/2012latest presentations of Biblical facts
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Simon Emma.
I am truly SO impressevely blessed with these
latest presentations of Biblical facts backed up
with eidence that demands a verdict.
Blessings .

247  10/6/2012just a quick note
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Hi Simon

just a quick note to let you know that this young lady was sent your books and they were a blessing to her. Well done. Please pray for her, until we sent her a bible she had not had a bible in the house as her mother is involved in white witchcraft. She lives in Devon.

God Bless, Mark

Dear Mark and Belinda

I just wanted thanku for the Bibles you sent me and the two books about Sodom & Gomorrah & The Exodus. That was very kind and thoughtfull of you. I also want to apologise for the long reply, we finally have the internet at home
Thankyou for your kindness

246  8/6/2012since he saw some of your dvds he changed a lot through the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus
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Dear simon,thank you so much. My son has (had) a alcohol problem, since he saw
some of your dvds he changed a lot through the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus
he is clean now for 5 days.If there is any thing that could help him further i
would sincerely appreciate it. God bless.

245  7/6/2012Dear simon,here is the following films
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Dear simon,here is the following films that i received from you.THE SHROUD OF
much all of them are awesome God bless

244  5/6/2012Thank you for those painstaking work
Pastor Calvary Atamudzi 
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thank you for those painstaking work to discover these historic fact for our insight for living.
yours in his service ,
ps.E. Calvary Atamudzi. 

243  4/6/2012Thank you
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Thank you sooo much for the great works you are doing for the Lord.


242  2/6/2012I would like to get all of your free dvds
D. Mercer 
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Good Morning

Mr.Simon Brown am sending this email to think you for the dvds.
I have a small group study (Women Focusing On Empowerment For Christ) which we meet twice a month to study the word.
When I came across your site and saw what you had to offer it seem like it was a conformation in what I am doing.
I would like to get all of your free dvds because I believe this would help my group in every way.
I lost my job three years ago do to a medical condition, which now am on a fixed income and believe me I know things cost am going to try and take up a small donation to send to you for some of the cost for mailing me your materials. This is really a Blessing for me and my group. So once again am thanking you in advance.
May God Bess you and yours

D. Mercer

241  2/6/2012Do you know when I will be receiving my order?
Kevin Kowalski 
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Dear Sir or Madam,

Do you know when I will be receiving my order? The transaction was May 27, 2012 Transaction # 80X40929GK436101R.


Kevin Kowalski

240  31/5/2012i have requested all your free dvd s ,
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dear sir
i have requested all your free dvd s , but as this stage didnt received anything
, aspecialy the tomp of jesus recoverings , please kindly let me know if you
have mailed it all ready , box 14338 zuurfontein 1912 south africa.PLEASE ITS SO


239  29/5/2012Thank you Simon,
John Arthur 
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238  25/5/2012I received the Packet today afternoon,
Brett Wesley 
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Dear Sir,
I received the Packet today afternoon,I saw One it was great and I thank you for your love in sending me that.
God bless you and your family and your work prosper.
Remember me in your prayers as i am a Multimedia student(making graphics,video editing and motion graphics hope Christ returns soon or i get a work for Christian People so that my talent is not used for the world.
Shalom Brett

237  18/5/2012Dear Simon and Emma
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Dear Simon and Emma
We have today received your shipment and would like to thank you very much for your generosity in supplying these most intriguing resources free of charge!
We shall study the material with great interest, and expect to be encouraged and challenged to understand God’s Word in a deeper way.
May the Lord keep blessing you and your ministry.
“Your labour in the Lord is not in vain!”
With Christian greetings

236  17/5/2012question about healing
nyura walker 
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hi Simon Brown and i wanted to say how come on tbn all people appear and say they are
healed of diseases and could all this be true because one christian i know he even went to tbn
and he told the deaf boy if he was really deaf when he was healed but the boy told the pastor that
he wasn't deaf and he pretended to be deaf and appear to people that he was healed.
this pastor said that they even earn money for lying. So i believe that not all are truelly healed.
what is your opinion on this and could some lie as the pastor told to deaf boy.
i believe that god can heal but not sure if he can. and can god heal today

235  17/5/2012Loving greetings in Jesus Name from India !!!
Peter Shetty 
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Dear Beloved Simon & Emma in the Lord,

Loving greetings in Jesus Name from India !!!

Thank you for the immediate reply, yes i appreciate your love for the Lord's work & His children.
I have received your Video DVD's of real discovers, we are glad to see your love for God.
We will soon plan and make small groups of believers to watch these videos for better learning with evidence from what they preach to the lost people.

We pray for your efforts of helping people will be more fruitful in your mission & Vision for the Lord.
We look forward for more blessing to work in India for His Glory alone through Daystar.
Please visit our website

Thank you.
Yours in His Service,
Peter Shetty
Southwest INDIA

234  17/5/2012How do I get a login?
Pat Robison 
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How do I get a login? I am not finding a place to join the website.
Please help. Thank you Pat Robison

Note of webmaster: go to this link:


Thank you Simon, may God richly bless you and realdiscovery ministry. I am very grateful. Again, thank you.

John Arthur

233  17/5/2012Very sad people don't accept God.
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Dear simon, hope u and emma is keeping well,yes it is very sad when people don't
want to accept that God do exist and that there is a hell i will pray with you
for your friends and family and i believe that the Holy spirit will open there
eyes to all that is in your house and that they will discover the truth. Thank
you once again for all your e-mails.May God keep you and bless you. Landi

232  16/5/2012Praise the Lord
Mrs. Colenguinn 
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Praise the Lord

Thank you so much for the free D.V.Ds i received. Once again thank you so much. God bless you for your service.

I dont have credit or debit cards to have e- account, especially to pay and take books from shipping. If God helps I

will try next time. thank you once again.

pray for us. Here are some prayer requests I have sent for you Please pray for us

1. We have a small bible college which I am running for past 12 years after my father's death. My husband helps

me in the ministry and for the past 11 years we were running in a rented place and now at present we have shifted

to our own place. But for this academic year the building which we have is not enough for the students to stay and

we are planning to buy a land which is really a emergency need for us . But it is very costly and only thing we can

do is to depend on God alone. so Please pray that God may enable us to buy that land for 15 lakhs .

2. At present Iam doing my M.Th in ministry at Acts institute of Theology, Bangalore. And Iam in a great need of

a laptop which is also an emergency need for my assignment and thesis preparation.

Please pray for these matters and if you have good committed christian friends , please share with them to pray for

us-the only help I need

we do support you in our prayers

in Christ

Mrs. Colenguinn

231  15/5/2012I am Brett Wesley From India(Asia)
Brett Wesley 
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Dear Sir
I am Brett Wesley From India(Asia)

Sir I can't afford to buy any book or dvds because your money is expensive if you don't mind can you send me whatever good you can.

230  13/5/2012Thank you Simon so much
pastor heinrich frickel 
Send Email to %s

Thank you Simon so much , I will love to see the tomp of Jesus DVD , the garden tomp golgota and the rest , thank you so dearly , love pastor heinrich frickel , PLEASE AD ME TO YOUR MAIL LIST FOR YOUR UPDATES AND NEWSLETTER.


