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Friday 27 November 2015

What is the odds of these 17 Prophecies in the Old Testament about the coming Messiah? The Great Debate by Grant R. Jeffrey.

What's the odds of these 17 prophecies in the old testament about the coming Messiah? The great debate by Grant R.Jeffrey.

Dear friend's last week we looked at some encouraging fragments discovered with the Dead sea scrolls from the book: The great debate by Grant R.Jeffrey, which are virtually identical to Christian teachings, and are 'outside the Bible' about Jesus Christ as detailed in the Four Gospels. If you missed this article, you are welcome to read it here.

I since did some more research, as we always should, to see if these fragments at 4Q521 were real, and have since discovered they are called:  The "Messianic Apocalypse".
And there are many more good articles confirming this to be true, at the links below. Amen.

Here is a small part from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

4Q521 or the 4QMessianic Apocalypse is one of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

4Q521 comprises two larger fragments.[1] The original editor was Jean Starcky,[2] though translation revisions have been proposed by Émile Puech.[3]

The text begins:

(1) [for the heav]ens and the earth will listen to his Messiah, (2) [and all] that is in them will not turn away from the holy precepts. Be encouraged, you who are seeking the Lord in his service! (4) Will you not, perhaps, encounter the Lord in it, all those who hope in their heart? (5) For the Lord will observe the devout, and call the just by name, .[4]

The subject of the text is eschatological[5] and makes connection the healing ministry of the Messiah.[6] 4Q521 may be related to other apocalyptic end-time texts, 4Q Second Ezekiel[7] 4Q Apocryphon of Daniel,[8] and has been studied in relation to Gospel of Luke's Messianic Magnificat and Benedictus and especially striking is the comparison with Luke 7:22 about raising the dead.[9]

For further study and reference, see links below.

I would like to continue with another wonderful part written in Grant R. Jeffrey book: The great debate.

Please read on, as I leave you with these Great Fulfilled Prophecies, and please do join me again next week and be encouraged as we look at more REAL proof ‘outside the Bible’ confirming the Bible.
I am Simon Brown. May God bless you.

By Grant R.Jeffrey.

What's the odds of these 17 prophecies in the old testament about the coming Messiah.
1) He would be born in Bethlehem and be descended from the tribe of Judah probability 1 chance in 2,400 Micah 5:2 fulfillment Matthew 2:1

2)A messenger would precede the Messiah 1 chance 20. Isaiah 40:3 fulfillment Matthew 3:1-2

3) He would enter Jerusalem on a colt 1 in 50 Zechariah 9:9 fulfillment  Luke 19:35-37

4) He would be betrayed by a friend  1in 10 Psalm 41:9  fulfillment Matthew 26:47-48

5)) His hands and feet would be pierced  1 in 100 Psalm 22:16 fulfillment Luke 23:33

The combined probability of these Five prediction's ( 10 x 24 million ) is now 1 chance in 2.4 billion

6) His enemies would wound the Messiah 1 chance in 10 Isaiah 54:5 fulfillment Matthew 27:26

7) He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver 1 in 50 Zechariah 11:12 fulfillment Matthew 26:15

8 ) He will be spit upon and beaten 1 in 10 Isaiah 50:6 fulfillment Matthew 26:27

9) His betrayal money would be thrown in the Temple and then be given to buy a potter's field 1 in 200 Zechariah 11:13 fulfillment Matthew 27:5-7
10) He would be silent before His accuses 1 in 100 Isaiah 53:7 fulfillment Matthew 27:12-14

11) He would be crucified with thieves 1 chance 100  Isaiah 53:12 fulfillment Matthew 27:38

12) People would gamble for His garments  1 chance in 100 Psalm 22:18 fulfillment John 19:23-24

13) His side would be pierced 1 in 100 Zechariah 12:10 Zechariah 12:10 fulfillment John 19:34

14) None of His bones broken 1 chance 20 Psalm 34:20 fulfillment John 19:34

15) His body would not decay 1 chance in 10,000  Psalm 16:10 fulfillment Acts 2:31

16) He would be buried in a rich man's tomb. 1 chance in 100 Isaiah 53:9

17) Darkness would cover the earth 1 chance 1,000.  Amos 8:9

What are the chances that all 17 of these predictions occurred in the life of a single man rather by the divine plan of God.

The combined probability against these 17 predictions occurring is equal to
1 chance in 480 billion  x 1 billion x 1 trillion or
1 chance in 480,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
In other words there is only 1 chance in 480 billion x 1 billion x 1 trillion that the Old Testament Prophets could have accurately predicted these 17 specific prophecies.


Prophecies In The Bible. Researched By Simon Brown.

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