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Friday 4 September 2015

New research by others confirm the GREAT STONE of Mark 16:4, at Mount Nebo.

The GREAT STONE of Mark 16:4, at Mount Nebo.

Is it God's desire for the world to know, the GREAT STONE at Mount Nebo was preserved by Him, available for ALL to see, reminding the world, He woke the guards up who were guarding the body of Jesus in Joseph of Arimathaea's tomb, after they thought they were being clever, by placing a great chain attached to a seal on each side of the GREAT STONE. 


God almighty shocked the guards from their lovely sleep with a shocking surprise, with a great earthquake,and sent from heaven a mighty angel, who's countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow, and by the blink of an eye, he broke open the seal's and rolled open the GREAT STONE, to reveal to the whole world, the greatest day still in human history, that caused the guards to became as dead men.

Did God preserve the GREAT STONE at Mount Nebo to continually remind a sleeping, unbelieving world He has raised our King Jesus from the dead?
Is the GREAT STONE there to remind ALL about this GREAT EVENT, which was the missing link, no longer missing, which now proves the true tomb of Jesus.
The Real GREAT STONE at the tomb.

The Real GREAT STONE at the tomb.

Has God fallen asleep on a cloud and forgotten about us, as some seem to think?
The GREAT STONE at Mount Nebo seems to prove this is not the case. 

The Catholic Christians at Mount Nebo guard the GREAT STONE like a treasure and yet they do not know why, or where it comes from, as they tell me.
Are they hiding something, by keeping this GREAT STONE, out the way?

It's  interesting to note. 
I find it interesting to find there always seems to be a second witnesses proving a place or article to be genuine

1. Research and discoveries by born again Christians Penny and Jim  Discovered The Split Rock as told in Exodus 17:5.  Which   confirms the REAL Mount Sinai in Arabia as genuine.
2. We have the  Sudarium  of Oviedo,  which seems to  confirm  with the Shroud of Turin as  genuine.
3. And we have this GREAT STONE which fits  only  one tomb in the  world,  as perfect as a  glove. The Garden Tomb.
Is God telling us something to validate the Bible?

I don't know for sure, if this was God 's intention, to preserve the GREAT STONE, for this purpose, in the last days, but what I do know, is there are other people coming forward with their new and interesting research confirming this is the actual GREAT STONE as told in Mark 16:4, built and Owned By Joseph of Arimathaea.

Last week I told you about the research of Dr. Howard Davis.
In which Dr. Howard took us back 2000 years by wonderfully explaining this amazing event, where the two women arriving at the tomb after 3 days from Jesus being burred, and had to gaze upwards in surprise at the [great] height of the [circular] stone.

Dr. Howard also confirmed the disciple of Jesus, Mark, was a detailed writer who confirmed the GREAT stone was no usual size stone, but one of a kind, and a unique size, a GREAT STONE never known to be used on any other tomb in the world.

This week I received another email from João Oliveira .
Who has made his own discovery on the GREAT STONE at Mount Nebo.
I did not know him, until he sent this email below, which I would like to share with you.

I have also added another updated email sent to me from Dr. Howard Davis at the end.

In the mean time if you have any new and interesting info regarding the GREAT STONE at Mount Nebo, please do let me know, and I will share it to my subscribers all over the world.

And just to update you, I am also making a new part 3 film with brand new evidence supporting the Garden Tomb and this GREAT STONE, when I will be returning to do some more research in the Holy land, so keep watch, as you become more inspired by the accuracy and the proof of the Gospels.
Thank you and God bless you.
Simon Brown.

By  João Oliveira.

Yes Simon, I also believe it is the GREAT stone, and it is amazing that you found the picture of the door on the net!!!!! I went to google maps, to Mount Nebo in Jordan,   

and they link  up the photos taken at the site, to my surprise I started to worry that I could not find the door!!!! eventually in photo 20 or something, I saw somebody next to the door.   
It is totally overlooked! not many people take notice of it, in an official Jordanian tourist site it does not feature either.   

I will gladly do the drawings (before Monday they will be done), I hope I do not infringe any copyright using those two stills I sent.   

I think that if we use the left of the channel as reference, instead of the right, it becomes very easy to see what size the door should be, by looking at another tomb that has a door.   
Once I do the picture, i think this will be clear.
God Bless 

Diameter 1 /length of channel 1   =  diameter 2 / length of channel 2 this equality only holds because the GREAT stone's diameter is correct   in other words, the proportions between GREAT stone's diameter and the existing channel length to the left of the door   are identical to   the same proportions used elsewhere.  
This picture is of a typical tomb in the Holy Land; between four and five feet in diameter: a typical stone.

This picture is of a typical tomb in the Holy Land; between four and five feet in diameter: a typical stone.

This is the Great Stone at Mount Nebo and is the only one on this planet.

This is the Great Stone at Mount Nebo and is the only one on this planet.

Orally it is fair to say that the proportions of the diameter of the GREAT stone  

and the length of the channel are consistent with the proportions of the diameter  
of other tomb doors and their respective channels.  
God bless   

NOTE: I have not resized anything.


By  Dr.Howard.

Here is an expanded translation based on the Greek in Mark 16:4:

 "And [the two women] having gazed upwards in surprise at the [great] height of the [circular] stone they were viewing  that this very heavy [implied in the Gk.-it was large but also very weighty] extremely gigantic in magnitude stone was [actually] rolled away." 