229  13/5/2012be so kind to send me the whole packet of dvd s all of them
pastor heinrich frickel 
Send Email to %s

dear sir or madam
i am pastor heinrich frickel of glory to god ministries in vanderbijlpark south africa , i have no income at all honnestly before the lord to buy your dvd s all of them , and was wondering if you would be so kind to send me the whole packet of dvd s all of them by blessing and sponcering me with your dvd s , my postal adres is po box 14338 south africa , , it would be so greate and im honnerd to receive them , may god bless you all and give you reaches above amen
regards pastor heinrich frickel

228  11/5/2012I want to know if you might help me with Gath Lane,
Send Email to %s

Greetings, I want to know if you might help me with Gath Lane, my agnostic hubby, here. We got into a dialogue anbout the Egyptians and their religion. How would you rate the Egyptians and their religious beliefs that I think became apostate from the days of Noah ? We know that Moses must have written the first 5 books after his Flight from Captivity, right ? Well, see if you can help me addresss Garth, and I will pass it along. TKS. Pam Lane
We know the Egypt. Empire flourished for a LONG time before Moses was born…… BEST WISHEs.

227  11/5/2012Thank you very much.
Send Email to %s

I received copies of some of your materials today. Thank you very much. I
noticed that you offer much more and that you will send them free of charge to
unemployed people. Would it be possible for you to send me everything that you

226  8/5/2012I come forward to do a volunteer service to translate your films
Send Email to %s

Dear Brother in CHRIST
Greeting to you in the POWER NAME OF JESUS CHRIST the only son of GOD
I am a true Christian and saved by the Blood of Jesus and took Baptism in the year 1977,and continuing in walking with our LORD Jesus.Presently working in a organization and doing my village ministries at different part of my locality. I come forward to do a volunteer service to translate your films in my native language. If further details are required please mail me
Warm Regards

225  8/5/2012shroud of Turin DVD
Send Email to %s

I am unemployed and would love to receive shroud of Turin DVD and my adress is

224  7/5/2012New material let me know please.
Send Email to %s

Dear simon,thank you so much for keeping me updated by e mail if there is any
more new material let me know please.The Dvds that i received from u a big
blessing for everybody here.God bless

223  7/5/2012How do I access free ebooks
David Murphy 
Send Email to %s

How do I access free ebooks. It asks for a username and password but no
information seems to be available on the site for getting these

Note of webmaster: Can you please direct me to the link where you are having a problem with downloading eBooks?

222  3/5/2012Thank you so much for giving me an answer to bible
Send Email to %s

hi Simon Brown and i wanted to thank you so much for giving me an answer to bible question and it has
been helpful and God always bless you for giving answers from bible.

221  1/5/2012Do you know of a good church in London?
Send Email to %s

Do you know of a good church in London?

220  1/5/2012I will travel to israel.
Achim Gawehns 
Send Email to %s

in june 2012 I will travel to israel. Could you please tell me the place where
to find the remains of sodom and gomorrah (perhaps you even have geodata so that
I could use my gps system). I would also be thankful to get other
recommendations what intersesting biblical places to visit in israel.

God bless you

219  30/4/2012Hope you are well....
Send Email to %s

Hello Simon!

Hope you are well....

Just wanted to let you know that the DVDs arrived safety at my place, thanks.

I watched them already an I must confess I had too less knowledge about the
Shroud of Turin.

Now, as I have the bigger picture it seems realy to be unique and not man-made.
Much speaks for it that it could be the one used for Jesus. It is indeed an
interesting story and I will have "a closer look" at it :)

Also the story about the "Big Stone" seems to fit. As I have been in Israel last
year I sadly didn' make it to mount Nebo.... maybe next time, whenever this wil
be, God willing.

Thanks again for your great job you do here, I'm sure it will and is already a
great blessing for many.

Your brother in Christ, Erwin

218  30/4/2012An interesting question, praying to saint mary jesus mother.
Send Email to %s

hi Simon Brown and i wanted to say when i receive them i will let you know by email.
god bless you and keep you safe in his arms and lead you always for working for God.

i had an interesting question to ask you and is intercession of saints true when apostolics ask saint mary jesus mother
to pray for them or them praying to saint mary jesus mother. i believe that only jesus interceeds and not saints and could
i be right or wrong. And another question if you are able to answer it and a lady told me a story of a russian woman who had
near death experience when she had a motorcycle accident. and when she died she went in gates of heaven and an angel showed up to her
and she asked the angel if the angel was god and angel said no. she wanted to see jesus but angel told her no.
this ladies name is thadia and when jesus showed up to her she didn't see jesus face because angel blocked jesus face.
jesus told her what did you do on earth for me. And she died unrepentant and showed up in gates of heaven.
she told jesus that she prayed for answers and jesus told her that she didn't even bring her kids to God
and jesus told her about some sins she comminted and thadia was really sorry and she was crying and asked jesus to forgive
her sins she committed on earth that were not repentant. jesus forgave her last and wiped her tears and jesus told angels to
take her and show her heaven and hell and in hell she saw some christians in there and people in hell were playing guitars.
angels told her that this christians were christians by name and were adultrous in church and many more stuff angels told her.
could near death experiences be true or some could be and some not. are they all false or true

217  30/4/2012Tribulation teaching true or or not.
Send Email to %s

hi Simon Brown and i had another question to ask you and is pre-tribulation true or post-tribulation true.
could one of them be true or not. are the following true. does bible say this following are true or not..
isn't jesus going to come only once and not two times because when i go to evangelical church they tell
me that in jesus second coming that he is coming two times one in rapture and one in end of the tribulation and
is this teaching true or or not.


216  28/4/2012sodom and gomorrah book.
nyura sumbatyan 
Send Email to %s

and one more question to ask and i heard that you said that books are heavy to send
but i was interested at only one book called our search for sodom and gomorrah book and
if i ask you a favor and can you send this last book too. because i am interested at this
book and can you let me know if you can also send this book too called sodom and gomorrah book.

215  27/4/2012Greeting and love from Nigeria.
Pastor Mike Gowon 
Send Email to %s

I stumble across your web site and I have
ordered for a couple of things. I tried to know their cost of shipping but it
wouldn't show me anything. Please I am very interested in getting these
materials and will try to cover the cost for the shipping. I will be glad if
you tell me what to do.
Pastor Mike Gowon

214  25/4/2012Praise the Lord
Mrs,colenguinn Principal 
Send Email to %s

This is Mrs,colenguinn Principal of Grace and Truth Bible College, Can u Please
send some biblical books for the better knowledge of the students and for the
Thanking you

waiting for the reply
Mrs. colenguin

213  24/4/2012thank you for the prompt delivery
Send Email to %s

thank you for the prompt delivery of the dvds simon ,they arrived last thursday or friday ,beating the 7 day window by about 4 or 5 days. many thanks in Christ Jesus - michael

212  22/4/2012Dear Beloved Simon & Emma in the Lord,
Peter Shetty 
Send Email to %s

Loving Greetings in Jesus Name from India !

Thank you for the immediate reply, yes i appreciate your love for the Lord's work & His children.
I would be more happy to make copies as the need arises in the places we go around India.
Real Discovery materials will be of great help to encourage Leaders & Pastors.

We would be happy to heard from you soon. God Bless you as you sow in to His Kingdom.

Thank you.
Yours in His Vineyard,
Peter Shetty

211  22/4/2012Loving Greetings from India !
Peter Shetty 
Send Email to %s

I wish to get videos for the Training programs for Pastors & Christian Leaders.
We can move around India and Share the Love of Jesus with evidences.
Please help us to expand Discoveries to all over Asia.

Pray for us. May the Lord led & guide His people for His work.

Awaiting !

Thank you.
Yours in His vineyard,
Peter Shetty

210  22/4/2012Enlightener !
Send Email to %s Visit Website

By all means save some !!!

