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Tuesday 16 October 2012


Are One of These sites Noah's Ark?

NOAH'S ARK - THE DURUPINAR SITE.       ALTERNATIVE SITE OF NOAH'S ARK                                                                            BELIEVED TO BE ON MOUNT ARARAT. 

Welcome dear reader to my latest article in which I attempt to share with you information which I have been researching over a period of time and which I find a fascinating subject. I presume because you are taking the time to read this you too are hungry to discover more. I like to receive feedback from you as I am open minded and willing to listen to what people have to say.

This article is written in response to some feedback that I received recently from Christians concerning Noah's Ark being found on Mount Ararat. Having now read this feedback, I feel that in response to this alternative site, I will be adding this information to our websites.

The following information on the subject of The Search For Noah's Ark has been brought to my attention by a fellow believer in Jesus, who has acquired this information over the past 20 years in his personal research into Biblical related matters. It is presented because historical documentation and modern-day eyewitness testimonies, together with tested wood samples from Noah's Ark, photos and satellite imagery, appear to have the Ark located high atop Mount Ararat.

You will see a brief list of materials for your review and further study on this subject:

As I have said I like to be open minded and even handed when it comes to presenting information which is why in this article I would like to present to you the findings from several different sources in relation to the existence and location of Noah's Ark.

I am aware of course that people have differing beliefs and I certainly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to voice that opinion. I like to use the spirit level of Gods Word and I believe that as long as we do that we cannot go far wrong.

Sometimes I receive feedback that is heavily critical of other Christians and I feel that to condemn other believers for their beliefs is wrong as none of us are infallible. Far better to look at the heart of a person who wants to pursue truth and has a passion for God than to be judgmental and harsh in our words just because we believe something to be different to our own views.

I am always a little shocked when I am attacked for my articles and yes I suppose a little upset. I do not like to get involved with arguments and debates on who is right or wrong. I am really interested in just presenting people with evidence and discoveries that do not contradict the Bible.
If people are strengthened and encouraged by my articles or even led to Jesus then my aim and purpose has been accomplished as all I want to do is glorify God and do the Lords will.

So, dear reader I will leave it to you to read on and make up your own mind on what you believe, keeping in mind of course that new discoveries are being made all the time as God reveals more to us in these last days.


What is the truth?
How did Noah's Ark survive the greatest storm ever?
Why did the Titanic sink in the calmest weather ever?
Is Global warming real?
Where is Noah's Ark?
Does it matter where Noah's Ark rested?
Does the existence or non existence of Noah's Ark affect a believers' faith?
Videos for & against including Jim and Penny Caldwell Of Split Rock Research. 
How can there be two different sites with Noah's Ark?
Why have some Christians condemned Ron Wyatt and his claims?
What does Henri Nissen say in his book - Noah's' Ark Uncovered?
Sodom and Gomorrah - has it been found?
What are the brimstone and sulphur, balls we found?
Is the existence or non- existence of the ark a salvation issue?
What does the Bible say about judging others?
What must we do to be sure we are saved?

 I would say that to find Noah's Ark would be a wonderful dream come true. But has it been already found? Some say it has and some dispute any claim or new information that points to its present day existence.

Surrender Your Heart
Surrender Your Heart
Noahs Ark.

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