Or "As the two women were walking [up to the tomb] they had to really stretch to look up very high to even see the height of the ponderous extremely massive in magnitude stone to see that it was actually rolled away."   (Hyper expanded based on Greek)

The idea presented by Mark -the writer of particular "details" as some called him -was this round stone was like no other stone covering the door to a memorial tomb at that time-it was extremely gigantic in magnitude (megas) circumference and very heavy.  

Where it says rolled away from is from the Greek "cut out"  from the bottom of the incline or track for the large stone just as Simon shows us in his epic video!  So two hidden features or details from Mark again-it was easier to close than to open due to an incline or constructed trough or slot and it was "cut out" from  stone at the bottom where the huge stone would roll. 

He had to use certain Greek words to convey this. The word I translate as "extremely"(spodra) is also "vehement "in Greek conveying very forceful emotion; here the word in context  refers to the over sized stone! He pulled out all stops under inspiration to show the reader just how heavy and large in circumference this stone was.

I noted something else. Megas or great in the English Bible in our verse can mean enormous in height ! Rich and influential Joseph wanted to really secure his tomb, with a magnificent massive stone and perhaps to display his great wealth in those days. This was common. He was a 'good man' and 'waiting for the kingdom of God.' He was as we know mentioned in prophecy Isa.53:9. I  t's a rich  [  man-Joseph ] in Hebrew. 

The word 'laid' is "appoint in Heb."   Joseph 'appointed' Jesus to his own tomb and Isaiah tells us why hundreds of years before this event- "Because He [Jesus] had done no violence,Nor was any deceit in His mouth."

After all Joseph of Armimathea  had created and planned as well as maintained with his own gardener a spacious beautiful garden too! That alone was expansive as well as the funds to create and maintain the garden. 

The symbolism in all this is not missed. Adam fell in a garden. Jesus was buried because of the fall in a garden area. He probably prayed and restorted to this same garden in the days of His ministry!    

Jesus is called the "Stone" that the builders rejected. The stone in the garden tomb was massive and great as He is-with His height reaching into the heavens! He was rich while in heaven ,but as it says He became poor for our sakes. Joseph was rich and prominent, but gave up his spacious tomb that had cost him so much in time, money and labor, including hand chiseled by craftsmen a huge round stone such as was not done up until then.
The stone was circular not a square plug push in/out stone as some were at that time with round stones covering very prominent peoples tombs then. Who is more prominent than Jesus? A circle was symbolic of eternity and also with no beginning or end as we see in Jesus!

Again, congratulations on your massive discovery Simon!!! I have always wondered where that gigantic (megas) stone went and God led you in these last days to it! A very great blessing was bestowed on you from our Lord! 

Again, if I can help with my knowledge of Hebrew and Greek or in any way please ask. It would be a great honor!



By Dr Howard.

Lots of work so in segments with grave clothes and position next. Still need to check on some words which takes time and thought and checking a multiple references ,etc.

So here's this one:
In John 20:1 it literally says:

"But on one day of the Sabbaths[Sunday first day of the week] Mary (the) Magdalene is coming early when it is yet  dark to the memorial tomb and is looking at the stone HAVING BEEN LIFTED OUT [ek Greek out of i. e, the channel]..."

I believe- and this startled me your work caused me to examine this in amazing detail- based on the Greek words it says the stone was not rolled back, but was lifted up (ermenon) and away from Greek prep. ek out of so and out of the channel !  Lifted up we get our work air from this Greek word. It is translated in various ways, but means lifted upwards even when Jesus 'lifted his eyes' up to heaven. Now with that ek. it is saying the massive stone was lifted OUT and UP from that stone channel. I believe an angel did his. It shows the power of God in spite of what mighty Rome does by 'sealing' the tomb door way just one of God's angels can grasp a huge multi ton stone  lift it up and remove it out of the track or channel and move it to the side where Mary walks up to see the site of the stone having been removed.

John gives us signs (semions) with dual miraculous elements. Wals on water gets in boat boat is at the shore in an instant. Water into wine but well aged Gk;feeds themuliitpute but fish an brask coked!Etc.Same here. He is showing or focuses in his 'scroll' Jesus is God in the flesh.
Not only was this immense stone removed, but it was taken up and out of the track in the air and laid aside by an angel of God.

I flashed on that 'strong' angel in Revelation 18:21"

Remember the same author John as in Jn.20:1  "And LIFTED  UP [same Greek word in Jn. 20:1] one powerful angel a stone as it were a massive [megas again!] millstone[belonging to a mill] and he hurled   it with violent force into the sea [Mediterrian ?]  thus with great rushing speed will Babylon the great [megas] city will never[Gk. a double negative not -not!] be found again."

So we see another very strong angle pick up or lifted up a massive stone and move it -in this case into the sea!

Now is it possible -and just thinking out loud no set view here- that a strong angel eventually easily (before Rome invaded?) lifted the stone taking it to the Mt. Nebo area where Moses a type of Christ died (Deut.18: 15;18 ; Jn. 4 :25: 8 :28; Jn.1:21 -"the Prophet' of Deut.18:15:18! ;Matt 16 :14; Jude 9!) and left it there ( in a cave?)  knowing it would be discovered and later used as a 'gate stone'  then put out on display many years later with it's history obscured for another Simon in these last days to find ?!  Dan.12:4 b "increased"- to shoot an arrow -'knowledge' in the last days is swift or fast!)
This would keep it safe from Roman invaders, including Muslims, and others, etc.
But, we know they moved large stones in those days with cart and oxen too.  Note possible boyhood home of Jesus with second photo showing a round stone.

Will try and get info about your last question.


Is the Garden Tomb, the Tomb of Jesus?

 Give your life to Jesus.

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