209  21/4/2012Info on Sodom and Gemorah
Anita Smit 
Send Email to %s

Fascinating stuff! Don't give up please! The Lord God will reward you most assuredly! 
208  21/4/2012My family and I are so impressed wit the content and quality of the products.
Denise Howell 
Send Email to %s

Dear Simon,
I have received the DVD's and booklets. My family and I are so impressed wit the content and quality of the products. Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity. My son, who is 16 years old, is asking if there are DVD's about the Exodus story and also Noah's Arch. Please let me know as I would like to request those as well.
Thank you so much.
God Bless.
Denise Howell

207  21/4/2012I wanted to get a couple of videos.
Bruce Atkinson 
Send Email to %s

I wanted to get a couple of videos. I have been into archaeology & paleontology
my whole life. Where are you located? If in UK can I visit sometime. HalleluYAH
Bruce Atkinson

206  20/4/2012download
Nancy Harris 
Send Email to %s

How do I download "Our search for the tomb of Jesus?

205  17/4/2012How interesting,
Send Email to %s

How interesting, I am so excited when reading all your information that I find
myself sitting for long periods of time reading the very truth of the bible and
history through the eyes of the world.
I love your readings keep it up and well done.

204  16/4/2012"The Exodus Case"Nellie
Send Email to %s

Good day.

I will appreciate your assistance in ordering books and dvds for my dad, Mr Koos
Stander. I am struggling to order via your website. Will it be possible to
please send him "The Exodus Case" to PO Box 255, Edenvale, South Africa, 1610?

Kind regards

203  16/4/2012I hope you are well.
Send Email to %s

Hello Simon!
I hope you are well.

I have to appologize for not sending anything from my side for such a long time.

As we are now in a new Assembly it was a great goal to build this Homepage to
bring all the info, most only available in the english language, in german.

By the way, I hope it is OK to use your DVDs and book as well.

The translation from you book came to a stop even it is nearly finished. So, I
think I have to go on with it again ... :)

Have been at the Gomorrah side by my own in the meantime, very impressiv. Sadly
we only had a few hours to have a look at it.

Thanks for you words concerning the homepage :), you know the amount of work on
such a thing.

God bless you and your work as well!


202  13/4/2012please send information on ordering dvds
Send Email to %s

please send information on ordering dvds & books. also, a price list on these
items. thank you .

201  13/4/2012please send me your address
Send Email to %s

please send me your address so that i can send cash for some dvds- many thanks -

200  12/4/2012Thank you for the free dvd"s
Koos Stander. 
Send Email to %s

Dear Mr. Brown,
Thank you for the free dvd"s which i have received today,I realy appreciate it.The reason for the late delivery is that i forgot to mention my town code.My adress is as follow.

199  11/4/2012Greetings Mr. Brown!
Carolyn Spurgeon 
Send Email to %s

My husband and I are just recently aware of your site. We were introduced to you by watching your Sodom and Gomorah documentary. Awesome information! On your site today we viewed the link about fema camps and new law. Also, I read the Bob Jones prophecy. I believe this man has missed it. My husband and I have been seeking to know and understand the deep mysteries of who God is and how He operates. He has opened up wisdom to us. We have been followers of Jesus(Yahshua) for years but just last year we now have the full truth. A lot of this was accompished through teachings by a man named Michael Rood. He has many teachings about Hebraic roots and also about Sodom and Gomorah. But, he also has teachings regarding God's timetable and how the last days play out. He shows scripturally all that he says. Does not claim information that he teaches on to be received in a vision by being in a trance like Bob Jones has. I encourage you to check him out. You can go to Specifically, He has written a book called The Mystery of Iniquity which spells out prophesies in the Word. All of what we have listened to has agreed with our spirits as we have tested all things against the scripture. We look forward to checking out more of what your site has.

Shalom, Carolyn Spurgeon

198  10/4/2012difficulty getting through
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Dear simon,
i have difficulty getting through on paypal to pay 3pounds. my card is a
visa card ,The three digits on the back are .
trusting this will solve our debts brother. i saw the dvds by dr kent over the
holidays on revelation tv and was impressed. thanking you derek sproule Eph
1 v5&6

197  9/4/2012Many thanks for the CDs (Being Ready in the Last Days,
Send Email to %s

Hello Emma and Simon,

Many thanks for the CDs (Being Ready in the Last Days, Parts 1, 2, and 3, 4, 5, and 6), which I received about two weeks ago.

Happy Easter to you and God bless!


196  9/4/2012I have received most
Send Email to %s

Hello Simon, I have received most of the items and I would like to thank you! I cannot wait to get
these copies into the hands of fellow skeptics and well as use them to strengthen the faith of others.
I have received most everything except the books "Our Search for Sodom & Gomorrah" and "The Exodus Case"
Hope you had a glorious Easter celebration, and hear from you soon. God Bless.

195  9/4/2012crucifiction of jesus christ by Dr. richard
Richie Jean 
Send Email to %s

would i be able to get a dvd of the crucifiction of jesus christ by Dr. richard

194  5/4/2012HGOL Professor de Ing lês hebraico e Greg Friend
Send Email to %s

Dear Simon,

I dont have word´s to caracterize your deeds when you demonstrate you care and love for the people out in the World. This excellent job when you showed us beyond doubt that Sodoma and Gomorra biblical accounts are really the word of God. Here in Brazil sometimes we see religious leaders doing the opposite you do. You are going to have your reward in full because what you´ve done is of course a demonstration of love for the neighbour as Christ commanded. A man like Bill Gates should sponsor such kind of research that really save lives, not donations for people sometimes wicked ones, but sowing seeds of faith as you do Mr Simon. We have a saying here in Brazil..."Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"
I hope this message finds you well and thriving in Christ´s favor and grace.

Rubens from distant Brazil

193  4/4/2012translate it to portuguese?
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May I upload a video to youtube with the credits and translate it to portuguese?
çet me know pls

192  3/4/2012Good Day.
Van niekerk 
Send Email to %s

Good Day.

This email serves to inform you that I have received your DVD " When you die would you like to go to heaven?". I would like to thank you for allowing me the privilege to hold this precious DVD in my hands. Can't wait to watch it. This is truly an awesome gift that you bestowed upon me. I have so have wished to be able to order your DVD's, but was unable to do so seeing that I am unemployed. When the opportunity came to receive free shipping as well, I jumped at the chance. I may not be able to donate to your cause, but I will be giving you something most precious to me........I will ALWAYS keep you in my prayers. I will keep on sharing your site with all my friends and help spread the word. May our Lord God bless and keep you strong and able to continue this great work. And again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

191  3/4/2012Thank you from SA
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Good Day.

This serves to inform you that I have received your DVD " When you die would you like to go to heaven?". I would like to thank you for allowing me the privilege to hold this precious DVD in my hands. Can't wait to watch it. This is truly an awesome gift that you bestowed upon me. I have so have wished to be able to order your DVD's, but was unable to do so seeing that I am unemployed. When the opportunity came to receive free shipping as well, I jumped at the chance. I may not be able to donate to your cause, but I will be giving you something most precious to me........I will ALWAYS keep you in my prayers. I will keep on sharing your site with all my friends and help spread the word. May our Lord God bless and keep you strong and able to continue this great work. And again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

190  3/4/2012thank you
Send Email to %s

thank you so much for the dvds - and i do have christian friends i will make copies for


189  30/3/2012I made a mistake
D'Voreaux Cann 
Send Email to %s

Hello Simon Brown, I made a mistake with the payment on Paypal so I will have to
redo it. I was also wondering the estimated time of shipping to the Michigan,
United States? and also I would like to change my order as well. Below was my
previous order info. Thanks

188  27/3/2012Wishes to you in Jesus Christ's Holy Name!
Send Email to %s

Dear Bro.Simon,

Wishes to you in Jesus Christ's Holy Name!

