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Saturday 13 May 2017

Interesting comment.True Christianity originated from Judaism, not Catholic paganism.

By Adam 1984.
The Bible was Written by Non-Trinitarians and so is a Non-Trinitarian Book !

Have you ever heard it said that the word TRINITY is NOT in the Bible ? 
The deceived often respond by saying, “The word is NOT in the Bible but the doctrine is.”
Not only is the word Trinity NOT in the Bible, but neither is the doctrine. 
And it is in fact IMPOSSIBLE for it to be in the Bible !

Here are the facts…

True Christianity originated from Judaism, not Catholic paganism. 
You cannot argue the doctrine of the Trinity from the words of the Jews who wrote them when they never believed in it.

Most of the Bible was in fact written by the Jews who never believed or taught the Trinity doctrine and still do not today ! 
And Jesus of course was a Jew as were His disciples. 

How do you teach a 3 in 1 god from the Bible when it is a non-Trinitarian book ? 
The apostle John for instance could never have been teaching that the Comforter and Spirit of truth is another being as the Jews have never taught or believed that ever !
So the Bible had non-Trinitarian authors in fact.

In a discussion between Summerbell and Flood on Trinity, p. 38, in regards to the Trinity he says, “it is certain that the Jewish church held to no such doctrine. 
Says Mr. Summerbell, “A friend of mine who was present in a New York synagogue, asked the Rabbi for an explanation of the word 'Elohim'. 
A Trinitarian clergyman who stood by, replied, 'Why, that has reference to the three persons in the Trinity,' when a Jew stepped forward and said he must not mention that word again, or they would have to compel him to leave the house; for it was not permitted to mention the name of any strange god in the synagogue.”

We also know the Bible is a non-Trinitarian book as the word Trinity did not exist until about 200 AD at which point the idea of the Holy Spirit as a third being and the 3 in 1 still did not exist. 
The fully developed Trinity doctrine did not exist until 381 AD.

The word “Trinity” originated from Tertullian who was a pagan turned Catholic theologian around 200 AD. 
This word can have no relationship with Scripture as it came from the Platonic term “trias” which is philosophical in origin, and the Bible does not teach Greek philosophy !

“The term trinity is not itself found in the Bible. 
It was first used by Tertullian at the close of the 2nd century, but received wide currency and formal elucidation only in the 4th and 5th centuries.” 
— (“Trinity,” New Bible Dictionary, 1996)

Tertullian did NOT teach the Holy Spirit as a third being and he NEVER taught the 3 in 1 god as the Trinity doctrine does today. 
So we know this doctrine developed in stages as Tertullian who introduced the word TRINITY did NOT teach it !
So we know that the Trinity doctrine did NOT exist before 200 AD.

It was about 225 years “after” the death of the Apostles that the Nicene Council (325 AD) under the pressure of Emperor Constantine ruled in favour of Athanasius who taught a 3 in 1 god.
It was about 280 years “after” the death of the Apostles in 381 AD when the Holy Spirit was officially declared as a third being. 
The Trinity doctrine was now fully established as we know it today.

So the Trinity doctrine is a man-made doctrine from the Catholic Church which was formed in two parts. 
The first part was made up in 325 AD which states it is a 3 in 1 god. 
The second and final part was made up in 381 AD. 
This final part states that the Holy Spirit is a third being.

So it is impossible for any of the Bible authors to have written about something that did not exist in their lifetime, and not forgetting that the Bible authors were non-Trinitarian !
Christians have been indoctrinated with many nice sounding erroneous ideas to make them think the doctrine is in the Bible when in fact it cannot be. 

It is time to wake up and look at what the real truth is which makes much more sense than the lie.

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