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Saturday 26 March 2016

Shroud was sold to Savoy Family 563 years ago today. By David Hines.

©1978 Barrie M. Schwortz Collection, STERA, Inc., All Rights Reserved

1978 Barrie M. Schwortz Collection_ STERA_ Inc._ All Rights Reserved.


From the time period of 1350 is very well documented. The Savoy Family kept very good records of most everything did with the Shroud

April 15, 1452, Leonardo da Vinci was born on in a farmhouse nestled amid the undulating hills of Tuscany outside the village of Anchiano in present-day Italy.

September 13, 1452: Margaret de Charny shows the Shroud at Germnolles (near Macon) in a public exposition at the Castle (In France)
You can go on google and see the Castle, it is a huge white castle.

 She was acting as owner of The Shroud even though the Lirey Church believed the Shroud was their possession and a court battle takes place between them in this time period to obtain legal ownership. It is well documented)

 March 22, 1453:  Margaret de Charny SELLS THE SHROUD TO THE SAVOY FAMILY, 
The Savoy Family were a rich and powerful family who were rulers of Italy. (Note Da Vinci was not even 1 year of age yet) 

Margaret de Charny at Geneva, receives from Duke Louis I of The Savoy Family the castle of Varambon and revenues of the estate of Miribel near Lyon for 'valuable services'.

 Now the Savoy Family owns the Shroud, called THE HOLY SHROUD OF OUR LORD
Go look at the Castle of Verambon, we are talking about a multi million dollar piece of real estate. 

So Margaret De Charny loses the Shroud but gains a million dollar castle and revenues from the estate of Miribel. Now she is a millionaire.

 Note: Although there is not a exact amount of money mentioned here, The Savoy Family paid what would be the equivalent of several million dollars today for what they call QUOTE A disgraced painting, a obvious painting in this video. No such words were ever used to describe the Shroud in this time period. They just made that up in this video.

Note: Does anyone out there really think the Savoy Family would pay over a million dollars for a disgraced and obvious looking forgery? They gave away a castle for a painting? And revenues from the Estate of Miribel?!

1457: Margaret de Charny is threatened with excommunication if she does not return the Shroud to the Lirey Chruch, On 30 May the letter of excommunication is sent
Note: In plain English the Lirey Church is very pissed off that she has not returned the Shroud

February 6, 1464: By an accord drawn up in Paris, Duke Louis I of the Savoy Family agrees to pay the Lirey Church an annual rent, to be drawn from the revenues of the castle of Gaillard, near Geneva, as compensation for their loss of the Shroud. (This is the first surviving document to record that the Shroud has become Savoy property)
 The accord specifically notes that the Shroud had been given to the church of Lirey by Geoffrey de Charny, lord of Savoisy and Lirey, and that it had then been transferred to Duke Louis by Margaret de Charny.

 I will stop here.

 Now the Savoy Family has to pay an annual rent to the Lirey Church for the what was called The Holy Shroud of the Lord at that time

Does this sound like something that was not looked upon as being extremely valuable?

Like some kind of disgraced painting as it is called in this video?!

Who would give away millions of dollars worth of real estate and pay a annual rent for some stupid, disgraceful looking painting of Jesus?

We can conclude that the Savoy Family believed The Shroud was genuine. 

They would never give up millions of dollars for something they did not believe was genuine.

Live interview Barrie M. Schwortz of regarding the Shroud of Turin. 

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