Today noon - Indian time I received the DVDs safe and sound here at my house. I thank you so much for it. Actually, I'm beginning to see it and it's presented really well. And I thank you so much for granting the permission to copy the DVDs and give it to others. I will definitely do this and I'm sure it will strengthen everyone's faith. Also, it will be good if it is dubbed in the local languages here, as it will reach many non-believers and believers alike. Do you have any plans like that?.

Thank you!



187  23/3/2012"The Parable of Jesus" and "Surrender your Heart to God"
Ann Morgon 
Send Email to %s

Dear Mr. Brown,

My friend, Jan Sterling, told me about the videos. I would like to have a copy of "The Parable of Jesus" and "Surrender your Heart to God" I have several people that have requested copies which I can make,


Ann Morgon

186  23/3/2012Sodom & Gomorrah book
Rich Pryor 
Send Email to %s

is there any way i could purchase a copy of the Sodom & Gomorrah book with the
color photos?
i would love to have a copy
let me know and thank you for your time!

185  22/3/2012they are much apricitated.
Dung Nguyen 
Send Email to %s

Dear Simon,
tnx for the dvds, they are much apricitated. i will makes copies and give it to my family.

best regards.

184  21/3/2012Thank you so much for your e mails
Send Email to %s

Dear simon, Thank you so much for your e mails and keeping me up to date with
your discoveries.There is something i would like to ask is there any discovery
or information on the grave of mary Jesus mother the reason i'm asking is my
father had a dream about her grave he says it is by an olive tree near a
mountain and he describes the grave if u have a picture or something i would
truly appreciate it. Thank you so much again for all your info. Yolandi 
183  21/3/2012Please keep me up-dated on your latest finds.
Send Email to %s

Dear Bro.Simon,
Thank you so much for confirming it. And i will definitely inform you when the DVDs reach here in chennai. And can you tell me approx when will I receive it? And I would also like to gladly tell you that I work with one of the "COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL' Project here in chennai, in addition I do free lance evangelism and bible studies in various prayer cells. The archaeological finds and your research, I believe will really help me to share the validity of His eternal Word to the people here in Chennai. Please keep me up-dated on your latest finds.

Thank you

182  21/3/2012Do you ship to the US
Send Email to %s

Do you ship to the US. And what is the conversion from pounds to dollars?

181  21/3/2012I am sorry that this has to be categorized as a complaint.
Send Email to %s

Dear Sirs,

I am sorry that this has to be categorized as a complaint.

On 16 February this year, I placed an order for 2 books & 3 DVD's
All the DVD's arrived, but only one of the books. The amount I transferred to
Real Discoveries via PayPal was 34 Pounds ($55.10 at the time).

The missing book is "Our Search for Sodom and Gomoorrah".

There were extra materials, (ads, CD's, etc) included.

I've tried using the DVD's I recieved to witness to a friend who is a hard case,
really resistant to Jesus = Son of God, dead, buried, and raised again on the
third day according to Scripture for remission of our sins. Rather, he believes
in the "Christ that dwells within".

Thank you for your efforts to get the truth out.

- John

180  18/3/2012Please send an email confirming the three DVD titles
Send Email to %s

Please send an email confirming the three DVD titles ' Real
Discoveries in the Dead Sea', ' Search for sodom and Gomorah' and '
Jesus Tomb & Great Missing Stone'. I ordered these DVDs on March 16th
Via Master Card Credit Card from Chennai - S.India. I have done the
payments via PayPal.

179  18/3/2012Are you located in Great Britain?
Send Email to %s

Are you located in Great Britain? If so, how many free dvd\\\'s can be ordered,
and what would the shipping be? For example, if I ordered 8 free dvd\\\'s, how
much would the shipping charges be? Also, in what form would I need to send the
shipping charge if the dvd\\\'s come from the UK...a type of money order? What
type of money order (or other payment) would be required? Thanks.

178  18/3/2012Hope you are well.
Louis van Niekerk 
Send Email to %s Visit Website

Hi Simon,

Hope you are well. Tell me, is it possible for you to send me one of
each of your FREE DVD's? I want to make copies (if I may) and
distribute it in my home country of South Africa.

Please let me know if this can be done?

Many Thanks

177  16/3/2012The Hebrew word for satan
The Lord's Israel 
Send Email to %s

The Hebrew word for satan NUN TETH SHIN
has a Hebrew Gematria value of (359) so we go to the 359th chapter in the Bible and ‘lo and behold’ we find:
1 Chronicles 21:1 And satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel. (KJV) (the 359th chapter of the Bible)

The 359th chapter of the Bible is the first time that the name “satan” is found in the Bible!

Let’s take it a step further now…

What date does the 359th day fall on?

Well, there are 365 days in a year and if we back up to the 359th day, we find that it falls on December the 25th (Christmas day)!

176  16/3/2012Lazerus- what do you believe?
The Lord's Israel 
Send Email to %s

I believe when it comes to the scriptures the most miraculous "interpretation" is probably true, the sages say there are 70 layers to the scriptures and I can't wait for Yeshua to reveal them!
One example that comes to mind is the "good samaritan" story (Luke 10:30), when Jesus was telling the story about the Kohan (priest) and the Levite passing by on the other side the 2 of them were there listening to the "story".
Another one I found amazing was when in John 8:2 Jesus came back into the temple court and the woman caught in the act of adultery was brought before him and they said "Moses in the law commanded" maybe Jesus took offence because he stooped down and wrote in the solid rock floor of the temple court with his finger showing them it was he and not Moses who commanded them in the law.
Maybe one day you will report an archeolgical find of some writing in the stone floor of the temple court!
Just one more: Isaiah 19:19-20 the Gematria of the text is 5449 the exact height of the great pyramid of Giza

175  16/3/2012the word "your" instead of "you
Tim Bollinger 
Send Email to %s

You asked to kindly notify you of error. This is really being critical,
however, one that I must correct. I have noticed in some of your articles you
use the word "your" instead of "you are". You may wish to do a check on this.

"Your" show ownership.

Just a little something I noticed.

In Christ,


174  16/3/2012what happen to sodom and gomorrah
no name 
Send Email to %s

what happen to sodom and gomorrah will happen to america,they produce too far lustful pornography videos and they even allowed compagnies of making them for money, its evil,i feel that the day of judgement is approaching

173  15/3/2012Hello! I just wanted you to know
Send Email to %s Visit Website

Hello! I just wanted you to know that we embedded your film from YouTube in a
blog post at We included a link to your site. The post will
run tomorrow. Hope you like that! I'd like to Tweet it too and include mention
of you--do you have a Twitter handle? We have a new page at @FindingGodDaily,
and mine (I'm the FGD editor) is @LaurieSargent.Ames, Iowa

172  13/3/2012a problem with my e mail
Send Email to %s

Dear simon,there seem to be a problem with my e mail so please use this one in
future.Your dvds are spreading like wildfire here everyone is amazed at what
they are learning.If possible could u send me some more dvds,the one of noahs
ark and the plagues of egypt.God bless thanks again izabella

171  11/3/2012the Ipuwer papyrus
no name 
Send Email to %s

Simon, Your article on the Ipuwer papyrus doesn't make it clear which quotations
come from the papyrus and which come from Exodus. Indeed unless you read the
header to your article very closely, it would appear that all of the quotations
are from the papyrus. When you then read full text of the papyrus many of the
lines in your article appear to be missing, which risks bringing your article
into disrepute. Only when I clicked on the link at the bottom where the webpaged
showed the verses from the papyrus in parallel with Exodus, was it clear what
you were attempting to do. So simple re-formatting would enhance the credibility
of your article substantially. Hope this helps.

