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Thursday 3 August 2023

Trinity teacher David Pawson says (Gods) created the world!

Trinity teacher David Pawson says (Gods) created the world,

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In my last video, 

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We saw how the TRINITY faith say, believe and teach, how the word (Elohim is plural), meaning more than one, and so supporting the Trinity faith, saying GOD is more then one.

But as we saw, if it were true, that Elohim is plural, meaning more than one, that would also mean (Elohim God), in Genesis 1:1, would say (Gods) instead of GOD.

Lets now move to a Trinitarian teacher David Pawson, who certainly does teach (Gods), created the world, and not one God, therefore contradicting the word of GOD, and contradicting their own TRINITY faith!

To see this original video, please click on the link below!
David Pawson & Answers in Genesis GIVE FALSE TEACHINGS on the TRINITY,
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