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Proverbs 8:34-36 Blessed is the man who hears me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at my door posts. For whoever finds me finds life, and will obtain favor from Yahweh. But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul. All those who hate me love death.” Psalm 84: 11 For Yahweh God is a sun and a shield. Yahweh will give grace and glory. He withholds no good thing from those who walk blamelessly. 12 Yahweh of Armies, blessed is the man who trusts in you. 1 John 5:5 Now who is the one overcoming the world, except the one believing that Jesus is the Son of God?

Friday 26 August 2016

Jesus Was A Unitarian Monotheist Says: Sir Anthony Buzzard, biblical scholar, unitarian Christian theologian.

Jesus Was A Unitarian Monotheist Says: Sir Anthony Buzzard, biblical scholar, unitarian Christian theologian.

It should be noted that?  

“11,000 of the various occurrences of the words for God (elohim, adonai, YAHWEH, ὁ θεός) in the whole Bible never once mean a Trinity.

SO when the Bible says  GOD, it never means a Trinity.

Yes, indeed GOD in the New Testament (ὁ θεός) means the Father of Jesus 1300 time.

Jesus is referred to as “god” twice for sure, others are called God or gods, including, angels, and even glorified members of the Church.

In a Messianic sense as quoting Psalm 45:74. In John 20:28, Thomas finally saw what he could not see in John 14:11, that God is seen in Jesus.

Jesus was a Unitarian  monotheist, agreeing with the Jew in Mark 12:29 and telling us that life in the age to come.

Salvation, is based on coming to know God, as the ONLY ONE who IS TRUE GOD. John 17:3).

By Sir Anthony Farquhar Buzzard, 3rd Baronet, ARCM (b. 28 June 1935), is a biblical scholar, unitarian Christian theologian, author and professor on the faculty of Atlanta Bible College.
Restoration Fellowship.

”No responsible NT scholar would claim that the doctrine of the Trinity was taught by Jesus, or preached by the earliest Christians, or consciously held by any writer in the NT” 
(A.T. Hanson, The Image of the Invisible God).

To The ONE TRUE Father GOD through your begotten SON Jesus we ask you to break down Satan’s strongholds and to open the eyes of those who do not know the truth of your living word. Amen.

 Simon Brown.
Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand! Matthew 11:15.
Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the SON of God?
1 John 5:5.

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  1. Hi Simon, I also believe that God, the Father is the only true God. But I just want to point out that there is no Psalm 45:74 which I'm assuming is just a typographical error. And thank you for this channel.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Keep seeking and praying as there are so many Christian deceptions and black holes the enemy has created.

      GOD bless.

  2. I agree on that, Bible Unitarianism is more correct than the polytheism of the Trinitarians. I wish more were Postmillennial instead of Premillennial