170  9/3/2012THANKS AGAIN!
Send Email to %s








169  8/3/2012Warm Christian greetings!
Send Email to %s

Dear Bro. Simon Brown:

Warm Christian greetings!

I would like to inform you that I received a small packet that contains

pamphlets and DVD's of documentaries/Bible teaching from your

ministry. I know that it will greatly help me in teaching and preaching

the Word of God in our local church as an elder and a church worker.

Thank you so much and may God richly bless your ministry. Just keep up the

Good work… because it will never be in vain (1 Cor. 15:58; Gal. 6:9-10).

Your brother and fellow-servant in Christ,

168  8/3/2012Received my order
Send Email to %s

Received my order and enjoyed the enclosed DVD and will share it with my congregaton. Ellis. USA

167  4/3/2012I think it's great to have proof of Gods word,
Send Email to %s

Shabbat shalom Simon,
I'll be sure to send you any information I get, I think it's great to have proof of Gods word, it helps to strengthen the body even more. blessings. Lyn/Shlomit

166  3/3/2012Shalom to you and your crew sir
Tiamiyu Emmanuel 
Send Email to %s

Shalom to you and your crew sir,i wish i could also be there to
support,work with you and your crew in propagating the Goodnews and in
researching with you on the authenticity of God's Word which is
another way of supporting your ministry apart from my praying for you.
I'm proudly a NIGERIAN,a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ. Your
ministry has helped mine as a teacher of God's Word. I love you somuch
with the love of Christ and our God will continue to uphold and
strengthen you,your family and crew. You've been communicating with me
through my yahoo mail(i.e but i couldn't reply
you through it due to a problem i can't understand but can only
receive mails. Once again,i love you all and believe to meet with you
someday as Jesus tarries BUT in the mean time let's keep up the good
work in the vineyard of our Saviour. Here are my mobile numbers(+234
7030618434, 8183129692) if the LORD permits you to call me sir as i
would really love to hear you,sir. H A L E L L U J A
(Ayo ni o)

165  2/3/2012This is all interesting.
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This is all interesting.
I love your investigations into the evidence that the Bible is

164  2/3/2012Thank you
Todd Dunn 
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I appreciate your resources. Thank you so much. 
JK Stander. 
Send Email to %s

Dear Mr Brown,
Thanks for your respons on my email.I know that God is real,and Jesus has risen from his crave and is alive,and is going to return for us.But it is so wonderful to see that there are proof that the Bible is absolutely true.
Kindly please send me the free copy's of your dvd's,aswell as a catalogue and price list on your availible dvd's. Thank you.God bless.
Yours in Chist,
JK Stander.

162  26/2/2012I saw you video. It's interesting for sure.
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Hi Simon,
I saw you video. It's interesting for sure. THanks for making it. I do believe the biblical accounts are truthful and that Sodom and Gomorah existed... it's very possible the place you explored is infact Sodom and Gomorah, but I thought that if they are truly those cities... you should be able to dig into the dirt by the wall-like projections and come to the stone material they used for the there are these piles of sediment or ash against the wall-like vertical projections, if this be the site of Sodom and Gomorah truly, if you dig into those leaning piles of sediment (near the top, of course, you'd have to go too deep anywhere else) you should be able to hit the rock beneath.. .which is the the true wall... or in the case of mounds, some of the stones from the houses should be lying beneath. OF course it is possible that the outer parts of the houses and walls turned to ash too because of the immensely intense heat... but eventually you should hit rocks (or limestone... or whatever they used) laid atop one another as you see wherever humans take up building. So I was thinking. I you go to make another trip... would it be possible for you to bring along some excavating materials and dig into those piles of ashes and try to reach the rock beneath? If it's there and you taped your excavating of it (like, you were able to uncover the stone structures beneath the weathered mounds of ash ) it would be very, very compelling evidence for the authenticity of this in fact being the true site of Sodom and Gomorrah, because while the sulfer is certainly a intriguing factor... if it be the site intruth... at some point in your digging of these "natural formations" I'm pretty sure you'll bump into the building stones lying beneath. I don't think any fire could turn something into 100% ash.. if you understand what I'm saying.
God bless you,

161  25/2/2012(received today-Sat.)
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Dear Simon, Many Thanks for sending me my order so promptly(received today-Sat.) God Bless You, Love in Jesus Name,Paul.

Send Email to %s

Shalom dear brethrens,
I am writing you from Pakistan.I am saleem and I am interested in getting the free DVDs and also the ones that are on purchase I am unable to buy as I dont
have job these days. Please do consider and reply me asap so that I could send
you my address also keep me in your prayers..!

thanking you,
in His Love,

159  24/2/2012am very greatfull for the DVD
Kwabena Tuffour 
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Dear Sir,I hope by God grace you are ok. Mr.Simon am very greatfull for the DVD you send to me,it has help me and my group alot.especially my evangelism team We have stady alot from all DVD We thank you alot for how you teach us especially,Evangelism is Esay,Lazurus Phenomenon.By the way, we always send Lazurus Phenomenon outside for evangelism,because of small TV that we always carring from town to town people always coming closer to watch, we find it difficult to show a lot.So we are pleading to you if you can offer us a PROJECTOR we are everready to pay the shipping fee.Am promising you that we will send you the video clip of where ever we go for evangelism.We are waiting to here from you soon.Thank you,God bless you all.

158  24/2/2012the Parables of Jesus.
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I'd like to request your free DVD about the Parables of Jesus.

157  23/2/2012"The Exodus Case"
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How do I buy "The Exodus Case" from your website?

Note of webmaster: Go to this link:click here

and then click on the button check out and fill up the Order Form and complete your payment for shipping through PayPal

156  20/2/2012pray for us and our church
Akkala Alen 
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Thanks for shipping the CDs of your ministry.we will wait for them. pray for us and our church that God might do wonderful things in our ministry.we are praying for you.Amen.

155  19/2/2012Are you an Independant organization,
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Are you an Independant organization, or are you affiliated with a particular
denomination of the church? I am a Sunday school teacher and am always looking
for good material, but I am asked to do my due diligence when making my
selections. Thank you, michigan, USA

154  19/2/2012Thank you
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Thank you for the free book..God bless your ministry
Cathy Broadwell. usa.

153  18/2/2012i watched your dvds
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Dear simon.i watched your dvds and what a blessing i didn't watched it alone we
were a group of ten people when we put in the first one the presence of the Lord
where there immediatly what a experience. If there is any more that i can
receive from u i would appreciate it.Thank you so much again. God bless izabella

152  17/2/2012wow, wow ,wow and wow again
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Dear simon i received your package. Do not have words wow, wow ,wow and wow
again ,awesome this is such a blessing i am a believer for about 10 years the
revelations through these teachings is just amazing all the honour and glory to
God may He bless u ,wife and everyone that is part of your ministry. May i ask
you for more dvds diffrent ones please, there is such a hunger by the people
here in vereening for the truth. Greetings yolandi

151  17/2/2012Thank you for your work and your ministry.
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Mr. & Mrs. Brown,

Thank you for your work and your ministry. I can only imagine how difficult it
must be to present evidences of biblical places and events in a very anti-christ
world. But I wanted to encourage you to continue. But also to realize that
sometimes "evidence" will never be enough.
Luke 16:19-31 gives us Jesus' account of a rich man and Lazarus. In the account
Abraham says something very interesting to the rich man; he says:"'They have
Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.' And he said, 'No, father Abraham;
but if one goes them from the dead, they will repent.' But he said to him, 'If
they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though
one rise from the dead.'" Luke 16:29-31
This account tells us that even a miracle like Lazarus being raised from the
dead is not enough to convince some people to repent and turn from their sins,
if they first will not hear the word of God. But for us who hear the word and
believe, the evidence will then bolster the faith that we already have in the
veracity of scripture.
So please continue doing work and research, looking into the evidences of past
biblical events but know that the evidences presented doesn't change an
unrepentant sinners life, only hearing, trusting, and obeying Gods word through
the ministry of the Holy Spirit can do that.

God bless you both and your ministry.

-Kevin, okinawa Japan

150  15/2/2012Dear Brothers in Christ,
Pastor Gulfam Anjum 
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Dear Brothers in Christ,

Grace and Peace to all of You from God Our

Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

Seeing your teachings I came to realize the meaning of God’s word.I believe the true Gospel will save countless people from their sins. As a God’s worker I want to sow the seeds of the gospel of the water and the spirit with you. As you spread the gospel of the Lord all over the world along with your colleagues. My heart just want to spread the Gospel to even one person and help him to receive the remission of sins.

I am sure that your precious hard work will produce bountiful fruits all over the world and God’s people will rise up.

Your teachings are receiving my best attention.

Dear Brothers,

I wish to translate your books in my major language "URDU". And I would like to take part in having your free Christian books to more people in Pakistan.

It is high vision to spread this valuable literature among our community for the fulfillment of this divine vision. Your cooperation is need urgently, And also I am sure your books will lead my community to be born again. And those who are ignorant of the Gospel of the Christ come to understand it and belong to God

I will be very thankful if you link to me, So that many people get an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ through your Inspired Christian Books.

Thanking You.

Your Co-worker in spreading Gospel

Pastor Gulfam Anjum

149  9/2/2012The Buried Treasures,
Akkala Alen joshi 
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Praise the Lord brother.This is Alan Joshi from India.Hope you are doing well with the God's work and with the Real discoveries ministry.The Buried Treasures, send by real discovers is very encouraging to me.I love to read and see those articles and films.please send me Buried Treasure parts.My address is: Bethel Prayer Church,India

148  8/2/2012Is Jesus God?
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Is Jesus God? Excellent video thanks for sharing may our Lord bless you all.

147  29/1/2012Exodus Case.
Sandra Steed 
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I am a Ger following the Torah in the Hebrew Roots movement and one of my Torah
Teachers, Rico Cortes, recommends The Exodus Case.

You say that it is free, but to pay the shipping and I am wondering how much
that is in US dollars and if I pay thru PayPal?
redmond, oregon usa

146  28/1/2012I feel blessed to have found u on the web.
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Dear simon thank you so much i will let you know as soon as i receive it i am
very interested in your work and would like to know more how u do it and how u
started to do it.I am the kind of christian that always wants to know more that
what i just read in the bible for example i want to know why the word say
something,where does it come from so I feel blessed to have found u on the web.
Thank you again yolandi

145  26/1/2012the real face of jesus.
Izabella La Cock 
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Mr.brown my name is Izabella La Cock i saw your video about the real face of
Jesus on my mobile.I do not have words to describe how i felt i see that i can
receive free dvds is it possible for u to send me some i love the Lord very much
and it will be a huge honour to show it in my homecell my adress is P.O box
14296 Withfield 1467 South Africa i am 65 years of age and u dont know how much
depht your web site has given me May God bless u for the work u are doing for
Him thank you

144  24/1/2012i stumpled across your web site
yolandi eastes 
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Dear mr brown my name is yolandi eastes i'm from south africa i stumpled across
your web site and i find it most interesting if it is possible could i please
receive free dvd's from u i heard about the sounds of hell thought it untrue
till i descovered it on your web my adress is 1 elephant str,leeuhof
vereeniging 1939 south africa
i woul sincerely appreciate it. Thank you very much God bless
Sent via Nokia Email 
143  22/1/
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this is a message of love and hope

142  13/1/2012You recently sent me some dvd
Peter lopez 
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You recently sent me some dvd\\\\\\\'s (The Great Missing Stone, The crucifixion
versuin 2, Surrender your heart to God, the bible is supernatural, Intriew about
the shroud of turin, sodom and gomorrah and the garden tomb. I did not receive
a payment bill of any kind and I did not understand the English currecy value.
But most importantly, the DVD\\\\\\\'s that you sent are not compatible with U.S. DVD
video machines. Please send me your address so I can return the DVD\\\\\\\'s to you.
I am also interested in purchasing the books about the Jesus\\\\\\\' Tomb and about The
Exodus Case.

141  12/1/2012Greetings in the name of Lord
Pastor Gulfam Anjum 
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Greetings in the name of Lord Jesu,
Dear in Christ,
I am realy thankful to you for permission to translate all DVDs.
I request you kindly send me two pieses of each DVD soon.
I will be realy thankfull to you with all our Churches.
God Bless You.
Pastor Gulfam Anjum
House#I-52,Korangi no-6
Near I-Area,Karachi No-31
Zip Code-74900,Pakistan
Cell# 00923422076036

140  11/1/2012translate your DVDs
Pastor Gulfam Anjum 
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Greetings in the name of Lord Jesus Christ,
Dears in Christ,
I wish ti translate your DVDs in Our National language "Urdu"
I hope Your DVDs will bless everyone in Pakistan.
Kindly send me all details soon.I also want to invite you in Pakistan.
Thanks and God bless You.
Pastor Gulfam Anjum

139  8/1/2012How do you keep finding such interesting information.
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Dear Simon..

How do you keep finding such interesting information.

Blessings to you both. Christine and Jeremyxx

138  7/1/2012I want to thank for very much,
Daniel Stueckrath 
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Dear Mr. Simon,
I appreciate most of your newsletters and thank you very much for informing me
about archaeological findings in the field of biblical archaeology. Especially
the recent ones about the shroud of Turin, I want to thank for very much, which
led me to further searches on the internet.
But today I want to have a look at your newsletter from January 5th, which I
have read just now, titled “Christian Right Prays to the Golden Calf” which
contains a link to a youtube-video made by “The Young Turks” (who I've never
heard of in Germany).
This video gives evidence of nothing at all, besides the fact that some people
stood in front of a statue which is the calf-statue at The Wall Street. We don't
actually see or get to know who it is and what they are doing there. The
reporter starts right away accusing Christians for praying to the Golden Calf,
just because one or two of them touch the statue - for it might be just a second
- to critically examine whether it is really Gold or whatsoever, and perhaps
because they are wondering themselves, why a Golden Calf is placed there. Why
should their prayer be towards the Golden Calf just because they gathered there?
Most likely, they wanted to expel the ongoing demonic powers, which are at the
Wall Street, with theirs prayers to the trinity GOD, and set a sign to the
How can this speaker be that sure of his interpretations concerning these
photographies? Why is he (almost) quoting the bible and refers to the Ten
Commandments and obviously doesn't care for truthfulness, which is the very
content of one of the Ten Commandments?
Is that not the same principle, the devil tried to tempt Jesus Christ in the
And why are you pointing at such an absurd video, which insults every human
being in his/her intelligence?
Does this organisation called “The Young Turks” belong to the UK or USA or
elsewhere? Where from did you get to know them at first?
Yours sincerely,
Daniel Stueckrath

137  6/1/2012FREE DVD Library + The Shroud DVD.
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I want to order your FREE DVD Library + The Shroud DVD. INVOICE me an
approximate $amount that will cover all your costs.
I really like Emma\'s presentation on Jesus is God DVD. Amazing work!

I self-published a highly-acclaimed peer-reviewed book in 2003 called, The Last
Days - Revealing The Greatest secrets Of The Bible. (Hebrew-Roots
Perspective)NOT found anywhere.

How can I get a copy over to you?


God Bless! I was referred to your website from Dr. Richard Kent\'s Site.

PS Noah\'s Ark is high atop mount Ararat. This is a fact proven by HISTORICAL
ACCOUNTS (as well as biblical) and EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS. The Noah\'s ark site
reportedly found by the great man (Ron Wyatt) who I spoke with on the phone a
number of years ago, CANNOT be Noah\'s ark. Likely a replica built in ancient
past to honor Noah, but not Noah\'s Ark itself. There is TONS of information on
the size, shape, and REAL LOCATION of Noah\'s Ark available - that for some
reason, you don\'t seem to know anything about. Please accept this criticism as
my HONEST complaint about your website. To me, it is very bad that you do not
seem to know anything about the ancient historical EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS (Marco
Polo, Josephus, etc.)

Thank you!


136  5/1/2012false doctrine of eternal life of suffering.
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The Lord detests in His zeal the false doctrine of eternal life of suffering in "hell" the lake of fire!! The wicked receive no part in Life. John14:6 "Jesus said I AM... the only Life."

135  4/1/2012pray for my mom linda goree
James and Leona 
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Thank you for responding . I tried to ask if you would pray for my mom linda goree she has tumors inher brain found on new years eve she just had surgery novber for breast cancer and was still recovering . She had only been home for two weeks before this. I keep my faith Just asking for brothers and sisters across the world to lift her up inprayer. Please pray for my husband for God to helo him by renewing his mind and placing Godly men around him and helo him with his verbal abuse . For my son Jacob to be an example for his friend of the love of Jesus and for me to learn agien how to understand be patient with my husband when he is angrey and to help me to be the wife he needs me to be. Thank you

Love your work you all are doing Great things for Christ Jesus our lord.
With Love
Your sister in the Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ of nazerath
Leona warner-Sanchez
Let the Lord Lead you and not yourself. Submit to him alone. Humble your will to his he is the only one who know s your inner thoughts and

134  2/1/2012Exodus Case (FREE)
Chris and Antoine van den Assem 
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Yes we got it today!
Thanks. We thoroughly enjoyed this important book, have given away several for
this Christmas, in German....! Your website was the only place where I could
find English copies.
for Him who sits on the Throne,
Chris and Antoine van den Assem.
133  1/1/2012A note of thanks.
Jayne c, australia. 
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Thank-you so much for your DVD's, they have been gratefully received with much appreciation and love. Thank-you again for your kindness. God Bless you and your team.

132  26/12/2011Thanks
Send Email to %s Visit Website

great work I like it


131  21/12/2011'The Exodus case'
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Thank You for the book 'The Exodus case' it arrived safely.

130  20/12/2011financial world.
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Hi Simon, It has been a while since I last had contact with you and are amazed how fast you are developing in the faith. I can see your are heading in a certain direction, exposing those evil people who control the financial world. You may call them the Illuminati or the Bilderbergers or even the free masons, they are a large organization with many names to confuse the most of us and they are even so bold to erect a stone with the plans of depopulate the earth with billions of us, Christians first then those that are not much of use for them. See link below ... -the-georgia-guidestones/

It really makes you sick in the tummy. I have been digging in this stuff the last ten years and after all God says it’s going to happen. But it is good to be informed, it can be a powerful tool for evangelism.
It only shows that the bible is correct that billions will die! Just be careful when you expose this stuff, opposition arise!
About the Fema camps, Alex Jones in the US (he is a radio announcer) has a lot of material such as millions of plastic coffins exposed, camps, boxwagens ect Google him!

Anyway, something else, I am heading off to Israel in beginning of June next year and will visit the places such as Sodom along the dead sea. Got any good tips? Concerning hotels and car hire ect.
Greetings from down under and God bless you in your work.


129  17/12/2011John,9 to 10.. Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind.:
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I was blind, but know I see. Jesus came to me. Now I know and am forever learning. I hope that all can know that this is true.
You Tube
128  13/12/2011thank you so much for your free information
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thank you so much for your free information most people want to learn so much abot jesus that they have to pay and may not even have money.I am grateful for what God has given me and i AM BLESSED THAT THE lORD HAS connected me to your website and ministry .Every since i have been connected to it and pastor rogers teachings and learning my faith and learning has grown so much my eyes and knowledge has been increasing day by day thank you and I thank God because i always yearned to want to know the truth and now im getting TRUTH not error in Jesus name Amen
United States

127  10/12/2011Dearest Simon & Emme Brown:
Head Pastor 
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Dearest Simon & Emme Brown:

Thanks a million times for sending us christian films!

Rest assured that when we received it,we will use it for free for evangelism & discipleship if possible!

God bless you,your family & your ministry!

Your fellow worker in Christ,

Manolito A. Bernardo
Head Pastor

126  10/12/2011Dearest brethren,
manolito bernardo 
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12 bahaghari st.pag-asa 2,caruhatan,valenzuela city,1441,philippines

Dearest brethren,

I would like to have the copies of all your dvd teachings,magazines since you

I would like to learn from your holy life & uncontaminated teachings And share
it to the church God has entrusted unto me with 25 youth members now & 6 adult
attending the church!

Here is my email
Here is my facebook account: tolitz bernardo
Here is my address:12 Bahaghari St Pag-asa Subd.#2,Caruhatan,Valenzuela
City,Philippines 1441

God bless your ministry!

Your fellow worker in Christ,

Manolito Bernardo
Head Pastor,

125  6/12/2011The vegetarian article
Mark Johnson 
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The vegetarian article is NOT biblical and makes NO historical sense whats so ever.. its just ridiculous theres so many references to meat and fish eating in the bible. 1000s of years ago humans mainly hunted and fished for there protien and also lived off fruits and veg ect..

But other than that great site brother.. may god bless you and keep you.

Check this out

124  5/12/2011inspiring
deborah malisa 
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hello i would to thank you for the dvds, i got them and they are really
inspiring to me and my family. my dad loves them a lot and he is amazed about
the research. he says if there is other free dvd that he can have, to teach his
youth at church. thank so much
deborah malisa 

123  26/11/2011childrens ministeries
Karen LewkowskiSMuS 
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I am involved in childrens ministeries as a lay person. I found several of your
YouTube videos that I would like to use with my students with some of my
classes. I am breaking it up into the Parables of Jesus, Miracles of Jesus and
The Story of Jesus. I do my own curriculum & try to find coloring book pages for
them to do & a craft that goes along with the story. On the Parable series I
thought you had 35 videos, but there are nine that I can\\\\\\\'t find. Is there
somewhere I can find them?
Thank You Very Much!!!
Karen LewkowskiSMuS
United States

122  22/11/2011Am I wrong in this presumption?
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Hi I was looking over your website and it's really good. I did get the
impression that you don't believe in the Rapture before the 7 years of
tribulation. Am I wrong in this presumption?

121  9/11/2011Wish I were there
Dr. Wesley L. B. Rose , ThD, PhD, DD 
Send Email to %s

I felt like a child at Christmas when i discovered this site. I have been studying Biblical History for decades and this site has assembled the richest trove of historical information I\\\'ve run across. There are sites that probably contain similar information, but it is rare to see such treasures presented with such vitality and energy. I return as often as I can...
-- Dr Ley

120  3/11/2011Ron Wyatt
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Dear Brethren

I really like your website.

We were friends of Ron Wyatt - we organised how 2 tours here in the UK some years back just before his death.

We have a new edition of the Discovery Times you can have copies.

We live in Carmarthenshire now.



119  29/10/2011THE BOOK ARRIVED
Gary Maguire 
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Dear Simon
The book arrived this morning thanks and very good it looks too

118  20/10/2011the LORD touched my heart
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Thank you for reminding me of the place where the LORD touched my heart in 2007.
This was the very movie that I love so much that started my miracle that began my journey of writing my book. Seeing the clips again made me cry and it helps me to see how much closer to the LORD that I need to be right now as I have felt distance for some reason and you helped me find that place again where the LORD resides. It is a beautiful clip, thank you Emma, thank you Simon. When the LORD gave me my miracle He also showed me things that have to do with this topic and I wrote down every detail as He them showed me and then I verified with Scriptures in my book and I will share it hopefully. It was a beautiful clip and I liked what you said as it was very meaningful and touching. It brought me back to seeing the LORD where He should be which is right in the middle of my heart. Thank you for reminding me to stay close to Him and just to see His love which means everything to me.

You blessed my day with this lovely video. I thank you! God bless you for it. Love Kimberly

117  18/10/2011I know you must get a lot of discouraging comments.
Doralynn Kennedy 
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Hello, I just want to encourage you in your work. I know you must get a lot of
discouraging comments. I may not agree with everything on your site -
particularly your views on the Book of Enoch - but I really enjoyed your reports
on Sodom and Gomorrah and The Great Stone. I may have missed it on your site,
but I don't believe you've mentioned the Silver Amulet from the Ketef Hinnom
Excavations, which is etched with the Priestly Benediction from Numbers 6:24-26,
"May the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord make His face to shine upon
you and give you peace." That amulet from the repository in Ketef Hinnom
included one of the earliest Biblical verses that we own, and predates the Dead
Sea Scrolls by several centuries. That information is from the video, The Stones
Cry Out. I believe it also discusses a find that was made at the time of the
rebirth of the Jewish nation. That find was a passage from Ezekiel 37; the
passage about the dry bones. What Divine Timing!
Doralynn Kennedy
Colorado, USA

116  18/10/2011Hi Emma,
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Hi Emma,

Thanks for sharing this article – it is wonderful!

I agree with your thought that,

“Today, as men and women, every day we go through hard times, heartache and have lots of problems but if we have faith in God and if we trust him and even when things do not go our way still believe in him then I believe it will strengthen us and mould us in to the people we should be.”
“Trust in the Lord God with all thy heart lean not on to our own understanding but acknowledge him in all our ways and he shall guide our path. With the Lord nothing is impossible.”

Here is my thought,
“Nothing is impossible in God! God sees men and women’s heart, that is, the transparency of our faith in Him and our tendency of love for Him and for all...”

Love in Christ,

115  18/10/2011beautifully written
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Hi Simon

I think this was a beautifully written account of yours and Emma’s trip to Rachel’s tomb.



114  18/10/2011The Lord is good!
Katrine Pedersen, 
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Thank you for the work you do! I love recieving your "realdiscovery"email-updates, your stories, pictures and experiences from the land of the bible.

The Lord is good!

Sincerely, Katrine Pedersen, Norway

113  13/10/2011i want to thank God for your labour of love
timothy afolabi 
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i want to thank God for your labour of love i watch Give your heart to God that
was send to me. I realy enjoyed it. i have copied it and will give it out
freely. God bless you pls keep me on your prayer list for God to help me to
contribute to wining soul in the last day. Also send me any material that can
help me grow to maturity thanks
timothy afolabi

112  13/10/2011I hope that you are able to enjoy
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I wanted to thank you for the DVDs that I received today. I really enjoy you spreading the word and creating such informative videos and writings that reflect the deep faith.
I hope that you are able to enjoy this sng clip that I am sending. It is one of my favorites.


111  9/10/2011Absolutely enjoy your videos
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Absolutely enjoy your videos and I appreciate the hard work that you have put into all of them. :)

110  7/10/2011Truly a wonderful site!
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Truly a wonderful site!

109  27/9/2011Great job!!
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Great job!! All of your videos in this channel are really enjoyable. I love those videos. Hope we will find more interesting videos in your channel.

108  27/9/2011I thank GOD
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I thank GOD that there are some people like you whose giving time to discover evidence..God bless keep it up sir :)..God bless

107  24/9/2011would like to offer my service as volunteer for translation
Akihiro Nakai 
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Dear Webmaster,

I would like to offer my service as volunteer for translation into my native language "Japanese".
I will try to translate into Japanese as much as correctly and follow its context of original.

Please let me know how to help you.

Thank you very much and seek your reply.

May God guide your works according His Holy Spirit.

Sincerely yours,

Akihiro Nakai
from Quezon City

106  24/9/2011I wanted to thank you
Joel Freeman 
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Hello Emma and Simon:

I wanted to thank you for including my "Freeman Institute" website about Joseph. I love your website.

Here are a few other websites that may be of interest: -- Rosetta Stone replica project -- Confessions of a Budding Truthcentrist -- Black History collection -- I lead trips to Israel

100,000 Blessings,
Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D.
President, The Freeman Institute
"Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"
cell: 410-991-9718
private line: 410-729-4011 -- Main website -- latest book -- Black History collection -- Diversity initiative -- Critical Incident Debriefings -- Freeman bio

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105  24/9/2011Holy Grail
Scott Leikam 
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There has been quite a bit written on a Holy Grail. It has often been attributed to be a plate, cup or other utensil used at the Last Supper for Jesus. My thinking is that the Holy Grail is actually the Shroud of Turin. Any thoughts on this?


104  23/9/2011article about Zoar
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I love your articles and videos. You have a very informative website. Thank
you for all your labor and diligent work and research. However I noticed one
very little mistake, but a mistake no less and I only draw your attention to it
so that no one has any grounds by which they may discount what you have to say.
In your article about Zoar when you traveled through Jordan to get to the cave
of Lot, at the end of the article you make this statement: "Lot now becomes
something of an enigma, as from this time forward he is never again mentioned in
the Scriptures." This is not True for Lot is again mentioned in 2 Peter 2:7.
There Peter calls him "righteous". I think it is a very significant passage
when studying the man Lot. Thank you for your time. God Bless and keep up the
good work.


Dear Kevin Thank you for your kind email and it is nice to know you watched my film.

Regarding your comment and my videos on Lot ---- "Lot now becomes
something of an enigma, as from this time forward he is never again mentioned in the Scriptures."

Yes you are correct. I was meant to say THE REMAINING TIME of Lots life was never mentioned again in the bible.

So I will now add a correction to the video and say - THE REMAINING TIME of Lots life was never mentioned again in the bible.

Thank you for your good observation.

May the Lord God Bless You In Jesus Name I Pray.

Simon Brown

103  17/9/2011Thanks ! You have a wonderful site !
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Deart Simon, Thank You for your reply. I'll be spending alot of time at your
site. My Hubby is an DEEP agnostic, as of late . He use to be a believer.
Solp, I seek discoveries & evikdences.
Simon, The Lentulus description of Christ. Is it in the Library of Congress?
I would love to use this as a strong evidence, but my hubby is VERY skeptical
about reports of Christ that com,e late in dated time.

I'll love to email you again , soon. I'll read all your site & watch the
videos. THANK YOU for all you have done to glorify God & His Christ, Our
Elder Brother. Sweetly, Pam Lane ( LDS )timothy.lane

102  16/9/2011Our indewelling spirit confirms this.
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Holy Spirit dully confirms with our indwelling spirit that we are the children of God. Likewise, whenever there is a biblical finding, our indwelling spirit always confirms it.

101  14/9/2011"The Crucifixion"
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I would like to thank you whole heartedly for the DVD "The Crucifixion". I
received it in the mail within a week of when I had requested it and have
watched the presentation 3 times in one day. Now if only I can get my wife to
take the time and watch. :)

Thank you very much.
Scott. USA


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